How To Deal With A Cheating Girlfriend Seriously


It is a fact that so many relationships today are plagued by infidelity. As a guy, finding out that your girlfriend is cheating can be a difficult pill to swallow. So how does one deal with a cheating girlfriend? Without a doubt, a guy may become confused about how to handle his cheating girlfriend. Well, here are a few tips on how to deal with a cheating girlfriend.

How To Know Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

You need to be sure that your girl is cheating on your before you proceed any further. Taking other actions without confirmation can lead to an inevitable breakup. These are some ways to know your girlfriend is cheating on you.

If She Becomes Secretive

If your girl becomes secretive all of a sudden, it could be a sign that she is seeing someone else. She wouldn’t want you to find out her cheating ways. So she will likely try to cover her tracks and that will make her become secretive to you.  Some girls are so good at covering their tracks that you will hardly notice this.

If She Locks Her Gadgets

When your girl suddenly starts locking her mobile and phone, it is a telltale sign that something is fishy. This is especially true if she wasn’t that way from the onset and you did nothing to trigger that.

If She Goes Out at Odd Times Regularly

When she starts going out at odd hours with no reasonable explanation, it could be a sign. Also, if you or someone else begins to seeing her at odd places she doesn’t frequent before now, it could also be a sign. When this happens, try to confront her and see what she has to say about it.

When She Receive Gifts Regularly With No Cause

how to deal with a cheating girlfriend
Sneaky gifts

One way most guys show love is by buying gifts for the girl they like. If your gift starts coming home with gifts regularly, it could be a sign that someone out there is trying to get her attention. It would only be a matter of time for her to respond, that is if she hasn’t already

When She Starts To Make Sneaky Calls

When she starts sneaking out to go receive or make calls or when she stops picking certain calls when you are around. It could be a sign that she has something serious going on.

What Should I Do If My Girlfriend Cheated On Me

After you confirm with these signs that your girlfriend cheated on you, you have two options. The first option is to forgive, let go and build the relationship. The second option is to break up and move on with life. That is if you can’t bear the thought of your girlfriend cheating on you. Details of how to go about each are explained in details on the below.


Confirm She Is Cheating

It is always risky to allege your girlfriend is cheating without proof. While you don’t have to catch her in the act before you act, you just have to be sure beyond a reasonable doubt that she is cheating before you take action. Once you have enough reason to believe she is indeed cheating on you, then it’s time to act.

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Evaluate The Situation

The next thing to do immediately you confirm that your girlfriend is cheating is to evaluate the situation. This may involve you confronting your cheating girlfriend with proof of her infidelity. Relax, take a deep breath and reflect on the relationship. Seek emotional support if you feel you need it. Talk to friends and family members you are close to about what you are going through and make it clear that you do not need their advice as you are trying to figure out things on your own but merely need emotional support from them.

Resist the urge to be vindictive by talking to your girlfriend’s mum, best friend or even her co-worker about the issues affecting your relationship. Instead, focus on answering a few important questions on your own that can help you determine the next step to take. Some of these questions are: Is the relationship worth saving? What’s the current status of your relationship? Has she cheated in the past before? Why did she do it?.

The answers to these questions will help guide you on what steps to take next. If you decide the relationship is not worth saving, walk away and don’t look back. If she has cheated in the past, and she is still cheating, then there’s no need pointing out that she will most likely cheat in the future even if you go ahead to forgive her this time.

If you are able to find out why she did it and you are partly to blame, then you may decide to forgive her and adjust accordingly. You should, however, be aware that you can’t exactly make someone cheat unless you cheated on them first and they are trying to get even. No matter how hard she tries to pin the blame on you, you should know that she is totally responsible for her actions.

The point here is, there is no one way fits all approach to handling a cheating girlfriend. Just as every relationship is unique, the factors that make a girlfriend cheat varies so you have to try as much as possible to assess the situation before deciding what steps to take next.

Take A Stand

If after evaluating the situation, you realize it’s best you walk away from the relationship, do so and don’t look back. Let your decision be firm. Taking her back would be a bad move on your part when you are convinced within yourself that you should be moving on. Create as much distance as possible between the two of you. If you both live together, move out if you have to or have her move out if you own the apartment.

On the other hand, if you believe it’s best to forgive her after evaluating the situation, then do so. Of course, it may be difficult to trust such a girlfriend again but it can be done. However, you have to make your stand known to her. Let her know she’s losing credibility and any further act of infidelity on her part will be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back. Also, discuss how your relationship will proceed going forward.

Build a new relationship

Post-cheating, it takes a lot of work for a relationship to recover. Both you and your girlfriend have to put in a lot of hard work to make the relationship work again. Without a doubt, infidelity will underlie every argument for some time, but you have to overcome this by getting rid of any bitterness you may harbor. If you find yourself putting too much thought into the fact that your girlfriend cheated on you, it is toxic for the relationship and at the same time not good for your mental health.

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Seek the help of a therapist or a counselor so you can get out of this trap. Try as much as possible to stay positive. Even though the early trust is broken, the fact that your relationship survived a major test shows it is strong relationship and this affords you and her the opportunity to start all over again and build a new, healthier relationship together.

Get tested

This is applicable if your relationship with her is sexual whether you’ve broken up with her or chosen to forgive her. Get tested for STDs so you can ascertain the state of your health after breaking up with your cheating girlfriend. If you are sticking with her, ensure you both get tested for sexually transmitted diseases before resuming any sexual activity. This will put to bed any fear about the health status of the two of you.

How To Hurt A Cheating Girlfriend

Personally, I think it is best to let her go instead of trying to hurt her. If you still insist on getting back at her for hurting you, you can do any of the following

Break Up When She Least Expects

One way to hurt your cheating girlfriend is to break up with her. Not just breaking up with her, but breaking up with her when she least expects it. How do you go about it? First, when you find out that she cheated on you and you confront her, she is most likely to apologize. Accept the apologies and pretend that all is well. Carry on with the relationship and break up with her when she least expects it.

Collect Back Things You Got For Her

After you break up with her, ask her to return everything you bought for her while in the relationship. It may sound petty but it is worth it if you are trying to hurt her. She must have gotten used to those items and collecting them back will hurt her especially if the items are expensive.

Tell Everyone About It

how to deal with a cheating girlfriend
Tell everyone

The final step is to tell everyone she cares about she did and why you had to break up with her.

How To Dump A Cheating Girlfriend

There is no outlined step on how to dump a cheating girlfriend. How you have to do is to make up your mind to leave her. After that, cut ties and move on with your life. It is as simple as that.

Girlfriend Cheated on Me and Wants Me Back

If you are ready to let go and continue with the relationship, then accept her back and love her again. If not, let her know in clear terms that you can’t continue with the relationship and move on with your life.


Infidelity is a serious offense that can derail any relationship. It takes a lot of hard work for a relationship to recover from infidelity while some relationships don’t survive this challenge. Whatever the case, dealing with a cheating girlfriend requires you to be tactful while also keeping your emotions in check in order for you to come out on tops. Some advice on how to deal with a cheating girlfriend has been offered in this article to help you make informed decisions when dealing with this type of challenge in your relationship.