15+ Flirty First Date Questions

The first date can set the pace for a short term or long term sexual relationship. You can achieve this by asking some flirty questions during the first date with your partner. Remember that these flirty questions can go in the right or wrong direction. For instance, if your date is not attracted to you and you start asking these flirty questions during a first date, you may end up repulsing your date. On the other hand, if your partner is attracted to you, these questions can help both of you keep the fire burning for a sexual relationship.  This post lists some flirt questions you can ask your date on your first date.

Why You Need To Ask These Flirty Questions

These are some of the reasons why you need to throw in flirty questions during a date.

a. Helps You Know Your Date: These flirty questions help you know more about your date. There is no better way to know more about someone than to ask questions.

b. Know How Your Date Feels: Asking these questions helps you know how your date feel about you., especially in a sexual way.

c. Know Compatibility Level: For a relationship to work most times, both partners have to be sexually compatible. For instance, if you have a high sex drive and your partner has a low sex drive, it’s only a matter of time before both of you develop problems in the intimate aspect of your relationship.

15+ Flirty First Date Questions

1. Are you in a Relationship?

This is your first date, so it’s most likely that you may not know the relationship status of your date at this point. This should be the first flirty question to ask. You don’t want to develop feelings for someone who is in a committed relationship. The answer to this question will determine if you will go all the way with the other questions. If your date is in a committed relationship, just focus on having a friendly coffee time and call it a day. If your date is not in a committed relationship, you can go ahead to ask other questions. Please don’t try to convince someone in a committed relationship to start something with you. It always doesn’t end well.

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2. What are You Are Looking For in a Partner?

This question helps you understand what your date is looking out for in a potential partner. You can take it a step further by asking your date what they look out for in sexually in a partner. The answer to this question will help you know how sexually compatible you are with your date. You can also go on to share what you are looking out for in partner too.

3. What Turns You On?

If you are going to end up in bed with your date, you need to know how to please your partner. The best way to go about it is to ask questions like ‘what turns you on’. You can also rephrase it as ‘what brings out the freak in you’.

4. Do You Love to Cuddle?

Intimacy does not always have to be about sex. Some people just love to cuddle, while others may prefer to just make out. Asking your date this question helps you know what he or she likes when it comes to intimate connection.

5. Do you Like it When a Girl Makes the First Move?

This question is for ladies. Most guys still maintain this old Alpha thinking that it’s a man’s responsibility to ask a woman out. As a female, you can throw this question at your date. His answer will go a long way to understand his personality. A man that thinks it is the responsibility of a man to woo or ask a woman out may have some serious ego problems down the line.

6. Do you Prefer to Sleep with Clothes on or Otherwise?

This is another flirty question you can ask on a first date. Personally, I prefer to sleep without clothes, so go figure.

7. Are there Fantasies You Look Forward to Fulfilling?

Most people have sexual fantasies they look forward to experimenting with the right partner. You can throw the fantasy question at your date and also discuss some of the sexual fantasies you look forward to fulfilling in an intimate relationship. To some, the fantasy may be having a threesome.

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8. What’s the Craziest Thing you’ve done for Someone You Love?

Most of us have some have done some very crazy things for love. This question is flirty and funny at the same time. The question will most likely make your date feel relaxed and willing to talk about more personal things. It is best to answer this question first before throwing it back at your date.

9. What is your Ideal Relationship Like?

Most people have an idea of what their ideal relationship will look like. The first date is the best time to figure out what makes for an ideal relationship for your date.

10. Beauty or Brains which do you prefer?

This is one other casual flirty question you can ask a guy on a first date. Most guys will always tell you that they prefer both so you may end up not getting a definite answer to this question.

11. What’s Your Take on Foreplay?

This is an open question and will help you know what your date likes when it comes to foreplay. You can go ahead and share what you like or look forward to when it comes to foreplay. Remember that foreplay is an important part of sex generally.

12. How Adventurous Can you Get In Bed?

Some people are more adventurous when it comes to the issue of sex while others prefer to stick to old good methods. You need to understand which category your date falls under. For instance, some people don’t mind trying new sex styles in bed, while others are not open to trying. Ensure you understand how your date feels about it.

13. What Physical Features do you like in a Girl or Guy?

Physical attraction is very important in a relationship and should not be ignored. Get to know what features in the opposite sex your date likes.

14. What is the most Romantic Thing you have done?

This will help you figuratively know if your date is romantic or not.

15.  What is your Deal Breaker?

Deal breakers in a relationship are issues or actions that will make someone quit the relationship. Deal breakers can lead to a breakup if not handled well. Personally, my deal breaker is the idea of having a threesome. Get to know your potential partner’s deal breaker from the start.