Costco Car Battery Warranty

A written warranty is very important when you want to purchase a battery. Getting a battery should be a careful process. Most batteries do not come with a warranty which is not so good because a battery with a warrant is always a step forward. There are varieties of batteries with a warranty but let’s look into a Costco car battery. You should know that going for a Costco battery is a nice idea because they have a durable battery with a nice warranty.

This article will give all information about the Costco car battery warranty and all that it entails. A warranty is simply putting each customer ahead to get a complete value for their money. Costco car battery warranty is a valid warranty you can trust any day. Costco sells varieties of batteries for almost every machine and each of these batteries comes with a warranty. Once you purchase any battery from Costco, you would be issued a warranty which is a guarantee for you.

Don’t forget that every warranty comes with its lifespan and conditions that will make it valid. Therefore, these conditions and policies differ from each company and should also be maintained under the rules to make your warranty valid. Let’s look at what the Costco car battery warranty includes.

What Comes With Costco Car Battery Warranty

This Costco car battery warranty is what everyone would love to have because it is a proper warranty that will save you more expenses in the nearest future. The warranty on Costco battery includes:

a. When you purchase the optima blue, red or yellow battery, Costco will give you a full refund of the purchase value. This warranty that is offered to you covers up to 36 months.

b. If you prefer the flooded battery (Kirkland signature automotive battery) then you should know that it comes with different warranty periods or lifespan. If it is from:

  • O-48 months, then the customer will get a free replacement.
  • 49-66 months, means that the customer will get a 50% refund which solely depends on the purchase value.
  • 67-100 months, the customer gets a 25% refund depending on the price it was bought.

c. When you want to opt-in for the Kirkland signature marine, then know that its replacement package will depend on the warranty period given to the battery. When it is:

  • 0-12 months, the customer will receive a free replacement of the battery.
  • 13-18 months, the customer gets 40% of the purchase price refund.
  • 19-36 months, you will get 20% of the purchase price.

d. The Kirkland signature awn and garden battery gives a free replacement. The warranty period this battery gives is 0-12 months. This same warranty applies to the Kirkland Golf Cart battery.

e. Energizer battery gives you a 0-24 month’s warranty. Costco warranty gives the customer a full refund. This full refund will depend on the purchase price of the battery. This warranty policy covers just energizer Marine and energizer Powersports.

f. When you need the Energizer AGM and Unbranded AGM, you should know that the warranty depends on the months the battery has been used. When it has been used for:

  • 0-60 months, then the customer will receive a full refund from the company.
  • 61-80 months, then the customer will receive a 50% refund from Costco.
  • 81-100 months, it will attract a 25% refund.

As a purchaser, you should know that all these refunds according to the month used will depend on the sale price. For all these to be valid, you need to qualify for these warranty packages.

How to Qualify for Costco Battery Warranty Package

Everything needs a procedure and so does Costco. For a purchaser to be able to qualify for these packages, some steps need to be. These include:

  • The battery in question has to be an original battery and should be bought from Costco.
  • In case of any malfunctioning of the battery, you should return it to Costco wholesale.
  • To qualify for the package, you need to be the original purchaser of the battery.
  • While coming to Costco wholesale, make sure to come with all valid documents you were issued on purchase. Those documents will prove that the battery was from Costco.

How to Buy a Car Battery at Costco

Just after the warranty policies of Costo company soothes your mind, you will need to know how to go about the purchasing process. Costco has made it possible for you to purchase your car battery without any form of inconvenience. This is because you are allowed to check the brand of battery you want on Costco’s online warehouse and when it is available and at the right cost, then you can come to the physical Costco store to get it.

This process will leave both the customer and the seller happy at the end of the day. To carry on with your purchase, simply go to their online sites, and then proceed to enter details of your vehicle that needs a new battery. Make sure to include the make, year, model, engine and also the zip code.

You will then get a fitment code, which will be used to contact the nearest Costco warehouse to ask if they have a car battery that matches the fitment code you were given on the website. Then simply head to the local warehouse to purchase the car battery.

Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Car Battery

These pointers would help you out when you need to purchase a battery for your car. The essence of these factors is to guide you to a successful battery purchase that will help avoid future complications while using your car. These factors include :

The size of the battery:  Not knowing your battery size before you purchase it is usually not a smart thing to do. You can check the size of your car battery by simply going through your car’s user manual. You can also consult an expert to get a guide on the best size to go for.

Check the Amps: As a car user, you should have an idea that different cars possess many ranges when it comes to power demands. The amps are necessary and it is used to start the car and also spark the car’s spark plug. While purchasing, you should check the amp and reserve capacity.

Check the warranty: You already have an idea that Costco offers premium warranties on their batteries. This warranty would save a lot of expenses and so it is best to purchase a car battery with a warranty.


Apart from all the features of Costco, it also offers a free replacement that most automobile companies do not offer. Their warranty policies are top-notch where you either benefit from a replacement or a refund. Aside from this, they offer any type of service to your vehicle and make sure it is always back in shape. So, before you think twice about getting your battery from Costco, you should also consider the sweet deals that come with it.