How To Get Someone To Break Up With You In Days

How To Get Someone To Break Up With You

There are so many reasons why people prefer to opt out of a relationship. While some take direct steps to end the relationship, others prefer to make their partner do the dirty work of breaking up the relationship through their actions. Although it is better to open up to the person you no longer desire to be in a relationship with directly, behaving badly enough for them to break up with you also works although at a price.

This is because it could be stressful on both parties physically, mentally, and emotionally if one party is behaving badly just to get the other to break up the relationship. However, here are some tips on how to get someone to break up with you.

how to get someone to break up with you

Avoid Them

It can be quite frustrating to be ignored by someone you are in a relationship with. If you want to get your partner to break up with you, this is a good way to get under his/her skin in order to achieve your aim. When your partner calls, don’t pick up. If you do eventually pick up at maybe the 20th attempt, tell him or her that you are busy and would get back to them later. Of course, you wouldn’t. If they send you text messages, don’t reply unless it’s absolutely necessary and even at that keep your reply short.

If they try to chat you up on social media, either ignore them completely or bore them quickly with your replies. If the person you are trying to get to break up with you asks that they spend time with you, decline. By taking actions like these, your partner will most likely decide that you are trying to pass a message across. He or she would know that something is amiss in the relationship and will attempt to make things work out again. No matter how hard he or she tries to make you drop your guard, don’t so that you can achieve your aim. At this stage, you are getting closer to achieving your goal.

Keep frustrating his/her attempts to connect to you in any way and in no time they are bound to get frustrated and lose their patience. If you are dealing with someone with a short fuse, expect the process to be quicker. If you are dealing with someone who is measured and calm, such a person may even end up frustrating you instead by not breaking up with you as quickly as you want. So you need to understand the personality of the person you are trying to get to break up with you but then, this trick works on most people no matter how long it takes.

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Physically distancing yourself from your partner like this will most likely cause more drama and anger from your partner. Don’t be surprised to get angry messages, voicemails and surprise visits that could get really ugly. Eventually, he/she will take the bait and break up with you

Pick Fights

Anytime you are together, pick unnecessary fights with them. Twist anything your partner says and use such against them in order to raise a storm. Get into arguments with them and don’t hold back. Use just about anything they do to pick a fight with them. If they call early in the morning, tell them they are disturbing you and that they should go to work or something. If they call late at night, ask why they are just calling.

If your partner turns up late for something, you can say things like “You are always late. I have been waiting forever for you. Your partner is most likely going to get frustrated eventually and break up with you. Also, you can constantly say negative things about everything your partner does just to get them to pick a fight with you. If you keep this up, you will eventually succeed in getting them to break up with you.

Play The Blame Game

Nobody likes being blamed for just about everything that goes wrong in a relationship especially when they are clearly not to blame. By blaming your partner for all the problems in the relationship, you can deflect blame from your actions to the actions of your partner. Doing this constantly can hurt them enough that they will consider ending the relationship.

If you keep this up long enough, he/she will have no choice but to call it quits with the relationship in order to preserve their sanity. However, you should note that this method can drive a wedge permanently between you and your partner, and will likely cast you in a bad light in their eyes.

Try To Control Them

Another way of frustrating your partner and get them to break up with you is to become selfish and try to control them always. Make everything about you. If they try to talk to you about something very important to them, pay no attention. Make yourself the subject of every conversation. Also, try to dictate everything they do. You can even go as far as telling them what to wear and what not to wear every day! In no time they will start to think you are crazy and also do not care about them. The result will be the break up that you crave.

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how to get someone to break up with you


This is an extreme measure but one that is almost guaranteed to work since your aim is to get your partner to break up with you. No one can keep up with a cheating partner forever. No matter how many times your partner forgives you for cheating, they are bound to give up and end the relationship if they realize you have no plans to put an end to your nefarious ways.

By constantly flirting and/or cheating with others, you will likely hurt your partner so much that they will put an end to the relationship. You should be aware though that flirting and/or cheating could further complicate the situation and could also be stressful as you are now involved with multiple “partners”.

Reasons To Break Up With Someone

There are several reasons to break up with someone. Some of the various obvious reasons are

Constant Fight

One of the reasons why people break up is because of constant fight. It is naturally for couples to fight in a relationship but when the fight turns to an everyday phenomenon, then it becomes a cause for concern.

Growing Apart

It takes efforts from both parties to make a relationship work. When this is not done, it is only a matter of time for the partners to grow apart in the relationship. Most times, the issue of growing apart can be remedied if you are ready to work things out with your partner. But if left to linger for a long time, it could lead to a break up with time.


One major cause of break ups and divorce is infidelity. When a partner cheats on the other, the partner cheated on can forgive and work things out. But in most cases, breakup becomes inevitable.


An abuse can be physical or emotional. Most people tend to ignore emotional abuse forgiving that it is as bad as physical abuse. Any form of abuse can be a valid reason to break up a relationship

Personality Issues

When the partners have incompatible personalities, it can lead to a break up.


Putting up bad behavior in an attempt to bait your partner to break up with you though not ideal often works according to plan. The key is consistency and the ability to follow through with the plan.