8 Online Dating Tips for Safety

Online dating is a platform to meet your potential date and life partner. A lot of person have met, and continue to meet life partners via internet dating. You also need to know that there are some dangers and risks involved in dating online. Thus, before you jump into the bandwagon of online dating, there are some do’s and don’ts you need to understand. These do’s and don’ts will keep you safe from risk involved with online dating. It will also help you get a lasting date online.  

4 Do’s of Online Dating To Get Maximum Result

1. Know what you want from the onset:

A lot of people think that online dating starts and ends with creating profiles on dating sites. It is unsurprising that they end up attracting the wrong type of persons to their profile. The first thing you need to do when you want to engage in online is to figure out what you want from the onset. What do you need in a partner? What are the physical attributes you need from a date or potential life partner? What character traits do you need from a partner? What kind of career do you trip for in a partner? You need to figure all these out from onset to enable you get the right partners.

2. Get to know yourselves first:

Another thing you should do is to get to know your potential love interest better. The first phrase of online dating is not the time to discuss sex and sex positions. It is a time to talk about things that matters. It is a time check out the boxes you created above of what you want from a potential partner.

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3. Be yourself:

Always be yourself. Do not turn into someone else in a bid to impress someone you met online. Anybody that wants to be with you will do so regardless of what you look like or do.

4. Be on alert regularly:

One of the cons of online dating mentioned here is that it exposes you to the risk of scammers. Thus, you should always be alert when you are date. Always have it at the back of your mind that this person may be a scammer. Never let your guard down, especially in the early stages of online dating.

4 Don’ts of Online Dating To Get Maximum Result:

1. Avoid Lies:

The number one “don’t” of online dating is lies. Do not lie to anybody you feel you have a connection with. This is because the lies have a way of catching up with you. It is tell the person that you don’t want to discuss the subject matter than to lie. I have discovered that one way or the other, a lie gets to be exposed for what it is.

2. Don’t Reveal All:

Do not reveal every detail of your life to a stranger online. You never can tell the person’s intension towards you. You don’t get to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with during online dating lol!!!, thus it is possible for the person to use the information you shared against you in the future. Always reveal things you are comfortable revealing to every other person to your online dating. You also get to avoid the risk of blackmail by not doing this.

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3. Don’t send anything:

One of the schemes used by online schemers to dupe unsuspecting victims is that they formulate stories of their financial woes. They tell you of their sick relatives or similar stories for you to send money over. Rule number three in online dating is ‘don’t send money or any other thing to anybody you are yet to meet. It is always scammers that request for money.

4. Don’t fall yet:

Final rule is “don’t fall in love yet” with your online love until you are sure that the feeling is returned. The dating game should be played with your head and not your head. Be sure your feelings are returned before you start professing love to your online date.

Finally, these tips will help you have a great online dating experience.