How To Get Over a Crush

Having a crush on someone is a natural thing. Once in a while, you will find yourself in a situation where you have a crush on someone. It could be a friend, a colleague at work or even an acquaintance. The painful aspect of having a crush on someone is that the person may not feel the same way for you. In such an instance, you have to find a way to deal with the feeling and move on with life. How then do you deal with a crush and move on with your life? This post outlines details and advice on how to get over a crush and move on with life.

How To Get Over A Crush

Examine Your Feelings:

The first step to dealing with a crush situation is to examine your feelings. Why do you think you like that person? Do you really think you want to build a long term relationship with the person in question or is it a short term fantasy? Are the feelings just physical or is it more than that? These are questions you have to answer to evaluate your feelings.

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Drop Clues For Your Crush:

After you’ve examined your feelings and you come to the conclusion that you want to act in your feelings, the next step is to drop clues for your crush. How do you about dropping clues? You can ask the person out of a friends night out. You can also flirt with the person. Compliment your crush on his or her appearance constantly. Show interest on things that your crush has interest on. Ask indirect questions on what your crush is looking out for in a relationship. If your crush feels the same way you do, he or she can pick up clues and reciprocate.

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Talk to Your Crush:

If you’re leaving clues and your crush doesn’t seem to pick up on the clues, the next step is to have a direct conversation. A lot of people don’t do this. They end up hiding their feelings for a crush. The truth is that you may never know how your crush feels about you unless you talk to the person. Your crush may have picked up your clues but still waiting for you to come clean with your feelings. This conversation may go either way. Your crush may admit that he or she feels the same way for you or the feeling is not reciprocated. Whichever way, you need to prepare your mind for the worst before having this conversation. Send your crush a text message and fix a date. Be direct on your feelings and allow your crush to process the feeling and give you a find back. As I said before, always prepare yourself for the worst before you go have this conversation.

Admit That It Will Never Work:

In the off chance that your crush admits not to feel the same way for you, you need to admit to yourself that this whole thing you have going on will never work. This will help you face reality and move on faster.

Stay Away From Your Crush:

The first step to moving on from your crush is to stay away from the person. As difficult as this may sound, that is the reality of things. Delete his or her number from your phone. Delete any emails from your crush and unfollow the person from all social media platforms. The idea is to do away with anything that will remind you of your crush to help you move on faster. If you always go to a place like a coffee shop to meet your crush, stop going to the location until you can place a hold on your feeling. This step is the stage that differentiates you from an obsessed person.

Go And Meet New Friends:

Plan on friends nights or games night with your friends. Go out and meet new friends. Meet up with your friends to catch up on old gossips and happenings. This will take your attention to offer your crush until you can get over the feeling.

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Get A New Hobby:

You can’t possibly to spend all your waking moments with your friends. They can only stay with you a couple of hours in a day, so you have to find other ways to keep yourself occupied to take your mind off your crush. One way to do that is to pick a new hobby. It could be signing up for cooking or dance classes. It could be learning a new language. One of another advantage of signing up for a new skill is that it will afford you the opportunity to meet new people. Go out there and get busy.

Don’t Stop Loving:

That your crush doesn’t return your feelings doesn’t mean that you won’t find someone else to love. Go out there and meet new people and you find someone else who feels the same way you do, don’t hesitate to explore your feelings for that person.

How To Get Over A Crush At Work

One rule of the thumb I always have and which I will advice you to keep too is to take your relationship off your workplace. Don’t try starting out someone romantic with a colleague at work. In the off chance that alone the line, you developed a crush with a coworker at your workplace, this is how to deal with it:

Distance Yourself From The Person:

Find a way to avoid the person at all cost. If you share a ride with the person to work, stop it. If you always go out with the person to grab lunch, please stop it. It may seem awkward at first, but it is for your good.

Don’t Tell The Person:

Telling someone at work that you have feelings for the person can make for awkward situations. The best way to avoid that is to avoid telling the person.

Mingle With Coworkers:

Find ways to spend time with other coworkers. This is taking your attention off your crush until you’re able to put a hold on your feelings.