First Date Conversation Starters: 7 Things to Discuss

Meeting up with someone on a first date can be awkward. It requires a joint effort from both parties for a first date conversation to flow naturally. Your date may likely not show interest for a second date if your first date was a bore. Nobody wants a boring partner for a first date or even for subsequent dates. That is why you need to put in effort to make the most of your first date. You can know more about your date and enjoy yourself on your first date. Thankfully, it does not require rocket science to keep the conversation going on a first date. In this post, you will discover tips on how to keep the conversation going on your first date.

First Date Conversation Starters: 7 Things to Discuss

1. Ask Questions Before The Date:

Chances are that you must have been in communication with your partner before the first date. In order to keep your first date less awkward, you need to find out areas of interest from your partner. You can ask questions like, what are your likes and dislikes. What topic interests you most? Do you love sports? Asking these questions before the date will help you get conversant with the topics and keep the conversation flowing on the date.

2. Research and Get Informed:

After you have gotten information on topic of interest from your partner, the next thing you need to do is to get as much knowledge as you can on the topic. This is a prize you have to pay to have a successful date. You can visit your local library to get more information. You can also read widely on information available on the interest. You may need to make jottings as your research if the topic is technical. Try to practice holding a conversation with your friend on the topic before the date.

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3. Start With Neutral Topics:

When on a date, you need to start with neutral topics. These are topics that common to both of you. Topics like the weather and traffic are examples of neutral topics. Start by discussing the weather for the day. Neutral ground topics will make both parties comfortable with each other before stepping into intimate topics.

4. Discuss Areas of Joint Interest:

After you have made the grand entry with neutral topics, you need to move to topics that are of joint interest to both of you. Topics like you work, your boss, foods and fitness are some of the joint areas of interest to discuss. Bring up topics on the subject matter you research on earlier. It will give the impression that you are very smart or that you care enough to learn more on the subject matter.  

5. Listen:

Always give him/her the opportunity to express her point of view or opinion in the subject matter. If her opinion is contrary to your own belief, allow it slide instead of starting an argument.  Also, avoid heated topics like politics at this stage unless the both of you share the same political point of view.  If both of you do not share the same religious beliefs it is best to leave it out of the conversation. 

5. Spice Up With Humor:

Try to inject humor in the conversation. You can also spice up the conversation with sarcastic comments. But before you do so, ensure that he or she understands and takes it well. You don’t want a situation where your sarcastic comment is taken as an insult. You can also bring up funny comments on some of the movies you’ve seen recently.

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6. Leave Out Awkward Topics:

 Leave out questions that will make your date feel embarrassed and awkward. Questions like number of sex partners and sexual diseases are very awkward for a first date. Also leave out very sensitive topics like racism that is if both of you are inter racial.

7. Always Smile:

 Laugh helps to add spice to a conversation. Always smile at her jokes. Compliment him or her on level of knowledge on a subject matter.

These tips outlined here will help you keep the conversation going on your first date.

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