How To Breakup With Your Boyfriend

How to Break Up with your Boyfriend Over Text Without Hurting Him.

Are you a good girlfriend? Are you frustrated already with your relationship and looking for how to break up with your boyfriend over text regardless of whether you hurt him or not?

Let me help you facilitate the process. Sometimes, all you need is a break up for a whole lot to settle quickly in your life.

The start of a new relationship is always exciting, new hopes for the future, lots of exciting moments together, everything nice and smooth. You and your partner are inseparable, you share thoughts, fears, secrets, and plans. Along the line, somehow things change.

how to break up with your boyfriend over text
Break up symbol

You both hardly agree on basic things, constant fights, the emotional connection is lost and you feel like you no longer know this person. How then do you tell your partner you are ready to move on? How do you tell them titanic has hit an iceberg and has sunk? That you no longer wish to be his Rose? Well, it is not easy breaking up with someone, to be honest.

So, the fact is, there is no perfect guide on How To Break Up With Your Boyfriend over text. Telling someone that all the plans you both made, and the shared dreams will no longer be reality can be a bitter pill for anyone to swallow. People react differently when faced with such situations. However, holding on to someone out of fear of being alone, hurting them or starting afresh is a totally bad idea that should not be entertained. If you are convinced it is in the best interest of both parties to part ways, then it has to be done.

What avenues can you exploit to do this peacefully without raising dust? Below are some useful tips to help you do this.

Steps To Break up With Your Boyfriend Over Text Easily

The steps here to allow you to break up with your boyfriend over text might be difficult to carry out, so be ready for whatever comes out of the break-up. As long as you end up happy, I will be glad to hear your feedback in the comment section.

sample text to break up with your boyfriend
Sample Break Up Text

Be Convinced You Really Want The Breakup

First, be convinced a break up with your boyfriend is what you really want. You don’t want to go mid-way then chicken out. It is better to not raise the breakup conversation at all than for you to start then be unable to follow through. Think through and be convinced it is really what you want.

Be sure you aren’t jumping the gun and possibly going to regret it later. Before you talk to him, make sure it is the final decision. Don’t let him try to talk you out of it if this is what you really want.

There are chances they will either lash out or beg for another chance. It is sometimes hard to part ways, even when it is the right thing for you both.

Envisage What Life Will Be Like Without Him And Plan For It

Before you decide to break up with your boyfriend over text message, think about how he would feel. Once you are done with that, think about life without him.

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When the reality of the break up hits you, you may find yourself soon knocking on his door again if you are not prepared for it.

First, break up with him in your head before the actual breakup. Start taking charge and doing things you used to let him do for you. Have a plan. If you both normally spend weekends together, make a plan to spend your weekends with friends and family instead of staying alone at your place reminiscing and wallowing in self-pity.

Don’t Hold any Interactive Conversation With Him Prior before Breaking up with Text

To break up with your boyfriend over text or by proxy is the best idea to be honest – if you don’t have the guts to look him in the face.

An interactive conversation is the best way to break up with someone who was at a time, an important piece of your life. But at this point, he isn’t worth the stress of an interactive conversation.

A phone can also work just fine but a text message would be the best catch. A live, active conversation will endanger your life and he might assault you immediately.

Make It A Private Affair

The start of a relationship is often discreet, so why make your breakup a public affair? It can be humiliating and pride shattering to break up with your boyfriend in public such as in an event or social gathering.

Likewise, going on social media to immediately announce your break up with your boyfriend unless you both agree to it can further worsen things. It is better to effect those changes subtly rather than announce to the whole world you just broke up with your boyfriend gleefully unless you fancy a messy breakup.

As much as it may be tempting to want to stay friends with him immediately after the breakup, doing so may complicate things and lead to confusing feelings.

So, discuss with him what shape the relationship between the two of you will take going forward. Do you both try to be friends later or completely cut off communication with each other? These are some of the necessary things to thrash out.

Be Honest With Them in the Text Message

Express your feelings about the relationship freely while you break up with your boyfriend over text, but not in a hurtful way. It is near impossible for a breakup to be painless but tries as much as possible not to be hurtful.

Point out the things you feel led to the present state of things, but don’t dwell too much on all the wrongs they have done you in the past at that moment. Also, it will be nice to mention some of the positive things about them too.

This will lift their spirit a little. You should, however, be clear in your expressions. Refrain from saying things like you still want to be together as this can send mixed signals, leading to confusion. Be clear with what you want and explain in detail but at the same time be sensitive to what they are going through when ending it.

Stay Calm And Composed

When breaking up with your boyfriend, you have to be calm and composed. Bottle up your emotions, don’t cry, yell or try to make it worse than it is. You have to be a strong woman as possible. When a man is drowning, he tries to hold on to anything, so it is possible they hurl insulting words at you just to get back at you.

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Steel your heart against this and do not react. Stay calm and weather the storm. Remember that they are hurting and lashing back at them will just worsen things. If truly you care about them, ending things badly like that isn’t what you want right? Who knows, you both might be friends again someday.

Be Respectful

Try your best to be respectful, say some nice things to them but don’t overdo it. Don’t come across as not being sincere. Tell him he is a great person with the capacity to be better and that the decision to break up stems from differences that make it impossible for you both to fit together.

Let him know that the breakup is no fault of his and that he is bound to find someone great who will complement him perfectly. Also, add that both of you just didn’t work out and you both made mistakes that led to the present situation.

Tell him that not everyone can be with each other forever and that you both must now take divergent paths towards finding lasting relationships. While doing this, try as much as possible not to rip his confidence apart. Above all, be honest, don’t lie. If you feel telling them everything will hurt more, then it’s better to just keep quiet.

Wish Him Well And Show Empathy

Ending things on a good note should be your target. Wishing him well is a good way to close things up. Tell him you want him to be happy and it is unlikely he will ever find true happiness with you.

Show empathy and be gentle with him. However, do not let him coerce you into something you don’t want. When he’s done expressing himself, tell him it’s over and part ways.

Leave And Don’t Look Back

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Let him go

Immediately after a breakup, you may be tempted to patch things up with him and try to be friends but this should be avoided. Dissociate yourself completely from him. Take the time out to wean yourself of every form of dependence on him.

Do not seek him out for anything at least until you are sure you are completely over him. When things are settled, you both may start being friends again, but it’s not going to be possible to be friends with him right away.  Staying out of each other’s way and not communicating at all will allow for both parties to move on.


A relationship break up is never a pleasant thing, but after trying every other solution to keep your relationship from falling apart, a break up may be the best thing to keep your sanity.

For ladies looking to break up with their boyfriends especially with text messages and hitherto had no idea how to go about it, reading this piece must have given you some idea on how best to approach the issue. Now you know How To Break up With Your Boyfriend over text without hurting each other.