How Much Do Art Therapists Make

Art therapy is a form of therapy that involves the use of creative expression through the arts for treatment of mental related conditions. This form of therapy is applied most times in the treatment of meant conditions like Depression, post-traumatic stress, personal trauma, substance abuse, and other mental illnesses. An art therapist offers art therapy to clients. If you are good with creative expressions via arts, you can consider a career as an art therapist. Some of the times you need to know as a prospective art therapist is now to become an art therapist and how much art therapists make.

Who Is An Art Therapist

An art therapist is a mental health professional that works with clients and guides them on how to use creative art such as painting, drawing, and sculpture for mental treatment. An art therapist is a subfield in mental health generally.

How to Become an Art Therapist

There is a need to meet some educational and other requirements to qualify as a professional art therapist. The steps to becoming an art therapist include the following

Step 1: Bachelor’s Degree

The first step is to acquire a degree in Art therapy. There are a good number of colleges and universities in the country that offer this course. Prior to making a choice on the institution to obtain your bachelor’s degree, you have to ensure that the school is accredited to offer the course.

Step 2: Master’s Degree

One of the educational requirements needed to become a professional art therapist is a Master’s Degree in art therapy. During your Master’s program, you will take additional courses in psychology, psychotherapy and human development.

Step 3: Certifications

It is mandatory to become certified to become a professional art therapist. There is a need to be certified by the Art Therapy Credential Board in your state. First, you qualify as a registered art therapist. The requirement for prospectively registered art therapist is to meet the educational requirement and also undergo an internship for at least 700 hours under a certified art therapist. To become certified, you have to sit for the certification exams.

Where Can An Art Therapist Work

An art therapist can work in a number of organizations and establishments. Some of the places an art therapist can work include hospital, art studios, domestic violence shelter, schools, recreational facilities, prisons, nursing homes, and mental hospitals.

Art Therapist Job Description

The job description of an art therapist, in a nutshell, is to guide patients to use as a tool for healing mental health issues. The breakdown of the job description of an art therapist is

  • Schedule session with patients or clients
  • Listen to patient attentively.
  • Workout best therapeutic treatment in form of art for each client.
  • Organized group or individual sessions.
  • Refer clients to other health professionals for additional diagnosis and treatment.
  • Encourage interaction with other clients during group therapy sessions
  • Maintaining of therapy workshop.
  • Work with another health professional to achieve an all-around treatment.

Career Opportunities for An Art Therapist

There are two major career paths a prospective art therapist can build a successful career.

a. Art Therapist: Over 67% of graduates with a degree in art therapy opt to be certified and practice as a professional art therapist.

b. Counselor: An art therapist can also practice as a counselor too.

Art Therapist Salary: How Much Do Art Therapists Make

The average salary of an art therapist is $45,000. The top 10% in the field earn over $80,000 while the least earners make $35,000. This salary scale varies based on areas of specialization, employer and location.

There is a projected increase in the availability of jobs for art therapists. This figure is expected to increase by 9% by 2026.

How Much Do Art Therapists Make Per Hour

Just like the amount art therapists make per day varies, the hourly earning also differs. The amount an art therapist makes an hour starts at $17 and can go as high as $38.