Does AutoZone Test Batteries

Does AutoZone test car batteries is a rampant question if you are familiar with Autozone automotive retailers. Autozone offers several services to your vehicle and testing a car battery is among the services they offer. Apart from repairing your car parts and accessories they also test your car batteries for free. 

This free AutoZone battery test is one of the no-free services that AutoZone offer at any of their stores in either the United States or Puerto Rico, Mexico, and then Brazil. Autozone does test batteries no matter what the situation of the battery might be just for your convenience. 

When you get to an AutoZone store, the highest you can wait for the work to be over is half an hour and you will get your battery back in shape. Autozone being one of the leading auto retailers, offer the best services. While your battery is still under inspection, you can choose to go for your busy schedule and then return knowing fully well that your battery is in safe hands. 

Apart from the good-looking stores that AutoZone has, it also has good customer service and affordable products. 

What to Expect During an Autozone Battery Test

For your battery test, you can either take your battery to your local AutoZone store or take your vehicle. When you are at the shop for your battery testing, first you need to expect an AutoZone charging and starting tester. This first device has a black box look with jumper cables on it. 

The associate will then hook up your battery using the device. There will be some adjustments if the cables are not connected well with the battery’s positive and negative terminals. 

The reading might hold up to two or three minutes or even more before the final results show. Explaining the fault found will be done by the associate and this will determine whether your battery needs a replacement or a charge. 

If it is a charging issue, then you will have it done for free, all you have to do is to wait for a minimum or maximum of 30 minutes. Autozone will charge your car battery irrespective of its situation. 

Other Free Services That Autozone Offers

Apart from AutoZone testing your battery, they have also managed to offer other free services for your convenience. They also sell quality car parts at their numerous stores to serve their customers well. Autozone offers other free services like:

a. Battery Charging: Yes, they do not only test your battery, they also charge it for free when it is due. The complimentary battery charging will only take 30 minutes to be done. They can as well tell you the state of your battery and if you need a replacement, they can offer you varieties of Duralast batteries to choose from. 

b. Battery Recycling: This is also free at any AutoZone store. The battery contains some components that are harmful to the environment and most times you can find it difficult to dispose of the old ones you have because of your busy schedules. Not to worry, AutoZone takes care of the disposal and recycling once you come to them for your car servicing.

 c. Alternator and Starter Testing: The alternator takes care of charging the battery while driving and when an issue develops there, then it can be a major problem. Even when you charge your battery, it will be irrelevant when the alternator is bad. That gives you the option of testing your alternator for free in any AutoZone store to know its situation. The testing is a fast process and it will determine if it is still in check or if a replacement is needed. 

d. Check Engine Light Testing: Autozone uses its fix finder program to test your engine for free. Testing your car engine can help you figure out a lot of things and also help you prevent future expenses. During the engine testing at AutoZone, you will be educated on every complication found and the solution to it. 

Autozone also offers other free services like voltage regulator testing, a loaner tool program, and oil recycling. 

Signs of a Faulty Battery

Checking up your car battery is important to avoid an inconvenient ride on your way to an important appointment. To prevent this, it is better to periodically take a free battery test on AutoZone or rather check out for possible signs that might show on a faulty battery before it breaks down completely. 

Most times, even before the battery breaks down completely, it shows some noticeable signs at first that you might seem to ignore. Those signs signify that the battery is not in a good shape. Although not all batteries give a warning before they die off. When you notice any of these signs, visit an AutoZone store. 

a. An Immediate Slower Start: You should be aware that when your car temperature drops below 20 degrees then its starting cadence will slow down. As the temps keep dropping, it keeps getting slower. When you notice this then get your battery tested. When you keep ignoring the signs as they come, it will refuse to start one day.

 b. The headlights are on but the car cannot start: This sign is prominent. When you notice that your headlights and radio works fine but your car refuses to start then it is a battery issue. It only means that the battery is low and cannot send power to the engine but only to the lights and accessories. 

 c. Old Batteries: When your battery is old, your car can start malfunctioning. Every battery has a specific life span and when it gets to that stage, it starts developing issues for the car. The average life span is usually four to six years. If you start noticing issues then go to any available store like AutoZone and check how much charge it has. 

 d. Vehicle Starts then goes off: This can be as a result of a lot of issues but the first step is to check your battery. It can be a result of battery failure which then sends a continuous signal to the ECU. When it then comes on, the sensor controlling the engine will be so weak to respond and pick up the power. 


Taking these free services in AutoZone does not only protect your car from future complications but also helps you save a significant amount of money. The stores also offer durable and affordable parts that are all for your convenience. 

Taking advantage of this free maintenance on AutoZone is a wise step to take. Apart from these, AutoZone loans tools perform home delivery services, offer warranties for their products, and still maintains the biggest automotive parts retailer in different parts of the world.