5 Tips on How to Get Over a Girl Fast

There is this misconception that guys don’t suffer heartbreaks. The truth is that guys are emotional beings too. It is just that we have a different way of expressing their emotions. So, let’s get down to the real deal. What if the love of your life wakes up to tell you that she is no longer interested in making your relationship work? Meanwhile, you have really invested a lot in this relationship; time wise, emotionally and financially. How do you learn to let go? How will you deal with the heartbreak? How will you survive the low motions? You have two options then; you can either learn to deal with the heartbreak, get over it and emerge a better you or you can wallow in self-pity and regrets. This article will take you through top 10 tips or ways to get over heartbreak as a guy.   

8 Tips on How to Get Over Her

1. Forget The Guilty Trip:

The first thing that happens after a breakup is that your mind takes you on a trip down memory lane. You start to analyze and dissect your relationship and the role you played in the breakup. This most time results to a feeling of guilt and shame on your part. You get the vibes that had acted in a different way, the relationship wouldn’t have ended. You need to let go of the guilty feeling. Even if you played a major role in the breakup, it is all fine, because you were bound to breakup sooner or later. Don’t allow your mind to take you on the guilty trip. One way to work against your mind is to engage in positive self-talks. Once the negative ideas of ‘how it was your fault that you guys broke up’, say things like ‘I played a role in the breakup but it’s all for good because I’m moving onto something better’. ‘I am going to emerge a better me from this’ is another positive self-talk you can try.

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2. Forgo Alcohol:

Most guys turn to alcohol as a coping mechanism for heartbreaks. Alcohol may make you feel good for a little time but it doesn’t help you get over heartbreak. It makes you feel worst rather, not to mention the issue of hangover you get to endure the next day. Also, alcohols is a depressant, and trust me, the last feeling you need at this phase of your life is depression

3. Socialize:

This period is not the time isolate yourself. Isolation maximizes the guilt trip thing. You need social support from your network of friends and loved ones. You need to get out and spend reasonable time with friends that matter. You can invite your friends over for game nights several times a week. You can spend the weekend in your friend’s place. You can travel home to your parents or siblings. Staying around people that matters this period will help your emotions heal faster and get over the heartbreak.

4. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep:

You need to maintain your normal sleeping time this period. Your body requires adequate sleep to function better. Funny enough, you may find it difficult falling asleep during this period. These tips will help you sleep better and faster. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/15-ways-to-fall-asleep-faster_us_55dde3e7e4b04ae497054470

5. Music:

 A song has a way of affect your physical and emotional wellbeing. Have you noticed that you can get motivated to do more when you listen to those power pumping songs? Likewise, listening and singing along to your favorite songs helps you feel better and emotionally light. Create a playlist of your favorite sons (not songs you loved with your partner), spend time listening and singing along; it will help you heal faster.

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6. Make Plans For The Future:

Remember, the plan is to get your heartbreak and emerge a better person. Thus, instead of you to sit around the house and mope, get a diary and pen and start making plans on ways to improve your life. Make plans to improve your financial status, your health, your career and other aspects of your life. This will take your focus from your emotional issue to something new and interesting.

7. Start Something New:

Another way to deal with heartbreak is to start something new. Pick up a new hobby. Learn a new language or anything that gets you up and doing.

8. Workout Regularly:

Workout or exercise helps to release the feel good hormones called the endorphins. You get to stay fit, be happy and get over emotional backlogs when you exercise. Thus, engage in various workouts at least 30 minutes daily until you get over the heartbreak phase.

Finally, this period is not a time to look for a rebound. It is an opportunity to heal emotional, discover yourself and emerge a better you.