30+ Flirty Good Morning Text For Her

One way to maintain the flame in a romantic relationship as a man is to send flirty text messages to her girlfriend or wife. A flirty message will send the mood for further sexual cum kinky exploration when you get to meet her. It also shows her that you care about the romantic aspect of her feelings too. The best time to send the text is while she is asleep so that hopefully, it will be the text she gets to read once she wakes. Personally, if I am trying to woo a woman, I set my alarm to go off 30 minutes before her wake time. I send her the text and get back to sleep. This post contains 50 flirty good morning text you can send her early in the morning.

30+ Flirty Good Morning Text For Her


Sweetheart, I have a dirty mind, and right now you are running through it all naked. Good morning and have a beautiful day ahead.


I really don’t like bad ideas. You are a bad idea but I don’t just mind as long as it is you. Good morning and how was your night?


Bab girl, I have fallen in love with every little thing about you. You mean the world to me. How was your night?


Babe, I just found out that I am guilty. I am guilty of being a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind. What could be my punishment? Good morning to you my lady


I want your dad’s number; I want to thank him for not using a condom the day you were conceived. You are my angel.


It just occurred to me that I’d look good on you. What do you say to my angel? Goof morning and have a beautiful day ahead.

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You want to know who is amazing and has an awesome smile, read the first word again. That’s your clue to the answer.


You are in your bed, I am in my bed, meaning that one of us is in the wrong location. Good morning beau and how was your night.


I have a serious problem of not being able to stop thinking about how cute you are. You are my angel.

SMS 10

I think you should be kissed more often, especially by the sender of this text. Good morning my angel and how was your night

SMS 11

Baby girl, I am wearing the smile you gave me last night. I really love you.

SMS 12

I wish I could see the look on your face while you’re reading this text. My guess is that you will look super cute with a smile. Good morning my love

SMS 13

I couldn’t wait to wake up this morning so that I can continue with my super serious responsibility of thinking about you. How was your night my love.

SMS 14

You look good with your clothes on, but you look better with your clothes off. How do we make that happen often my love?

SMS 15

I normally have a short-term memory, but I can’t forget the first day I set my eyes on you. Good morning to the love of my life.

SMS 16

I always wake up with a smile on my face and I think it’s all your fault.

SMS 17

Please I have a request to make. Can I borrow a kiss from you, I promise to return it .

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SMS 18

Right now, all I need is an overdose of you. That includes a dose of your sweet lips, cute smile and a warm hug from you. Good morning angel

SMS 19

Oh, about last night, I wasn’t kissing you. I was only whispering how I felt about you into your mouth. Hope you enjoyed it.

SMS 20

Is it bad that I miss you all the time, most especially right now? I can’t help but think about you all the time.

SMS 21

Something about you makes me want you so badly. I can’t place my hand on it. I love you so much my angel.

SMS 22

I am addicted to the feeling of you in my arms and heart. Good morning my love and have a nice day ahead

SMS 23

You’re so cute, even when you don’t put an effort to be. Little wonder I get to think about you all day and night. Good morning to the love of my life

SMS 24

If I give you a kiss and you don’t like it, you are free to return it anytime you want. Have a nice day ahead.

SMS 25

Do you know what will make my day complete? Both of us cuddling on my bed and saying sweet things to each other.

SMS 26

If I have a choice to pick anyone in this entire world, I will still pick you over and over again.

SMS 27

I looked at you as a friend until I realized that I love you. I can’t tell how or when it happened but I’m in love with you my angel.

SMS 28

I am beginning to get addicted to feeling your lips on mine. I will give anything for that to happen today. What do you say my angel?

SMS 29

Oh, I forgot to tell you. My lips and lonely and they can’t wait to meet yours.

SMS 30

Good morning to the woman that makes me feel like a king. How was your night? Have a beautiful day.