How to Show Appreciation to Your husband: 9 Creative Ways

Apart from having clear communication with your husband, gratitude is another way to show him that you really care. Everyone loves to be told how much they are appreciated especially by a significant other. One good thing about appreciation and gratitude is that the more you show your husband that you appreciate him for the little things, the more he will strive to do more for you. It is just a natural order. Whatever you appreciate or show gratitude for tends to appreciate. This post covers some creative ways you can show appreciation to your husband. Thankfully, you don’t have to break a bank to do any of these. They are just little things you can do daily.

10 Creative Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Husband

1. Tell Him, He Wants to Hear:

The best way to show appreciation to your husband is to tell him. Always remind him that you do appreciate him for the efforts he is making to be a good husband and father. You can spice it up with some romantic quotes. There is no perfect time to tell him this. It could be early in the morning, late at night or after he does any of those things you appreciate. It can go like this ‘Thank you, my love, I really appreciate you doing this’, ‘You’ve been the best’, ‘Thank you for taking out time to do this’.

2. Send it in Words:

Besides verbal communication, there are other ways to communicate in words how much you appreciate your husband. For instance, you can send him a ‘thank you for everything’ text message. You can also hide some handwritten messages inside his briefcase or the inner pockets of his suits or pants. You can also stick some handwritten messages in places where he can easily find them.

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3. Get Him an Occasional Thank-You Gift:

There is this saying that ‘giving is a reflection of love’. You can show appreciation to your husband by getting him small thank-you gifts occasionally. You don’t have to spend big on this. You can but his favorite fragrance, Shirt or even a pair of cute briefs for him. Wrap the gift and stick some little appreciation note for him.

4. Get Kinky With Him:

Get kinky with your husband. Try to seduce him more often. Wear your new lingerie and give him a lap dance and wrap it up with hot, kinky sex.  All these will make him go all the way for you when there is a need for it.

5. Cook Him Favorite Meal More Often:

Try to prepare his favorite meal for him, especially on the days when you feel he is putting his all and stressed up. This goes a long way to let him know that you are making efforts to appreciate him. You can get him involved in cooking his dinner and share a glass of red wine while at it.

6. Plan a Romantic Get Away for Two:

You don’t have to wait for special occasions like Valentine’s Day and his birthday to do this. You can plan a special getaway for just the both of you on any other weekend. If you have kids, you can take them to your parent’s or his parent’s place to stay for the weekend. Also, you don’t necessarily have to travel halfway across the country or continent to do this. It can book a space in a hotel in town for the weekend getaway.

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7. Take Him Out On a Date:

If you don’t have the time and resources to plan a weekend getaway, you can go for a cheaper option which is a dinner for both of you. It need not be in an expensive restaurant if you can’t afford it. The best way to do it is to make it a surprise for him. Make reservations for both of you on a Friday night or any other day, give you hubby a call or send a text for him to meet you at the restaurant.

8. Let People Around Know You Appreciate Him:

Also, let people around you know that you appreciate him. That includes your kids, your family, his family, friends and even colleagues at work. For kids, always let them know that their father is going all the way for them to have a comfortable life. They will come to appreciate him more if you do so too in their presence. Don’t even speak badly against your husband to your kids’ hearing. It doesn’t make for a good impression at all.

9. Motivate Him More Often:

Another creative way to show appreciation is to motivate and support your husband. Always let him know that ‘you believe in him’ and that ‘he can achieve anything he sets his mind on’. A well-motivated man can go all the way for his family.