How To Get Money From A Stingy Man With Ease

How To Get Money From A Stingy Man

One thing about love is that, when you love someone, you naturally give to the person. You feel the urge to give to someone you love. Not to empress the person but because you love the person. In a situation where a person is stingy, it can affect the relationship. Have you been in a situation where you know you know your man has money to spend but he is being stingy? It can be frustrating especially if you are the only one giving.

This post outlines some of the tips on how to get money from a stingy man with ease. It doesn’t matter how stingy your man is, with these tips, you can get him to give to you easily.

Characteristics of A Stingy Man or Boyfriend

Are you still suspecting that your man is stingy? Do you need confirmation to know if your boyfriend is stingy? These are some signs or character traits to know that you are dating a stingy man


A typical example of where stingy men do their shopping

He Prefers to Shop In The Local store

If your boyfriend prefers to shop at the cheapest store in town or only shops when items are on sale, it could be a sign that he is a person. Not just that, if he only talks about buying the very basic things when you both go shopping, it could also be a sign. This is true especially if both of you are not saving up for a major financial goal.

He Prefers to Have A Date At Home

When he is always inviting you over to his house for a date instead of going out, it is a telltale sign that he is stingy. Usually, most men will prefer to take their women out on a date if not for anything, to show them off. When your man avoids this, it could be that he is just being stingy.

He Is Calculative of Every Cent He Spends

If your man never majored in economics in school, but he is mindful of every cent he spends, then he is stingy. The truth remains that, no person can ever be rich from saving them cents or pennies. Not that I have heard of anyway. I’m not all about spending extravagantly. But being so mindful of the loose change can only mean he is stingy.

He Avoids Hanging Out With His Friends

If he is always making up reasons why he won’t hang out with his friends on Friday evenings. It could be he is avoiding buying drinks for them.

He Has Very Few Friends

Nobody wants to have miser as a friend. So, if your man has just a few friends when he is not an introvert, it could be because he is stingy. One reason why people avoid stingy people is that most times, they are perpetual debtors. They always borrow without the intentions to pay back. Nobody wants that kind of person around.

Prefers You Spend Your Money

If your man doesn’t mind you spending your money always, it is a telltale sign that he is stingy. Also, when he is all about you spending your money with a promise to pay back which he never keeps to. That is a sure sign that he is stingy to his bones.

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Always On The Look Out For Free Things

Finally, if he always on the lookout for free things in an annoying way, you don’t need to be told he is stingy.

how to get money from a stingy man with tricks
Tricks to pull out the money he is hiding

So How Can You Get Money From A Stingy Man?

Let me show you some tricks that work just like magic. It will amaze you as to how a former sting man/boyfriend can become such a cheerful giver. As long as he has the money for real, these trick can work in all instances – except … doesn’t matter anyway!

Let’s head over to the tricks;


Show Him That You Can be Loyal

One of the reasons why most men avoid spending is because of the bad experiences they’ve had in the past. Most times, men spend on girlfriends they love, only for the girls to leave them. The result is that such a man will be careful about how he spends on his next girlfriend. If this is the case with your man, you need to show and proof to him that you can be faithful to him.

You have to make him know that you are there to stay. Some of the ways to show your man that you are loyal to him is to always be honest with him. Also, never cheat on him. It is best to quit the relationship if you don’t love him any more than to cheat on him. Show him that you are loyal and watch him treat you like his queen. This may not work for someone that is perpetually stingy or a miser. Because a miser doesn’t care if you are loyal or not. He just won’t part ways with his money.

Buy Him Gifts As A Way Of Showing Example

The best way to correct someone is to lead by example. It could be that your man has always been in relationships where there was no need for him to spend. If you want to teach him to do so, you should start doing so yourself. When you are going to visit him, buy him some gifts. When you go to the store, pick up some things for him. When both of you are traveling and you see something you think he likes, stop and buy it for him. You don’t have to go overboard with your spending to achieve this.

Drop Hint To Let Him Know You Have Needs

You don’t just buy things for him and assume that he will reciprocate. Some men don’t just understand assumptions. You have to drop hints to let him know that you expect him to reciprocate your actions. For instance, if you buy him gifts anytime you visit him, when he comes visiting, ask him what he bought for you. Also, if you see items you feel you like while buying his own, drop a hint that you like that but can’t afford it at the moment.

Talk About Money An Investments With Him

Another tip on how to get money from a stingy man is to show interest in how he makes his money. Let him know that you care about how the money comes and not just how to spend the money. Thus, always talk about money and investment opportunities with him. If you don’t have much knowledge on how money and investments work, you can spend time on sites like Investopedia and entrepreneur. This way, he will be impressed and readily spend on you because to him you are no gold digger.

Encourage Him To Pick Up Some Bills

Always encourage him to pick some bills. For starters, you can split the bill between the both of you. As time goes on, you allow him to pick the more expensive bills while you handle the less expensive ones.

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Give Him When There Is Need For

There may be times when you man may be short of money and have a need to pick some bills. Always give him when there is need. Before you go this route, ensure he is someone that pays pack the little monies he collects. A real man knows it is only fair to pay back any money collected from his woman. If he has failed to keep that track record, it shows he is a miser and it is best not to help out.

Make Your Money

If your man knows that you are independent and have your shit going for you, he will try to give to impress you. Get a new job if there is a need for. You can also start a new business or pick up some side gigs to supplement your current income. Most men on a low, love independent ladies and would go a long way to spend on them to get their attention.

Appreciate him All The Way

Finally, for every little improvement he makes, appreciate him. One thing about appreciation and gratitude is that when you are grateful for the little thing someone did for you, that person will be motivated to do more. Always text him a thank you text whenever he sent a flower or gift to your office. Let him know you appreciate his efforts and he will do more to impress you.

Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Give You Money? Here’s What to Do

If your boyfriend doesn’t give you money, it could be because of one of the following reasons. First, it could be that he is broke or doesn’t have money to spend. Secondly, it could be that he has had bad experiences of spending on gold diggers in the past. Finally, it could be that he is a miser.

If the first two are the case, then the tips discussed above can help you to get him to spend on you. If the last option is the case, then you can endure or leave the relationship if you can’t cope. It is very difficult to change someone who is naturally a miser. To me, it is not worth the effort in the first place.

Top 10 Stingy Boyfriend Quotes to Cheer you Up

These are some of the stingy boyfriend quotes you need to know.

This life is too short for me to spend the time of my life dating a stingy boy.

For every one stingy man, there are a thousand cheerful givers who are ready to spend on me, why spend time with a stingy man.

I have other things on my mind than counting cents with a stingy man. I can’t deal.

If you are stingy, be stingy to yourself. Don’t get me involved in an issue that I have no business with.

I have my own money doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate my man spending on me because I will do the same for him.

If you always bring up the ‘spend I will give you later ish’, I got no business with you.

Being in a relationship is enough stress on its own, I can’t date a stingy man to add to the stress.

I can deal with every aspect of you, but not the stingy you. I just can’t deal.


So far, various tips on how to get money from a stingy man have been outlined in details. These tips have worked for some people that applied and hopefully will work for you too.

Always know that it is going to take a little bit of time for you to get him to open up to spend on you. This is especially true if he has had some bad experiences in the past. Show him you are loyal and watch him treat you like his queen.

One last thing before you go: if he doesn’t change and give you money after doing all these, DUMP HIM. Wanna learn more about dating and relationships? Read more of our articles.