7+ Fun Things To Do in Bed While On Your Period

Menstrual flow or Period is one thing every young girl or lady must look forward to every month. Some ladies have their period times easy while others don’t.  Most have to go through some degrees of pains and for others, it could be an emotional period. Whichever one it is for you, you don’t have to go through that misery. It is very possible to have fun while on your period. There some things you can do to make the period easier for you. This post contains some fun things to do in bed while on your period.

Fun Things To Do in Bed While On Your Period

Let’s assume that you have to stay in bed as a result of some complications from your period. These are some things to do in bed to make it all worthwhile.

Watch Movies Alone

This is a nice time to catch up on all your favorite shows and TV series. The good thing about it is that you can never run out of things to watch. It is even better if you have a TV for yourself in your bedroom. Go through the channels available and spend time watching your favorite shows. You can also watch educational channels. Who said you can learn something new while having fun?

Have Your Boyfriend Come Over For Movies

If you easily feel bored watching movies alone, you can invite your boyfriend over for movie time. You guys can watch an old movie that you both have like. It is most likely your boyfriend has a job, so you have to schedule the movie time to when he is not working. To add more fun to it, call him on his way back to get your favorite snacks.

Cuddle With Your Boyfriend

Another fun thing to do in bed while on your period is to cuddle with your boyfriend. You can persuade him to give you a body massage before the cuddle. Trust, it will make you feel a lot better.

Play Games With Friend

You can invite your close friends for a game night in your room. It can be fun and remove all attention from the pains of cramps. You guys can play a card or board game. You can organize a never have I game with your friends. This is one of my favorite things to do anytime I am stuck in bed as a result as cramps.

Browse the Internet

There numerous things you can do on the internet these days. This makes browsing the internet is a fun way to pass time in bed while on your period. You can visit your favorite news and gossip blogs. You can update your social media accounts. You know one amazing thing about the internet? You can continue to make money on the internet while you are at it. You can update your blog, YouTube channel, or even check your e-commerce sites to make more money.

Write In Bed

Writing is therapeutic. If writing is your thing, you can spend your time in bed writing all day. It could be poems, blog posts or updates for your social media account. Doing this will remove your attention from the cramps and make you feel better emotionally.

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Draw in Bed

Just like writing, drawing is also therapeutic. You can choose to draw or paint in bed. Get your drawing board and materials and get started. You don’t have to be a professional artist to do this. It will make you feel better by the time you are done.

Make New Goals

Writing goals and making plans is a fun thing to do since it has to do with improving your life. You can use this period to make plans and resolutions to make your life better. If you have plans and goals already, use this period to carry out an evaluation to know how far you’ve gone in achieving them. Also, know some changes you have to incorporate to make your life much better. When doing so, you should ask yourself questions like; what are my short term goals? What are my long term goals? What are some things I can start doing to achieve my goals faster?

How To Feel Better When Your on Your Period

Prepare For It

One way to feel better when you are on your period is to prepare for it. You don’t have to wait for it to start for you to take steps to feel better. Thankful, with proper calculations, you can tell the exact date you next flow will start. For instance, if you suffer from serious cramps, you can take Advil the day before. It can help reduce pains. Remember to consult your doctor before you do that.

Drink More Water

The last thing you want to do is to stay dehydrated this period. Ensure that you always drink water constantly all day. Drinking water at intervals all day will go a long way to relieve you of cramps.

Mild Exercise Helps

Fun Things To Do in Bed While On Your Period

I know that the last thing you will want to do when having a cramp is to exercise. But the truth remains that exercise helps you feel better while on your period. Exercise helps to release the endocrine hormones that make you feel you. You will feel less emotional if you can incorporate mild exercise while on your period. It doesn’t have to be cardio. A brisk walk around the neighbor works.

Do the Heat Therapy

It has been confirmed by several health experts that heat therapy helps to relieve cramps. The heat therapy has to do with placing a hot towel on your lower abdomen. Use it anytime you feel bad cramp. It will surely relieve your pains.

Avoid Certain Foodsfun things to do while on your period


Some people get to experience craving during their period. But there are some foods you have to stay away from at least this period to feel better. For instance, you have no business taking any type of chocolates or coffee while on your period. This is because they tighten up vital blood vessels and make cramps more painful. Thus, stay away from these few days before your flow starts.

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What To Do When You Have Your First Period

Having your period for the first time can be scary especially if you haven’t been informed beforehand. I want to assume that you must have heard about menstrual flow and what to expect. So, when the flow finally comes, it is not a time to panic. These are some of the things to do

Talk to Someone

If there is a female adult in the same space as you, walk up to the person and explain things. Any female adult out time will help you out especially if they know it is your first time. Also, chances are that you don’t have any sanitary product to use at the moment. The female adult can help you sort for one and guide you on the right way to use it. It could be your teacher, your mom or any other person you feel comfortable talking to.

Read Up

The reading up part should come up way before you get your first flow. You can still spend more time getting more information on what to expect during and after your first flow. There are several informative materials online and offline to get information on that. Also, read up about personal hygiene while on period.

Take Care Of Yourself

Finally, you have to take care of yourself and have fun while at it. Some fun things to do in bed while on your period have been outlined earlier. Go have fun.

What To Do When On Period With Boyfriend

These are some of the things you can do with your boyfriend while on your period.

Have an Indoor Movie Time

You guys can spend time watching your favorite shows or even his favorite team play. It is fun especially when there are enough healthy snacks in between.

Tell Stories

You can go down memory lane with your boyfriend this period. Remember the good old days and all the stuff you guys did together. It can also be time to talk about the most embarrassing and fun stories with your boyfriend. You can also play the never have I games with your boyfriend.


This is a good time to cuddle especially if the weather is cold. Cuddle and a body massage will do wonders for you.

Listen to Music

You can also spend time discovering new music with your boyfriend. Music will help both of you bond better.


Some fun things to do while on your period and how to feel better when on your period has been explained. If you noticed, I never talked about making love all through this article. This is because it is not advisable to do that while on your period. The period is just five days maximum. You can go back to making all the love you want once you are done with it.