7 Cool Cars Brands That Start With K

Most times, the features that come with a car determines how good the car will be. To most people, a car feature matters the most. On the other hand, other people prefer to buy per brand or name. To them, this assures on how well it will perform. This article will provide good available options … Read more

8 Cars Starting With S In 2021

Knowing car brands and their distinct features is very important for car professionals and enthusiasts. This knowledge comes in handy most times during repairs or when buying a car. Many car brands start with the letter S. In this post, we will outline some cars starting with S.  In the year 1885, the first car … Read more

Standard Car Vs Full-Size Car

There are three main classifications of cars, according to size. They are full-size, mid-size, and compact cars. It is interesting to note that a mid-size car is the same as a standard car. Sometimes it might be referred to as an intermediate, though some classifications of experts vary a lot.  However, the main focus right … Read more

Economy Vs Compact Car

One of the ways cars are classified is according to size. This classification comes into play in situations such as car rentals. Cars of the same size and capacity fall under the same category. One such category is the Economy and Compact cars.   Most people use the term Economy and Compact car interchangeably. Although … Read more

Subcompact Vs Compact Car: Which Is Best For You

To increase efficiency in registration, regulation and description of vehicles, governments and private organizations have developed schemes used to classify cars into various categories. These categories are usually dependent on the body size, mass, number of doors or seating capacity. Based on these, we can easily classify cars into two-seaters, mini-compact, subcompact, compact, mid-size, large, … Read more

Transmission Flush Vs Change

After reading this post, you should be able to know the differences between transmission fluid change and transmission flush. You’ll also know which is preferable for your car. Before examining what transmission flush and Change are, let’s understand what the essentials of transmission fluid are. Understanding Transmission Fluid Transmission fluid is notably an essential aspect … Read more

Curb weight vs Gross weight of a vehicle

Unusual as it might sound, that four-wheeled drive of yours has more than one weight. Your vehicle has two primary weights. The curb weight and gross weight. It is necessary to know your vehicle’s weight because it helps you figure out its capacity and not overladen it. You also want to prevent avoidable accidents an … Read more