25 Apology Letter (s) to Boyfriend After Fight and Breakup

Misunderstandings and fights are normal in any relationship. In fact, any relationship without minor fights is bound to end soonest. What matters is how the parties opt to reconcile or settle after the fight.  One way to reconcile with your boyfriend after a fight is to send him an apology letter. You can convey your apology in a letter to your boyfriend, hopefully, he forgives and reaches out. This post contains samples of apology letters you can to your boyfriend after a fight or breakup.

20 Apology Letters to Boyfriend After Fight

1. Sweetheart, I was out of line today. I accept that what happened today was entirely my fault. I should have acted better than I did. I am so sorry and beg that you please forgive and let go. Please find it in your heart to let go my angel. I still do love you so much.

2. My love, what happened today only shows that I am only human, and I am prone to make mistakes. I am truly sorry for the way I reacted today. I shouldn’t have taken it all too far. I really wish I never acted the way I did. Please let’s forget about what happened and focus on building our love.

3. My knight, I said what I said earlier because I was mad at you and wanted to get back at you. I didn’t mean any of the things I said. You are still the best person in my life right now. Please find it in your heart to forgive me. I really do love you.

4. We have come this far into our relationship because we’ve learnt to go passed our individual weakness. I got no excuse for what happened today. I’m only pleading that you forgive and allow us work this out.

5. Baby, I know you are hurt. I know I went too far this time around, but please forgive me and let us move on with building a wonderful relationship together.

6. One good thing about love is that it forgives easily when hurt. I am not taking your love for granted baby, but I’m pleading that you let love prevail in this matter. You have my word that I won’t repeat what happened today.

7. I’m not perfect. I am sorry. Please forgive and let go. We have a better tomorrow ahead of us my darling. I love you so much.

8. I will do anything to take back the pains I’ve caused you during our fight. I was hurt and had no excuse to hurt you back. I really do apologize, my love.

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9. I know my actions during our last fight have given you reasons not to trust me anymore, but baby, all I’m asking you is to give me another chance to prove myself. I promise not to be the cause of your pain anymore.

10. My love, I’m realizing that I stepped out of line with my actions. I should have taken out time to think it through before I reacted. Please forgive me and let me back into your heart. You’re the only one my heart beats for.

11. For every sad moments I have brought to you, for every tears I made you shed, for every time I broke your heart, For every time I stepped out of line, I beg you to forgive you my love. I promise to be a better person from now on. You are the most important person in my life at the moment.

12. Waking up this morning to remember that you are mad at me is the worst feeling I’ve had in recent time. BABY, I was wrong for doing what I did yesterday. Please forgive me and reach out me let’s work thing out. I do love you my angel.

13. it’s been a couple of days since our fight. It’s been a couple of days since we talked. It’s been a couple of days since we had a good time. It’s been a couple of days since I heard your sweet voice. I’ve not been myself since then. I’m sorry I was the cause of out fight from the onset. Please forgive me the KING of my HEART and let us work out things.

14. I never intended for things to escalate and get into a fight. I should have backed down at that earliest stage. You were only looking out for my good. Forgive me and let’s work out things my sweetheart. I have come to realize my mistakes.

15. I never knew that hurting you will put me in so much pain. I’ve been hurting since our last fight. Please can we see, I am ready to make things right. You are the most important person in my life now.

16. We’ve come a long way. We’ve weathered a lot of storms together. We’ve climbed many mountains together. We’ve swamp through many an ocean together. We’ve had many fights too but the one thing that makes a difference is that we always find a way to weather the storms. Forgive me my love and let us move past this our present storm.

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17. My love, I know you are angry and hurting at the moment. To make matters worse, I am the cause of your hurt. Please find it in your heart to forgive me. We can work out things, my love. We always come out strong in situations like this.

18. I am sorry my love for picking up a fight with you the last time. I was only looking out for your best interest. Please, let’s get past this and fight for our future together. I will always be your ride and die.

19. I want to apologize for going all the way to pick a fight with you and hurting your feeling in the process. I was only being a jerk. Forgive me please. Your love means so much to me.

20. Please my angel; find it in your heart to forgive you. The way I acted the other time was just unnecessary. Will you believe me when I say I was only looking out for your interest because I was truly doing so?  Please, baby, let us work things out.

5 Apology Letters to Boyfriend After a Breakup

1. We may have called it quits, but I believe that there is a part of your heart that yarns for what we had. I feel that too in my heart. Sweetheart, please, let us put our egos and pride away and try to work it one more time.

2. Sweetheart, we may be thinking that calling it quits is the best for the both of us. Just a quick reminder that there will always be a place in my heart for you. I’ve come to realize that you are the best boyfriend I’ve ever heard. You still mean the world to me.

3. They never believed that we can come this far. We have weather a lot of storms together. Calling it quits may not be the best part to take time. I’m pleading that we stay back and try this out one more time. I promise to put in effort from my side to make it work.

4. We’ve both made our mistakes in this relationship. It only goes ahead to show that we are humans. Please, we can set aside our difference and try to make things work again. I really still love you my angel.

5. We may have called it quits, but a small part of you still remains in me. If wishes were horses, I will ask that we try and work things out. We’ve come a long way to call it quits at this stage. You were, and continue to remain the love of my life.