How To Express Love To Husband In Words

One way to express love to your husband is by words. In order to keep the relationship fire burning, you need to always reaffirm your love to your husband with your words. Unlike what most people think, men (including your husband) crave for those loving words from their spouse. You can start today to include verbal expression to spice up your relation. If you are like many wives out there that wish to know how to express love to husband in words, this post will give you a heads-up on how to do so.

How To Express Love To Husband In Words

1. Say It First Thing In The Morning: One of the best ways to express love to your husband in words is to let him know that ‘you are still madly in love with him’ first thing in the morning. After or before the morning greetings, you can chip in words like ‘ Hey darling, you know you are still the best thing to happen to me right?’. Another example is, ‘ loving you has been the best decision I’ve made in a while’. Words like this will sure take your husband to the ninth cloud and make his day. It is best you do this before any of you get out of bed.

2. Send Him An Early Morning SMS: After the ‘bed talk’ mentioned above, you can also craft a quick text message and send to your husband while he is in the shower or getting ready for work. This is a sure way to bring a smile to his face. ‘See this post to get samples of early morning romantic SMS you can send her husband’.

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3. Send Him Couple Of Text Messages At Work: Although the work place is meant for serious activities, you can make the best out of the work time. A friend of mine told me that she formed a habit not long ago of sending her husband those cute short messages when he is at work. She makes out time during her lunch break to send romantic messages and emojis to her husband. She agrees that her husband looks forward to her messages and send his once in a while. This has helped them bond better over the years. You can start this today. It may seem a little especially if you are doing it for the first time.

4. Slip In Love Notes: Another tip on how to express love to husband in words is to slip in hand written love messages into his pockets. It could be his shirt pocket, suit pocket or even his trouser pockets. Ensure that he is going to wear the cloth for the day. This way, he will discover your little note any time he slips his hands into any of his pockets. You can make it more romantic by wrapping the note around his favorite chocolate or gum. Yes, men love them chocolates too.

So far, we have looked out some of the awesome ways on how to express love to husband in words. You can pick any of the tips today and spice up your marriage.