How To Make Friends in School

You need friends to make your stay in school easier. Just like every other thing out there, to make new friends in school, you need to put in some efforts. It’s easier to make friends as an extrovert than an introvert. Whichever personality group you belong to, with a little bit effort and stepping outside your comfort zone, you can make new friends and even become a popular kid by applying any of these tips outlined in this post.

How to Make Friends in Middle School

The process of making friends in middle school can be a little stressful especially if you are the new kid in the block. This shouldn’t deter you from going all the way to reach out to and make new friends. To make new friends in middle school, you can

a. Switch Sit in Bus:

Chances are that you ride in the school bus to get to school. You can make the most of this short trip to school to make as many friends as you want. One simple way to go about it is to switch sits. You may be tempted to always go for your favorite sit, but you won’t be going all the way to make new friends by doing so. Always try to sit on a different seat any time you’re on the school bus. When you are at it, be the first to start a conversation with your seatmate. You can start with ‘hey, I am XYZ, and you?’. You can also apply the compliments strategy. Everybody loves a compliment. You can go like this ‘You got nice hair or shoes’. Once your sit mate replies with a ‘Thank You’ you follow it up with a brief introduction. You can progress from there to talk about other topics like your favorite classes in school and your favorite teacher.

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b. Start a Convo in Class:

This is another way of applying the tip mentioned earlier but this time, you do so in class instead of the bus ride to school. In a classroom setting, you always have four persons sitting close to you. On the left, right, right and back. On your first day in school, start up a conversation with each of them. Introduce yourself briefly to them and ask open questions.

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c. After School Activities:

Another way to make friends in middle school is to take advantage of the after-school activities in your school. This includes joining a sports team, the cheerleader’s team, or a school club. This gives you an opportunity to interact and meet new students outside your class. You can also switch positions to join a new table during the launch break. It may seem weird at fast, but you will get used to your new friends with time.

How to Make Friends in High School

High school is like the final phase before college. Most of the lifelong friends you will have will be your college and high school mates. There are numerous instances where high school friendships turn to relationships and lead to marriage.  How do you go about making new friends in high school? You can apply any of the following tips:

a. Check out For Old Friends:

If you are new to a school, you can look out for old friends. Chances are that you’re not the only one that transferred from your former school. Friends from your former school can be your first set of friends while you work towards making new friends in school. How do you find friends from your former school? You can also your friends on social media; they will most likely know friend or two that transferred to your school.

b. Join a Teen Volunteer Group:

Another smart way to make new friends in high school is to join volunteer groups. There should be a good number of these volunteer groups available in your school. You need to make inquiries from the school admin to get information on them. The volunteer group will give you the opportunity to make new friends. It will also help to boost your resume in the future. 

c. Learn to Speak Up:

Most people naturally get attracted to people who aren’t afraid to speak their mind. You can attract new friends in high school by learning to speak up. That includes answering questions in class, asking questions when you need clarification and also being very active in school-related activities like the school clubs. You will attract not just friends, but like-minded friends when you do this. Note: Ensure you don’t go overboard with it to make other students look bad.

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d. Be a Good Friend to Others:

You can’t be looking out for new friends if you’re not capable of being a good friend to the few friends you have. Your friends can invite you to their circle of friends if you are a good friend to them. How do you become a good friend? Work to be trustworthy. Always check up on your friends and genuinely care for them. Bring up opportunities that will make you and your friend better.

How to Make Friends in College

Going to college is a whole new adventure that may require you to relocate to another location or State. You need to start putting in an effort to make friends right from when you get to campus. Unlike in middle school and high school where your friends are mostly people in your class, it is advisable to make friends with seniors in the same major. They will help you put you through on tips to scale through major classes in school. Also, you can get textbooks from them at a lower cost or even free depending on how close you are to the person. These tips will help you make friends easily in college.

a. Dorm/ Residence Friends:

Your dorm or residence hall provides an enabling environment to make new friends. As long as you are open to it and friendly, you can make a lot of friends from your dorm or residence hall. Don’t always for your dorm mates to be the first to reach out; you can start from greeting people you come across every day.

b. Check out for Old Friends:

Also, be on the lookout for friends from your high school or even friends from your neighborhood.

c. Join a Club:

You can also join a college club or a frat group. This will give you an opportunity to meet other students and make friends.

d. Make the Most of your Orientation:

Every school conducts an orientation program in the first week of resumption. You can take advantage of this orientation program to find and make new friends.

e. Look for Volunteer Opportunities:

Just like in high school, there are various volunteer opportunities available for college students. Enroll and join any of these volunteer clubs. Also, try to be active and well-known.

f. Make Friends in Class:

Reach out to classmates and try to make new friends in class. You can even form a private study group with your friends.