How to Make Friends Online

Making new friends can be a little bit weird especially if you are an introvert. Thanks to the tech and the internet, you can make new friends online while remaining in your comfort zone. Not just that, you can meet people you share the same interest with. The good thing about making friends over the internet is that you get to know the person well before meeting the person one-on-one. How do you go about making friends online? This post contains the nitty-gritty things aspects of tips to make friends online. All you need to achieve this is your computer or mobile device and an internet connection and you are good to go.

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How to Make Friends Online:

a. Know the Type of Friends you want:

The first step to make friends online is to know the type of friends you want to make. A lot of people make the mistake of jumping in to start meeting people online without considering the type of people they want as friends. That is why they end of attracting the wrong people as friends. Ask yourself this question, what kind of friends do I want to make at this point in my life? What characteristics do I look out for in the friends I intend to make online? The answer to these questions will help you stream down the type of people you choose as you make friends. For instance, at the current stage of my life, I want to make friends in related career friends. I want to make friends with a strong purpose in life and a good attitude to money and investing.

b. Make A Choice of Social Platform:

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There are a good number of social media platforms on the internet. The answer to the questions in the (a) section will help you when making a choice of a social platform. The type of friends you intend to make will help you make a perfect choice of social platform. For instance, if you want to make friends in your career field, you won’t go looking for them on Instagram. Rather, you will register on LinkedIn or even Quora. If on the other hand, I’m looking for fashion buddies, I will simply register on Instagram and other social platforms.

c. Create your Bio to Reflect Your Interest:

After you make a choice of a social platform, the next step is to create a bio to reflect your interest. Each social media platform has a description or bio box where you write down things about yourself. While filling out the bio box, ensure that your bio reflects the aspect of you want your friends to see. If your aim is to make friends in your career field, your bio should reflect your experience in the field, educational qualifications, and interest.

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d. Reach out to New People Daily:

Most times, the social platform will suggest friends who share the same interest as you. Take out time to check up the profile of your suggested friends and add or follow them. After that, you can also search out people that share the same interest with you and add them up too. You will grow your friends list faster and make new friends.

e. Invest in the Friendship:

It is one thing to make new friends; it is another thing to grow friendship. It is very easy to make new friends online but the problem is maintaining the friendship. You have to invest in your friendships for it to blossom. How do you invest in the friendship? Spend time every day with your newly found friends. Discourse topics on interests that both of you share. You can share resourceful information that you think will make your online friend grow to become a better person. 

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f. Take it Offline:

There comes a time when it becomes inevitable to take your friendship online especially if both of you are in the same location. Suggest an offline meet-up to your friend. Plan towards it and include events that will make it fun. Both of you can go see a movie together. You can also go to see your favorite team play in the city.

Safety Tips to Bear in Mind:

As good as it sounds that you can make friends online; a lot of bad stuff going on over the internet. There have been many instances where people get scammed by people pretending to who they are not. You need to bear these safety tips at the back of your mind to avoid such situations.

a. Don’t Expose Your Personal Information:

When writing your bio on any social platform, ensure you don’t fill in your personal information. Personal information here includes your home address, your credit card details and even your Social Security Number or its equivalent.

b. Meet in a Public Place:

Whenever you plan on meeting offline, the meeting should be in a public place and at a safe time. Don’t bring in someone you are meeting for the first time into your home. It doesn’t matter how long you guys have been friends online. The first few meetings should be in a public place until you become comfortable with the person.