How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Car Matte Black

In a bid to improve the looks of your car you may decide to have it repainted or give it a car wrap. Recently, car wrapping is gaining popularity among car owners. The reason for this is linked to some of the benefits car owners derive from wrapping their vehicles. For one, car wrapping is economical and durable. It is also reversible, when you get tired of the wrap you can have it removed. 

Not to forget how it keeps your vehicle’s original painting from tiny abrasions. But then what is the cost of enjoying all these benefits. How much will giving your car a matte black wrap cost you? This article will consider the cost of wrapping your car matte black. It will also look at some likely questions you may have on car wrapping.

What Is Car Wrapping?

In simple terms, car wrapping is covering your car with sticky sheets of large vinyl film. It sounds simple and easy but it is a delicate process that requires a professional touch for the desired outcome. Car wraps are in various sizes and styles. They also differ in shapes and texture. A car wrap properly done should not be bumpy but smooth and well designed. Hence, it takes precision and accuracy to achieve a good wrap. 

Matte Wrapping

This is a type of car wrapping where you use a matte sheet. It has a different feel from the traditional vinyl sheet and its outcome differs too. Matte wrapping has less gloss and sheen but still looks elegant. Oftentimes, a dark-colored matte wrap is the wrap of choice for lovers of matte wrapping.

What Is The Cost Of Wrapping A Vehicle

The cost for a car wrap varies based on your car size, the kind of finish you want, and the handler. The cost of materials, labor, and the condition of your vehicle also plays a role in the total cost of wrapping your vehicle. On average, wrapping your vehicle completely may cost you between 2000 dollars to 5000 dollars. Wrapping a smaller sized vehicle is likely to cost less. 

However, you will likely spend more if you own a luxury vehicle, an SUV, big cars, and off-road vehicles. The cost may be over 7000 dollars. This is because of their sizes and complex bodyworks. Hence, the job is more technical and time-consuming. The use of a matte finish also adds up to the cost but not as much as printed finishes would.

What Is The Cost Of Wrapping A Car Black Matte

A matte black wrap is a common choice of car wrap. The cost of wrapping depending on the size of your car. Wrapping a traditional sedan vehicle may cost about 2000 dollars. The price will possibly be more for bigger cars. The glossy vinyl sheet wraps on the other hand cost about 2 to 4 dollars per square foot. It gives your vehicle extra sheen even from a distance. 

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What Is The Cost Of Car Wrap Material

There are different forms of car wrap. There is the full wrap which completely covers the vehicle. There is a partial wrap where only specific parts are covered. And the commercial wrap where a product or service is advertised on the vehicle. For these forms of car wrapping different wrap materials mat be used. These include;

a. Standard Gloss Vinyl: This is a popular wrap sheet for cars. It can be personalized to any color on the hex scale just to suit your taste and style. Its cost per square foot ranges between 2dollars to 3dollars. This doesn’t include the cost of labor or any other incurred cost.

b. Matte Vinyl: This wrap gives your vehicle a dull but classy finish. The black matte is also winning the hearts of various car owners. The matte finish is usually void of the gloss and sheen associated with the traditional vinyl wrap. Though the matte wrap is available in bright colors too, car owners tend to love a black matte finish. Its cost per square foot is about 3dollars to 4dollars. 

cEnhanced Gloss Vinyl: Here the vinyl wrap is given an extra glossy look with gloss enhancers. Its cost is about the same as the matte vinyl. That is about three to four dollars per square foot.

d. Chrome Wrap: The chrome finish is a vinyl material with a lot of sheen in it. Hence, it has high reflective power. It comes in limited colors but premium quality. It costs about 8 to 9 dollars per square foot and its installation is also technical.

e. Carbon Fiber: This is a vinyl wrap with a solid color. It is gradually gaining its foot amidst car owners. It cost between 5dollars to 9dollars per square foot. It gives your vehicle the carbon fiber grand look.

What Are The Benefits Of Car Wrapping

a. It is durable: If done rightly and properly maintained, a car wrap can last up to 7years. Generally, matte wrap lasts about 5years before a color change is likely noticed.

b. There Is A Vast Option To Choose From: Car wraps are available in different colors, shapes, and patterns. They can also be personalized to suit your style. The vinyl material can take the form of other kinds of materials like leather or carbon fiber. You can also have your car wrapped either with a glossy vinyl, matte vinyl, or super sheen vinyl.

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c. It Can Be Used For Commercial Advert: With vinyl wraps, you can place your products or service on your vehicle. This allows you to reach a wider audience wherever you drive through.

d. It Can Be Removed: You can always choose to remove your car wrap whenever you want. It is reversible. Once removed appropriately, your vehicle goes back to how it was before the wrap. Removal of a car wrap takes about 4 hours.

e. Your Car’s Painting Is Protected: If you want to keep your original car’s painting free from scratches and stains, a car wrap will help achieve that. It acts as the protective layer covering your paint from harsh weather conditions.

How Should You Care For A Wrapped Vehicle

You can care for your wrapped car by washing it at least once a week. This is to keep it clean from specks of dirt. You should use mild soap and a soft towel for washing. Ensure to rinse your car with clean water immediately after washing. You can also wash your wrapped vehicle in a drive-through wash. However, hand washing is more gentle and better on the wrap. 

Stains and spills should be wiped immediately. You may use a denatured alcohol spot cleaner to get rid of tough stains. However, you should avoid using oil-based cleaners as well as kitchen and bathroom cleaners on your wrap.

How Long Does A Car Wrap Last

A car wrap can stay up to 5-7years. However, maintenance plays a key role in its durability. Excessive exposure to harsh weather, leaving stains and spills uncleaned, and using abrasives on the wrap. It can shorten its duration.

Does Car Wrapping Prevent The Car From Rusting

If your vehicle was rusted before applying wrap the rusting will continue. But if your vehicle was rust-free before wrapping was applied, the wrap will keep it protected.


The cost of wrapping your car in matte black costs about 2000 dollars or more. There are also other types of car wraps with varying costs. Factors like the size of the vehicle influence the total cost is a car wrap.