How To Make Someone Fall Back In Love With You

How To Make Someone Fall Back In Love With You

Did someone you love breakup a relationship with you? Do you think that there is a change to make something happen between the both of you? You want to give a broken relationship a try to see if you can still work things out? If any of the above or related scenarios apply to you and you feel you need make someone fall back in love with you, then you are in the right place. Some tips on How To Make Someone fall back in love with you are provided below but I must state that you be sure you are not beating up a dead horse.

Be Certain The Person Has Feelings For You

Making someone who doesn’t fancy you at all fall back in love with you is a hard nut to crack. It’s much easier taking a shot at someone with some measure of interest no matter how small. If there is interest no matter how minute, getting him or her fall in love with you can fan the flames. If you are not sure someone is into you, you can still try anyway. It is practically impossible to know for sure if someone has feelings for you without asking them, but there are some giveaway signs that can hint you. If the person tries to avoid you in group settings, pays extra attention to you in groups or is constantly caught staring at you, then there is a possibility they like you.

how to make someone love you again
how to make someone love you again

Dress Well

To make someone fall in love with you, you obviously have to catch their attention and make them notice you. What better way to do this than through your appearance. Look your best whenever you are around them. For a lady, you don’t have to wear very revealing clothes to achieve this. Just make sure you look pretty anytime he’s close and he will notice you in no time.

Hog The Attention

Throwing yourself all over the person you want to love you will definitely ruin things. Instead, focus on having fun without them. When at a party, be the star of the show. Dance well with your friends, laugh hard and enjoy your time to the fullest. That way, the person’s interest could be triggered and jealousy could set in if they see you are doing very fine without them.

If they, however, catch you looking around the room for them, or trying to put on an act for them, then it is most likely they would want you. Make sure the person doesn’t think they are in your mind at all. That will definitely drive them crazy.

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Flirt With Others A Little

This is a very common way of getting someone fall for you. Give attention to others and flirt with them a little but don’t overdo it. If you do, the person you are trying to impress may decode it’s a ruse and not fall for it. On the flip side, they may assume you are just cheap and easy to get which may totally turn them off. Also, avoid flirting too much with someone who you know very well likes you as you will be raising that person’s hopes. This will only complicate things.

Date Other People

This is similar to flirting with others subtly but on a higher level. You will achieve the same result but dating others may raise the tempo faster and get you a result quickly. This method is useful if you have just gotten out of a relationship with someone or you find yourself dating someone who doesn’t pay much attention to you.

Seeing other people is a great way to keep your independence and make them want to pay more attention to you. In the case of an ex, they may end up really regretting losing you. However, don’t date people you do not like at all just to get back at your ex as you will just be hurting feelings and complicating things more.

Be Occupied

When you feel someone is taking you for granted and doesn’t appreciate you enough, giving so little of your time to them is bound to drive them crazy. This works particularly well on exes. It shows you are moving on with your life and coping perfectly without them. They may get jealous and even if they don’t, staying busy keeps your mind occupied and relegates thoughts of them to the background.

So, go about doing things you love and pay little or no attention to them. When they observe you don’t need them as much as you used to, and you are happy doing things that matter to you other than them, they will get jealous and become more interested.

Use Social Media

Social media is such a powerful tool these days and you can use it to make someone jealous. Sharing great pictures of yourself looking glamorous or having a fun time with friends (opposite sex for maximum effect) can get the attention of someone you want to fall in love with you. Popular social media platforms you can use include: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You should refrain from posting too often though as this can have the opposite effect.

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Be Coy About Your Plans

Don’t be an open book if you intend to get someone fall in love with you again. Create an air of mystery around yourself by not letting them in on intimate things. If you bump into each other and they ask you where you are headed, you can say something like “There is someone I have to meet” and say no more. If they ask how you spent the weekend, simply say it was really amazing. Saying things like these will leave them guessing and can make them jealous.

Ignore Them Slightly

We all crave attention sometimes especially from people we care about. Some people get crazy when someone they care about pays them very little attention. If the person you intend to fall for you again falls in this group, then you are certain your plan will work out. Doing things such as the following will help you out.

When you spot them sitting with someone else you know, greet that other person and ignore the person you are trying to make jealous. Also, deliberately ignore their calls and texts now and then. Pretend like you are a lot busy but make sure you get back to them after some time.

Talk About Your Other Admirers In Their Presence

You can make someone want you by talking happily about another person who fancies you in their presence. Do not go on talking about all the people who have asked you out. You can just pick on one person and talk about the good moments you both shared such as museum visits, cinema hangouts and so on.


There are some more extreme ways to make someone fall in love with you again. Some of these include; being friend with the person’s best friend, wearing revealing clothes if you are a lady, making them compete for your attention and so on. However, as stated earlier, you have to be cautious when trying to make someone fall in love with you as things can turn quickly, hurting everyone involved.