5 First Date Tips For Men

First impressions, they say last longer. Now that you have landed your first date with your potential girlfriend, your first date is your opportunity to create a lasting impression on her. How you handle your first date will determine whether you will have subsequent dates after that. As a guy, there are some things you can do to sweep your date off her feet and get her to like you more during your first date. As you read through this post, you will see some basic rules that can help you make your first date an awesome event.

5 First Date Rules For Men To Make A Great First Impression:

1. Plan Your Date Ahead:

The first rule for making a first impression as a guy is to know that you are in charge. Your date expects you to take charge of how your first date will look like. Thus, it is up to you to make your first date a memorable one. One way to do that is to plan your date to the last details. You need to makes plans for the location and venue, the meal course for the date, and subsequent activities. Before you make your plans, you should subtly ask your date her favorite meals, her taste in movies and other activities that she loves. This will help you plan a great first date for the both of you. Remember, the goal is to impress her, and land your second date. So, way before the actual take, you need to pick out a nice cuisy restaurant for your date, buy movie tickets and figure out other aspects of the date. Remember to give her details at least 2 days before the actual date to allow her incorporate it into her own schedules.

2. Take Care Of Your Appearance:

Before you head out for your date, you need to dress to impress her. Dressing to impress her doesn’t mean buying expensive loafers or shoes for the date. You can impress her with a neat and presentable appearance. Ensure that your clothes are neat down to your underwear (you never can tell, you may land more than a date for the night LOL!), your hair must be neat, and a little fragrance will help spice up your appearance. Please, don’t go for those overly strong perfumes that can resurrect the dead, because you may end up keeping her uncomfortable. Your fragrance should be mild with a hint of manly scent. Ensure that you brush your teeth few minutes before you leave the house, and your nails must be short and neat. Nothing puts a girl off on a first date than being dirty.

3. Show up Early:

Another rule you should abide by in your first date is the timing rule. Always ensure that you show up early. No girl likes to be kept waiting, especially on her first date with you. Being late gives the impression that you are not serious or interested on the date. If possible, be in the venue before your date. Also remember to get her a flower.

4. Act Natural:

 Do not attempt to be what you are not just to impress a girl on your first date. Try to act as natural and gently as possible. A girl will love you better for being your natural self than for trying to be what you really are not. You can act naturally by maintaining a calm composure, talking in a natural tone, showing a bit of self-confidence and showing her that you are a perfect gently man. If you are into some weird stuff, I think you should drop it far off before heading out for this particular date.

5. Get The Conversation Flowing:

One thing that kills the vibes in a first date is lack of communication. If your date is the outgoing and chatty type, she might set the pace of communication during your first date. If she the shy and quiet type, then it is left to you to set the pace of communication on your first date. How do you start? You can start by asking her about her day, her likes and dislikes. You guys can also discuss neutral issues like the weather, nature and a little bit of politics if she is into it. Don’t try to shove your opinions on an issue down her throat. Even if you don’t agree with her, smile and let the conversation drift away. Also, ensure that you are fully involved in the conversation. This means your body, and mind should be intact as you communicate. This is not the time to start fantasying about the size of her breath or the color of her eyes. It is the perfect time to know your date better. It is your opportunity to know her likes, dislikes, opinion on like and her future goals. Please, don’t bring up uncomfortable issues like the number of exes you have at this stage of communication. You can lookup some tips on how to keep a conversion going here: http://www.wikihow.com/Keep-a-Conversation-Going

If you are able to abide by the above rules, you will not only have a great first date with your partner; you will also land a subsequent date.