How To Get A Rich Man Using The Princess Formula


It is no secret that a lot of ladies secretly nurse the idea of marrying a rich man. This is absolutely fine. It is however sad that the majority of such ladies do not know how to get a rich man to marry them. In this piece, some tips on how to get a rich man using the princess formula are shared to help such ladies. Although there is a book out in the market with a similar title, tips covered in this post are more modern and different from those in the book.

So, even if you have read that book, be certain you will still learn something new from reading this piece. Tips contained in this article are proven and tested and are almost guaranteed to fetch you a result if you apply them wisely. The idea behind marrying a rich man the princess formula is for a lady to decipher the mind of her prince and become that which he finds adorable. Let’s proceed.

Be Independent

This basically means don’t be a gold-digger. Go to school, get a job, start your own business, just do something that ensures you can pay your own bills. You have to be financially stable and have your own life. This will earn you more respect from the rich man you are trying to land and make him really interested in you.

Rich men have a way of sniffing a gold-digger and would avoid you like a plague. If you can’t hold your own and don’t have much going on in your life, a rich man will assume you are a gold-digger and this may not be far from the truth. He will flee from you as fast as possible. Also, you have to be yourself at all times. There is no point faking it because once he catches on that you are not being genuine, he’s not likely to marry you.

Learn How To Identify Rich Men

You can’t get a rich man to marry you if you cannot identify one. First, you have to be able to identify a man that is loaded. This should be fairly easy right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. There are too many pretentious people out there pretending to be what they are not. This makes it a bit complicated to identify a man that is truly rich but still, there are ways by which you can differentiate the real deal from a wannabe.

A place that is not too good to look for rich men is social media platforms and dating sites. Before you get to meet a man that is truly rich on social media, you must have met a lot of pretenders. So if you are trying to land yourself a rich man online, you must very well know how to identify them.

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Operate In His Circle

Gone are the days when rich men were holed up in castles. Today’s rich men roam freely in society but in exclusive circles. As the popular saying goes, birds of a feather flock together, so do rich men move in circles. So it is up to you to work your way into their circle. This means you have to know where to find them. Good places to meet rich men offline include Shooting ranges, Golf clubs, Boating clubs etc. where membership is exclusive.

It is also possible to meet rich men online, and also by recommendation through friends. You may have to change your circle of friends and cultivate a new one if your current friends don’t move with rich men. The key is to break into the circle of rich men in order to land one for yourself. Once you are able to do this, you are on your way to landing yourself a rich man as your husband.

Look The Part

how to get a rich man using the princess formula
look the part

The whole rich man getting attracted and marrying a poor lady only works in movies. Why do you think most of these rich men prefer to go after models? To get a rich man the princess formula, you have to look the part. You have to spend money to look real good. First and foremost, you have to change your wardrobe. Spend money on expensive and designer clothes and accessories. Also, you have to ensure you look fit and allow your feminine side to show. It might entail you going under the knife to get the perfect physic. Consider it an investment which will pay off after you’ve landed the perfect rich man.

Get Close To Him

Once you have succeeded in identifying a rich man, the next thing to do is to get close to him. Getting close to him will allow you to learn how you can add value to his life.

Find Out What Is Missing In His Life

The basic assumption for most people is that rich men have lots of ladies on their mind. The truth is that while there may be a flock of girls around them, they are probably not interested in marrying any of them. When you are rich, it becomes more difficult for you to differentiate a woman who truly loves you from one that is just after your money. This may be the reason why he is still single. Through your interactions, investigate and find what’s missing in his life, and the kind of woman he wants by his side. Once you are able to extract this information from him, you are on your way to becoming his wife.

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Become Desirable

After identifying the gap in his life, it is up to you to fill the void by becoming that which he finds adorable. There is no generalization for this. It’s all about what the particular rich man you are trying to land desires.

Show Interest In His Business And Align Yourself To His Dreams

Another tip on how to get a rich man using the princess formula is to show interest in his business. Showing interest in his line of work is surely going to help you warm your way into his heart. A rich man is likely to be more inclined to marry a woman who cares about his business. So, it is important that you get to know what he does for a living and ask how things are going regularly. Once in a while, you can even help him out with his business by helping him beat competition, helping him save cost, helping him with self-improvement and so on.

how to get a rich man using the princess formula

This way, you are adding value to his life and this will stand you out from the numerous women also trying to have him. Also, rich men are often dreamers and visionaries and seek partners who would buy into their dreams. Get him to tell you his dreams and then align yourself to such dreams. This makes you become a trusted ally, someone he can rely on. In no time, you will become an important piece of his life, one that he cannot do without.


So far, some of the tips on how to get a rich man using the princess formula has been explained in details so far. Landing yourself a rich man the princess formula should be fairly easy if you follow the tips contained in the article. Rich men think and operate in a certain way which you have to understand in order to achieve your goal.