How To Get A Song Out Of Your Head In Less Than 5 Minutes


Have you found yourself in situations where a song gets stuck in your head? Sometimes, it could even be that annoying song that you have a dislike for the artist. And you hear the song replayed non-stop in your head. It could be quite annoying. In this post, you will understand why you have a song or songs stuck in your head and how to get a song out of your head with ease. 

get song out of head

What Does It Mean When You Can’t Get A Song Out Of Your Head 

This happens when you mentally replay a particular sound or song over and over again. Sometimes, you do that unconsciously. For instance, you may catch yourself whistling a song you heard on your way to work. It could also be your ex’s favorite song. When this happens, it is said that you can’t get a song out of your head. 

Why Do Songs Get Stuck In Your Head

Songs get stuck in your head as a result of a psychological situation called earworms. That doesn’t mean you have tiny warms crawling in your head. It is simply an Involuntary Musical Imagery. It happens when your brain spontaneous remembers a song you’ve heard at some point and plays it repeatedly. It could be a recent song you heard earlier that day or an old song you heard many ago. For a song to become an earworm, it most probably has the following characteristics. First, the song has a unique and catchy pattern. Secondly, the song may have a fast tempo. Finally, the song will have a familiar rhythm. Most times, your nursery rhymes and radio jams have all these characteristics. That is why you easily have earworms. 

Are Songs Stuck In My Head A Medical Condition?

No. The songs stuck in my head condition also known as earworms is not a medical condition. It is more of a psychological thing and you have nothing to be worried about. But if you find it annoying, then you can take steps to stop it with time. 

How To Get A Song Out Of Your Head

Get To Listen To The Song Again

One fast way to get a song out of your head is to listen to the song again. Since the earworm condition makes the song play in a repetitive pattern in your mind, you can bring the pattern to a stop by listening again consciously. Also, you will have a form of closure to move on from the pattern. 

Listen To Another Song

You get to consciously distract yourself when you listen to another. That alone is enough to break the repetitive pattern of the song you can’t get out of your head. So the next time that annoying song starts playing again on your mind, plug in your earbuds and start your favorite playlist. This works fast especially if the song in question is one you want to forget. 

Start a Conversation With Someone

The idea is to distract your brain and break the earworm’s song pattern. Starting a conversation will someone nearby is one sure way to achieve that. Whenever that annoying song is on replay again on your mind, start a conversation with your friend, colleague or anybody nearby. You will notice the song will fade away instantly. 

Chew A Gum

get song out of head

Most experts have said that this is the easiest way to stop an earworm. A study carried out by an expert, Beaman, confirms that chewing gum effectively helped to reduce Involuntary Musical Imagery. This is because, as you chew gum, the part of your brain used to recall temporary memories gets busy. Thus, the earworm situation gets to fade away almost instantly. So, if you often can get songs out of your head, it is best to have chewing gums handy. 

Let it Fade With Time

The truth is that, even if you don’t do anything about it, the song will fade away with time. Sooner or later, your brain will need to get busy with other activities, thus the song will fade away with time. If you can ignore the annoying aspect of it, then you should allow the song to fade away. 

Be Mindful of Triggers

Sometimes, earworms can be triggered when you get exposed to familiar events that occurred when you heard the song for the first time. For instance, the song could be your ex’s best song. Anytime you see your ex or any item belonging to him or her, it can trigger earworms. If you can avoid triggers, it can be helpful to prevent earworms in the future. Note that not all earworms situation happens as a result of triggers. 


The songs stuck in your head condition have been explained in detail in this post. Also, tips on how to get a song out of your head have been explained too. Note that earworm is an individual thing. This is because a song that sticks to your head will likely not stick to another person’s head. Irrespective of the fact that both persons may have heard the song simultaneously. 

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