Are Subarus Expensive To Maintain

Owning a car is solving part of a problem and maintaining that same car is the other half of the problem. To quench your curiosity, you should know that Subarus are expensive to maintain even though they might defer based on the particular model you are opting in for. 

Are Subarus expensive to maintain has been a prominent question on most peoples mind and for that, this article has taken measures to explain all there is to know about its maintenance. 

The truth remains that one cannot run away from the cost of maintaining a car once you have one in your possession. You should also know that the luxury and cost of the car are not the only factors at stake. Even the insurance at the point is to be considered not to talk of the almighty maintenance.

Putting the cost in check is necessary because you might need to consider and estimate all of these to come to a conclusion and decide if it is worth the stress. By putting together the cost, let us look at the original maintenance cost of a Subaru. 

How Much Does A Subaru Cost To Maintain 

By judging the cost, an estimated cost to maintain a Subaru during its first five years will be at $267, and during its 10 years, its maintenance cost can take $500. 

Regardless, you should note that the maintenance of cost of this Subaru depends on the model in question. It might choose to increase or decrease depending on the model you are purchasing. You should also know that most of these models are cheap to buy but expensive to maintain.

Irrespective, Subaru cars have made it possible for anyone to purchase a model of Subaru according to the size of their pockets. It has made provisions for every price group and has built up fans from different parts of the world. Subaru Forester is known as the most expensive model to maintain. There is also the Subaru Outback which is the next in line after Forester before other models come in place. Looking forward we might also ask why are Subaru expensive to maintain? 

Why is Subaru Expensive to Maintain?

Subaru has become popular till the present because of the numerous qualities that make it stand out from others. These qualities range from its ability to possess a standard all-wheel-drive to its boxer engines and even the ability to move on muds and sticky sands. Now when these factors encounter some series of malfunctioning, then their maintenance or repair cost would increase. 

In a situation whereby you have an all-wheel drive and a tire of your Subaru car blows out and cannot undergo replacement, it will require that you need to replace all four tires at once which means extra cost.

Most of the body parts of a Subaru car tends to be expensive to maintain even though they are dependable and great cars.

Another factor is car fuel consumption. It is known that Subaru cars are fuel-efficient and they tend to consume more fuel than other brands of cars. Their fuel consumption ranges from 26-33 miles per gallon. Apart from you having to spend more money buying fuel, you are also being on a verge of experiencing a clogged fuel filter which will need some fixing. 

The cost of most spare parts of a Subaru car holds a high tendency of making you spend more in the process of maintaining your car. These factors and more are reasons why your Subaru car will cost more to maintain. 

Tips on How To Reduce Subaru Maintenance Costs

Getting to tackle a problem at its early stage will help you to stay away from spending so much to maintain your car. That is why extra tips have been created to make sure you stitch in time to save nine. You can follow these tips to make a difference, they include:

  • Refilling DOJ to the worn-out inner joint boots when you experience some burning smell from the exhaust. This move will save you the cost of replacing the entire axile which will cost more.
  • Be in constant check of the coolant and oil.
  • Always inspect the front suspension and look out for cracks.
  • You can as well opt-in for an extended warranty as it will cover the most costly repairs. 
  • Observe the gas mileage performance of your car and repair if you notice a dirty air filter or poor tire apprehension or even worn-out spark plugs.  
  • Always make sure you avoid driving around with an empty fuel tank because it damages the fuel pump over time. 
  • Using just radial tires will go a long way instead of blending both radial and bias-ply. 
  • Replace worn-out wipers because they reduce visibility. Also, check your washer fluid.

Common Faults With Subaru Cars 

These are common problems that Subaru owners experience. Some of these problems also make most maintenance plans expensive to carry out. 

First, there is an issue of faulty air conditioning O-rings. During hot days, Subaru A/Cs tends to blow hot air which is inconvenient for its users. 

There are cases of worn-out inner boots and this is mainly because of the location of these joints. When the joints are exposed to constant heat in the exhaust system, it wears out. 

Head gaskets failure is another factor. You know for sure that the coolant and engine oil pass through the head gasket and when there is a failure of the head gasket it causes leaking inside and outside the engine.  

Does Subaru Offer Free Maintenance Services

Yes, Subaru cars do offer free maintenance. This offer is a 2 years complimentary maintenance. This Subaru maintenance plan allows you to get your car to any participating Subaru dealer and have your car serviced. This plan covers your oil and filter changes, the cabin filters, tire rotations, and all other inspections which are free. 


Subaru gives luxury in all of its models and has also made it possible for anyone to purchase. Every product needs maintenance for its durability to manifest and it is up to you to take responsibility. 

Provisions for less expensive maintenance for your Subaru car have been made, following it up will give you a stress-free experience. Coupled with that, you will get to enjoy all of the features that Subaru gives to its cars with its luxurious interiors.