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How To Be A Good Girlfriend

One way to make your relationship blossom is to be a good girlfriend to your boyfriend. Being a good girlfriend to your boyfriend may sound like one of that general relationship advice you get to hear every day. One truth most females don’t know is that it takes some effort to become a good girlfriend. You may think being one should come naturally to you. But most times it’s not easy. The first step is to know what it takes to be a good friend. Remember that what works in another person’s relationship may not work in yours. But this post outlines some general things you can do from today to be a good girlfriend to your boyfriend.

How to Be a Good Girlfriend:

1.Be His Friend:
Your role is to be his girlfriend and for you to be a good girlfriend you have to be a good friend first. That is why I advise most people to first get to be friends with anyone they want to date. They can turn it into a romantic affair with time. How do you be a friend to your boyfriend? The answer to this question is to treat me as you will treat your best friend. You give him a listening ear when he wants to talk. You are there for him when he needs you most. You care about his feelings and will avoid things that will hurt him or break his heart. All these will help build a stronger bond between both of you.

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2. Appreciate His Efforts:
Nobody likes to be taken for granted or unappreciated. You need to appreciate your boyfriends for those little thoughtful things he does to make you happy. Even if they are indirect actions. Also, you don’t have to wait for him to go all the way or do something big before you appreciate him. When he comes home with a small non-expensive gift, thank him. When he takes you out for dinner in a mid-scale restaurant in town, thank him. When he calls you when you are having a bad day to cheer you up, thank him at the end of the day. One thing about being thankful is that anything you are thankful forgets to appreciate. The more you thank your boyfriend for the little things, the more he will want to go all the way to make you happy.

3: Compliment His At Any Given Chance:
Most girls have this wrong perception that boys or guys don’t like compliments. That is very far from the truth. Your boyfriend appreciates a compliment as much as you do. Learn to compliment him regularly. When he gets a new haircut or looks formal for your date, compliment his looks. Always remind him how handsome he looks because he wants to hear you say it too.

4. Work on Your Securities:
Personal insecurities are the main course of issues like jealousy and trust issues. No guy wants to be in a relationship with a girl that has serious trust issues or that is jealous. Work on these negative emotions. If there are things your boyfriend does that brings up these emotions, both of you can sit down to talk about it and the best way to deal with it.

5. Give Him Space:
Another way to be a good girlfriend is to learn to give your boyfriend space. You will end up chocking your boyfriend if you fail to give him the space he needs and that will end up driving him away. How do you work on giving him space? One way to work on this is to have a life outside the life you share with your boyfriend. Go out there and make new friends. Go on girl’s night out with your girlfriends. Pick up a new skill or hobby. These things will occupy your time and give your boyfriend the space he needs.

6. Be Romantic:
Romance is very important in a relationship. It is the duty of both parties to keep the flame alive in the romance department. To become a good girlfriend, you have to work on creative romantic ways to spice up your relationship. The good thing is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to do romantic things for your boyfriend. You can plan a dinner for two at home. You can give him a lap dance. Also, you can send him romantic text messages.

7: Make Him Feel Special:
You have to make him feel like the number one person in your life. This is quite different from going all the way to feed his ego. Tell him how special he is to you always.

8. Don’t Lose Yourself:
Finally, don’t lose yourself in the process of being a good girlfriend to your boyfriend. You have to be whole as a person first before you can build a successful relationship.