How To Make Your Husband Jealous: 7 Easy Ways

There may be times when it becomes necessary to make your husband jealous. For instance, there could be times when you notice that your husband is very much distracted or doesn’t have time for you. During those times, it becomes necessary to up your game and make him jealous. The idea is to remind him of what he is missing at home. There are several things you can do to make your husband jealous.

7 Ways To Make Your Husband Jealous

1. Never Be At His Beck and Call:

If before now, you were at his beck and call, you have to learn to stop that. Make him think that you are too busy for him. For instance, if you were always the one to call to check up on him at work or to know when he is coming now, stop. Also, when he calls, allow don’t pick on the first call. You can pick up the call, let him know that you are busy and will call back when you are less busy. It doesn’t matter if you are doing absolutely nothing at that moment. When you call back, try not to allow the conversation to linger. Let him know that you other things you need to get done after the call.

2.  Look Super Cute:

This is your best weapon in this game of ‘make your husband jealous’. You need to revamp your looks and make sure you look your best anytime your husband is around. If you need to lose a bit weight, please do so by all means. You don’t have to look superstar to achieve this. A little weight loss is enough to achieve the desired result. Also, work on your physical appearance. Make a new style; buy new sexy clothes, buy new lingerie for the bedroom or a new feminine fragrance. If you play your cards well, you will have your man green with jealousy in no time.

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3. Focus on Your Friends:

Another tip to make your husband jealous is to spend much time with your female friends. Fix a date with your female friends at least three times a week.  Go have a good time with your friends. If along the line, you’ve lost touch with your friends because of family or work, this may be the best time to reach out and reconnect with them. On the other hand, if you have so lost yourself in our marriage and don’t have female friends, this is the time to go out and make new friends. You can register at ‘MEETUP’ and find groups that share the same hobbies with you.

4. Make New Male Friends:

Nothing makes a man very jealous than seeing his significant other having a ‘seemingly’ good time with another man. This is another weapon you have to employ to make your husband jealous. Do you have male friends; this is the best time to go for friendly dates with him. It can be a colleague from work. Remember to make your friend understand the purpose or what you’re trying to achieve from the onset. You don’t want a male friend developing feelings for you. Also, when you go out with your husband, try to flirt with other males around. Don’t make it very obvious. It may be as easy as starting a conversation and smiling at the dude sitting near you.

5. Be Super Independent:

One other way to make your husband jealous is to make him feel that you don’t need him. Make him feel that you are so independent and don’t need him anymore. The last time I checked, nobody likes the feeling of not being wanted. If there are some minor things you usually need him to help out before now, let to do those things on your own. On the other hand, you can get another person to do such things for you, even if it means paying the other person.

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6. Assume a Mysterious Outlook

Everybody is usually attracted to mystery. For some people, it triggers curiosity to unravel the mystery. Try to become a little bit mysterious to your husband. For instance, if you usually run your schedules through him before now, stop. Just go through with your day without getting him involved. Also, if you usually discuss details of your work and day with him, stop. Learn to reserve those details to yourself. Even if he asks, just reply ‘My day went fine’ and stop right there. When you assume a mysterious outlook, he will be curious to spend time with you and understand what you are about.

7. Don’t Go Overboard:

Remember, the plan is to make your husband feel jealous, so try not to take it overboard because it may backfire. When you start getting the attention you need from your husband, drop the act and resume being the good wife and friend to your husband.