How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

Maintaining a long distance relationship is not an easy thing to do. It requires a lot of effort from both parties to make it work. Some people will tell you that long distance relationships are bound to fail anyway. That is a lie. I have been in a long distance relationship before now and I can tell you from experience that it works. As long as both parties are willing to make it work. You can maintain a long distance relationship with your significant other and have fun. Let’s go through some tips that will help you achieve a happy long distance relationship

9 Tips On How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work:

1. Requires Efforts: As mentioned, it requires conscious effort from you and your significant other to make this kind of relationship work. One party cannot shoulder the responsibility of making a distance relationship work. It has to be a joint effort from you and your partner. Both of you have to consciously agree to make it work. Anything short of that will make the other points outlined here fruitless. The effort required to make this work is not a one-time effort, it requires a constant effort to keep the ball rolling pending when both of you meet.

2. Take Note Of Time Difference: If you or your partner has to travel to a location with a different time zone, then it requires an extra planning to keep things up. When my partner had to leave for Africa for a project, we had a 7 hours’ time difference between us. His sleeping time was my work time and we had quite some difficulty planning out a perfect communication time. We resorted to a 30 minutes week days communication and talked more during the weekends. You have to plan a schedule with your partner when the issue of time difference arises.

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3. Maximize Social Communication: Social Media has made long distance communication easier now than ever. You can communicate through chats, audio calls and videos calls with your partner. You and your partner can utilize platforms like Skype, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to maintain communication.

4. Do Things Together: All thanks to technology, you can now do fun things together with your partner who is miles away from you. You can play games like scrabble, and Battleship together. You can sync your Netflix account and watch movies together while miles apart. So, distance is no longer an excuse not to have fun with your partner who is miles away from you.

5. Gift Exchange Helps: One way to keep the sparks in a long distance relationship alive is to exchange gifts with your partner. I remember ordering and shipping a gold-plated necklace to my partner then. He confessed that he always held the necklace anytime he missed me. You can send little gifts periodically to your partner. Thankfully, most ecommerce platforms ship to any address you enter for a small shipping fee. You can send stuffs like stuffed a teddy, t-shirt, sweatshirt, necklace or bracelet for your partner.

6. Deal With Every Issue Immediately: Always make try to resolve any misunderstanding or issues with your partner immediately. Always apologize when you are on the wrong, and gently point out your partner’s wrongs with love. This will keep the fire aglow in your distance relationship.

7. Maintain A Ritual/ Routine: One way to keep things going is to try to form a routine sort of with your partner. For instance, you can make Fridays nights movie nights with your partner and Saturday will be game time. Try to add new activities regularly to keep the fire aglow. You may try spontaneous activities if it goes down well with your partner.

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8. Continue To Work On Trust: Trust kills any relationship fast, especially long distance relationships. You need trust more than even to make this type of relationship work. You and partner need to constantly work on building trust on each other. It may include giving him access to your vital accounts and having his or her and sharing vital everyday problems with your partner.

9. Find Ways To Cope: The truth remains that there will be times when you realize that despite doing everything outlined here, you still miss your partner. Those times, you have to devise ways to cope. Personally, I listen to music we both love, or I watch movies both of us love. I also get his item (his sweatshirt) close to my head when I sleep.