How To Keep An Aries Man Chasing You


Aries men are known to be romantic and also for their bedroom prowess and this makes them a prime catch for many ladies. They are confident, passionate, determined and honest. All these traits help them to achieve success in whatever they set their heart to. If a hot Aries man has caught your eye and you want him to chase after you, then you should be aware of how to go about this.

Aries men love to give chase and don’t like rushing into things. However, if you run too fast, he may take that as a sign you do not fancy him and he will look elsewhere. So you need to learn how to play this game expertly without pushing him away. Aries men love women that are confident and not afraid to flirt back with them. So you must be confident and believe in yourself so that you can catch the attention of an Aries man. Read on for more tips on how to keep an Aries man chasing you.

keep an aries man chasing you

Be Challenging For Him

Aries men are alpha males and love to chase, so you must make him sweat a little before he gets you. If you run too fast, he gives up and if you are too easy a catch, he loses interest. So while proving to be a challenge for him, you must constantly show him signs that you are also interested in him. Make him work for it and if he’s really into you, trust me he would.

Retain an air of mystery around yourself while revealing small details about yourself to him at a time. These little details should be interesting enough to make him probe further. The more you let him in slowly, the more he’s drawn to you. Open up too quickly and he finds you boring. Make him see you like a puzzle that he needs to solve, one piece at a time.

Be Confident, Ambitious and Passionate

These are some stand out qualities that Aries men look out for in women. As alpha males, women with these qualities attract them. This is because such women are harder to get which is exactly what Aries men want. An easy prey is a huge turn off for a top predator like Aries men. The longer the chase, the deeper and more fulfilling the feeling of excitement when he finally gets his wish. Too quick and it’s no use. Being confident in your skin and ability, passionate and ambitious will keep an Aries man hot on your heels.

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Be Impulsive

A good way to keep an Aries man chasing after you is to be impulsive. This means being spontaneous and unpredictable. An Aries man loves drama and surprises. He’s a warrior and its simply what he lives for; drama, surprises, trouble, just something to fight for. A down-to-earth, easy-going woman with a clear cut plan and organized day to day lifestyle will bore an Aries man quick. You have to be able to keep him guessing what next for him to sustain his interest in you.

Be Busy

If an Aries man has noticed you and is trying to woo you, you mustn’t make yourself too available. Aries men love challenges which explains why they love to give chase. If he calls don’t always rush to pick up, deliberately miss his calls now and then but don’t overdo it. Also, don’t be in a hurry to reply to his texts or chats, let him wait for a little before you respond. You may feel silly doing this but trust me, playing the waiting game gives you a better chance at keeping him on your chase than giving him too much attention. Remember that if it’s too easy, an Aries man would lose interest. Aries men love to be excited and have something to look forward to. If you are too available, then he would lose interest and give up the chase.

Don’t Be Clingy

If you are not the clingy type of woman, you are bound to have an Aries man on lock if you play smart. It’s plain simple, they love challenges. If you take charge and make him do what he has to do to gain your attention trust me he will keep chasing after you. However, the second you become too clingy and over-dependent on him, he will bail on you fast. This doesn’t mean he can’t come to your rescue once in a while when you are in distress but the second he gets the feeling that you are using him, he will leave.

Aries men don’t take well to limitations; they love roaming free. Any attempt to shackle them will end in frustration so you have to be very smart when dealing with an Aries man. Some women play hard to get at the initial stage and then become clingy once the relationship is on. This is a fast way to burn an Aries man out. He will break off the relationship quickly once he observes this and leave you confused. Remember that Aries men love challenges so you have to keep him on his toes at all times. Do whatever you have to do to make him miss you, that way he will continue to find you interesting which is good for both of you.

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keep an aries man chasing you

A Memorable First Kiss

Make your first kiss memorable but don’t let it go beyond that. Aries men are smooth and will easily get into bed with a woman. If you want him to keep chasing, then you have to be a little reserved. Stand firm in your resolve not to give up more than a kiss just yet but ensure that your first kiss is one to live long in the memory. Standing your ground will be more appealing to an Aries man than crumbling easily like a pack of cards. Remember again that for an Aries man if it is too easy, it is no good. Making him wait will baffle him and will keep him trying. The kiss will leave him wondering what if would feel like when he finally gets to have sex with you.

Be Assertive

Being assertive means being able to hold your own. When you take a stand, stand by it. An Aries man does not fancy a woman who looks up to him for all decisions. While he is not comfortable with women who take the lead, he’s also not fascinated by women who look up to him for all decisions. So you have to be able to find a middle ground to sustain his interest in you. Know when to concede to him and know when to stand firm. This trait will leave him in your pursuit.


A lot of women desire going into a relationship with an Aries man but are unable to sustain the interest these men have in them. Some of the reasons for these failures have been highlighted by providing tips on how to keep an Aries man chasing after you in this post. Demand for commitment, constant criticism, and dominance are some major turn off for an Aries man in a woman. An Aries man loves to roam free and give chase. By making yourself mysterious and not being overly clingy to him, he will continue chasing after you for as long as you want.