7 Steps On How To Get Over Someone You See Everyday

It can be fun to date someone you get to see every day. It stops being funny when you breakup with the person and still get to see the person every day. It is hard enough to deal with a breakup. It is harder and frustrating when you have to see the person you want to get over every single day. A perfect example of this is when you breakup with a coworker, a classmate or someone that lives in the same neighborhood with you.  How then can you get over an ex you have to see every single day? This post will put you some steps that will help you get over an ex you have to see every day.

7 Steps On How To Get Over Someone You See Everyday

1. Take Out Time To Grieve:

 The first step towards emotional healing is to grieve. It becomes harder to get over someone when you’ve bottled up your emotions on the inside. You need to let go in order to move on. It is okay to cry, it is okay to wail, it is okay to feel sad. All these will help you let go of the emotional pains and set you on the part of recovery. It is better to grieve privately away from people. You can also let out your grief on the shoulders on your trusted friend or family.

2. Review Your Goals:

 It is time to move on with your life after letting go of the emotional blockage. First, you have to rethink your goals and put efforts to work towards it. For instance, if the breakup was with a coworker, review your work goals for the quarter and get busy. Likewise, if the breakup was with a classmate, review your personal goals for the semester or year and get busy.

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3. Prepare For Personal Contacts:

 Personal contacts are inevitable in this situation. You should be emotionally prepared for just personal bumps. You will definitely bump into your ex in class, office rooms or even during boarding meetings. The best way to handle such is to maintain a neutral and friendly disposition. Trying to behave as though the person doesn’t exist will make you look childish. Instead, greet the person and even take it a notch further by asking how the person’s day is going.

4.  Maintain A Professional Distance:

You should try to maintain a professional distance from the person. Your contact with your ex should be limited to the neutral friendly greeting mentioned earlier. Anything besides that will lead to intimacy and should be avoided. Avoid asking questions like who are you dating now?  How is your sex life? Except if you are emotionally strong to stay detached while doing so. If both of you are assigned to the same project, ensure that other people are onboard the too or ask for a reassignment.

5. Build A Friendly Network:

You should spend time with friends and colleagues instead of being along. This will help you stay occupied for the period you are together. Also, don’t make your friends choose between you or your ex. This is not junior high dating competition. Encourage your friends to maintain their friendship with your ex.  

6. Get New Hobbies:

Try to get other hobbies outside your workplace or school. For instance, you can join an evening music or art lesson. This will help you get your mind off your ex and give you something to look forward to after work.

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7. Don’t Start A Revenge Date:

Unless you are a 14 years old trying to handle his or her first heartbreak, a revenge date should be out of question. Do not start a relationship with another colleague or classmate to get back at your ex. It is that mistake that gets you into this mess in the first place. Learn to maintain a professional relationship with all your colleagues or classmate to avoid repetition pattern.

These tips will help you maintain a friendly relationship with an ex you have to see every day and still move on with your life. Only in extreme cases should you move out of the neighborhood or change your job.