Carrabba’s Catering Menu With Prices 2020

If you are looking for a restaurant to provide Italian cuisine for your guest (s), then the Carrabba’s restaurant is a place to check. The Carrabba’s restaurant is known for its Italian cuisine. This restaurant is known for its over 30 years of experience in providing high taste Italian food for customers.

The Carrabba’s restaurant was founded in 1986 by two men who originally came from Sicily. Over the last 30 years, the restaurant has grown from just one small food shop in Houston to over 200 locations in the United States. 

Some of the special dishes the Carrabba’s restaurant is known for include the Chicken Bryan, Pollo Rosa Maria, and Penne Carrabba. The dish is served with Basil lemon-butter sauce. 

Carrabba's Entree
Menu Prices 2020
Pollo Caprese$65.00
Capellini Pomodoro$45.00
Lasagna Bolognese$69.00
Mushroom Ravioli$59.00
Fettuccine Alfredo$51.00
Eggplant Parmesan$65.00
Chicken Marsala$69.00
Chicken Scaloppine$69.00
Carmela’s Chicken$64.00
Penne Rustica$67.00
Chicken Parmesan$69.00
Spaghetti &
Bolognese Sauce
Spaghetti &
Pomodoro Sauce
Mom’s Ricotta Meatballs & Spaghettipomodoro or
Pasta Milano$64.00
Pomodorina Soup3-4 servings$12.00
Chicken Tenders$52.00
Spicy Ricotta
Bibb & Bleu$28.00
Parmesan-Crusted Chicken$40.00
Fresh Greens$21.00
Flavored Lemonade$10.00
Minute Maid®
Lemonade Light
Minute Maid®
Flavored Tea$9.00
Iced Tea$7.00
Macaroni & Cheese$24.00
Tuscan Bread
two loaves
Roasted Potatoes$18.00
Sun-Dried Tomato Orzo$18.00
Seasonal Vegetables$18.00
Cookie Tray served
by the dozen
New York Style
Chocolate Cake

Why You Should Order From Carrabba’s Catering Menu

. Their menu is quite affordable when you compare it to the quality of food they serve. You can order for as little as $10. 

. You are sure to get quality Italian dishes. That includes the Calamari, Seafood, Sicilian chicken soup and pasta. 

. You have little stress when gathering for your guest because Carrabba delivers the best of Italian dishes to your home. 

. The meal is delivered with napkins, silverware, utensils which makes it easy for you to serve your guests without stress. 

. There are many options to choose from.

. You can be rest assured that you are getting what you ordered. 

How To Place An Order From Carrabba’s Catering Restaurant

Step 1. Go through the Menu above to select the meals you want. It is advisable to check the price of each meal. That helps you ensure you stick to your budget when placing your order. 

Step 2. Visit any of the Carrabba’s restaurant near you to place your order. The other option is to place a call using the customer care number on their website to place your other. There is also the option of placing your order directly online. When placing your order, you are required to mention the pick-up date and time. 

Step 3. You get to pick up the item from any of the Carrabba’s restaurant near you. Note that, the restaurant offers shipping when you place an order that is above $100. 

How Long Does Carrabba’s Restaurant Takes To Fulfill Orders

The Carrabba’s policy requires that you place your order 24 hours before expected pick up time. So the average pickup time need to get your order ready is 24 hours.