6 Long Distance Relationship Problems and Smart Solutions

A long distance relationship can be quite stressful. It requires almost double the effort it takes to maintain a normal relationship to maintain a long-distance relationship. Little wonder a good number of long distance relationships end even before they start. That doesn’t mean that a long distance relationship never works out. There will be problems in this type of relationship just like any other relationship but as long as both parties are willing to put in the effort required to make it work, a long distance relationship can work out real fine. This post outlines some of the problems people in a long distance relationship get to face and also provides possible solutions to help couples in this type of relationship get over it and build a closer bond.

6 Long Distance Relationship Problems

1.  Trust

This is one of the major problems most people in a long distance relationship get to deal with. Since the couple is a distance apart, it’s natural of negative thoughts and mistrust to crop in.  Trust issues account for the majority of long-distance relationship break ups. Once you can deal with trust issues in this type of relationship, you can handle other issues with ease. If left unchecked, trust issues can degenerate to jealousy which is not good for a healthy relationship. 

Causes of Trust Issues in a Long Distance Relationship

Trust issues can be caused by the following reasons:
. Breakdown in communication
. Regular Negative thoughts from one or both of the parties
. None disclosure of some important details to the other party

Solution to The Problem of Trust Issues

. Always discuss and disclose major happenings and decisions to your partner.
. Avoid discussions that will lead to trust issues. For instance, talking about a colleague having a crush on you at work.
. Maintain constant communication with your significant other.

2.  Communication Issues

Communication is very important in any relationship especially a long distance one. There is a need to maintain constant communication with your partner on the other side. When there a breakdown in communication or both, it could lead to other problems in the relationship. The truth remains that it will require a joint effort from both parties to maintain healthy communication in this type of relationship. If it’s always one of the parties that initiate the communication at all times, its all a matter of time for that party to get fed up. 

Solution to Communication Issues

You can handle the issue of communication by doing the following:
.Try to reach in touch with your partner at least once a day. Thankfully, with technology, there are a thousand and one ways to maintain direct communication. There is Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and many others.

. Always make the most of your communication times. Ensure you talk about things that matter. That includes talking about each other’s day, immediate goals, changes at works, kids, new hobbies, the welfare of your partner.

. Always voice out your concerns when necessary. For instance, if you are the only one initiates communication most times, you can tell your, partner, that you will appreciate it if he or she initiates communication some times.

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3.  A difference in Time Zone

This is another serious issue couples in a long distance relationship get to face at times. If you share the same time zone with your partner, then this point isn’t for you. If your partner is across the world with 9 hours or so time difference it becomes difficult to maintain a stable communication schedule. This is because most times, you will be able to sleep when your partner is awake and ready to go to work.

How to Deal With Difference in Time Zone

.You and your partner or spouse can map out an hour or so when it is convenient for both of you to talk.

.Always make the most of the weekends.

4.  Busy Schedules

It might be possible that you and your partner have busy work and daily schedules. This may make communication a little bit difficult. You go out and have a super busy day and when you are back, you get too tired to even talk to anyone. Not even your significant other.

How to Deal With The Issue of Busy Schedule.

There are several ways to handle the issue of a busy schedule in a long distance relationship

. First, you can opt to talk to your partner or spouse for 15 minutes or more before you leave for work.

. Always make the most of your weekends to catch up on happenings during the week and discuss your plans for the new week.

5.  Growing Apart:

This is another issue people in a long distance relationship have to deal with. Remember the saying ‘ out of sight, out of mind’.  Without effort from you and your partner, it will be just a matter of time before both of you grow apart. 

How to Handle the Issue of Growing Apart.

. Both you and your partner or spouse should put in the effort to maintain daily communication.

. Always remind your partner of the reasons why you love him or her

. Talk about the times both of you spent together

. Plan for your next meeting so that both of you can have something to look forward to.

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6.  Lack of Intimacy:

Intimacy is very essential in a relationship. One of the issues couples in long distance relationship get to face is lack of intimacy. Lack of intimacy can lead to cheating and infidelity in the relationship. 

How to Handle Issue of Intimacy

. You can have a phone or Skype sex with sex with your spouse. It’s obviously not the real deal but it can serve for the time being.

. Always send romantic text messages to your partner

. Remind your partner of several reasons why you love him or her constantly.

With these tips and solutions provided, you can keep the fire burning in your long distance relationship until the next time you get to meet your spouse or partner.