10+ First Date Questions To Know Your Date Better

A first date is always a good time to know your date better. If you are really interested in building a serious relationship with your date, then you have to make the most of your first date. The best way to get to know your date better is by asking questions. The questions shouldn’t be posed as an interrogation. You should get the conversation flowing with several get-to-know-you questions and still have fun. So, what are some fun questions you can ask on your first date to know your date better?

10 First Date Questions To Keep The Conversation Going:

1. Where Are Your From?  

If you have had some form of contact with your date before now, chances are that you know where he or she is from. But if the first date is your first contact with your date, then you can ask this question. This question gives you a little insight into the background of your date. You get to know his place of birth and places he has migrated to before his present location.

2. Your College Major?

Chances are that your date went to college. You ask this question to get information about his education background and his interest. You can also ask your date his college or university he attended and when he graduated. The tricky thing about this question is that you date might feel embarrassed if he did not attend college. You can seek this question to other questions if you feel it will embarrass your date.

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3. What Do You Do For A Living?

This question gives you an insight to what your date does for a living. You can take it a step further by asking how long he has been on the job. Things he loves about his job and other similar questions.

4. How Do You Spend Your Time After Work?

This question will reveal your date’s interests outside work. You also get to find out your date’s hobbies with this question.

5. Tell Me About Your Family?

Most people have a tight connection with family and will appreciate if their date shows interest to get to know their family. Some family related questions you can ask your date are; how many siblings do you have? How close are you to your siblings? How close are you to your family? What things do you guys do together as a family? Also bear in mind that some people are not close to family. If your date shows any sign of discomfort discussing family, then you need to switch to another question.

6. What Food Do You Love?

Food is one neutral topic everyone loves to talk about. If you are a foodie, you will most likely want to know the types of food your date loves. Also chip in questions about best drinks, beer and wine.

7. Who Is Your Role Model?

A person’s role model will give an insight into the person’s values in life and life goals. You can know more about your date’s take in life and vision by asking the role model question.

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8. Do Your Like Pets?

Most of us like pets. Ask questions about your date’s pets, favorite animals, and fun moments with pets.

9. What Kind Of Music Are Your Into?

As the fun saying goes ‘music keeps the world going’. You will like to know your date’s favorite music genre, favorite artist or band. You may get lucky to discover that you share the same music genre with your date. This is also where you throw in the favorite movies questions too. You can ask questions like, what are your favorite movies, who is your favorite actor, what is your all-time favorite movie?

10. Which Locations Have You Traveled?  

This question can reveal some interesting places you have visited in the past. I for one love to hear about my date’s crazy travel experience and I don’t hesitate to share mine too. You will be surprised the kind of bonding this particular question can create especially if both of you are travelers.

Some of crazy fun questions you can ask are: Who is your celebrity crush? If you won a lottery today, what will you do with the money? If you were to have a superpower, which one will it be?