How To Tell If Wife Is Cheating On Facebook

Signs Your Wife Is Cheating On Facebook

One popular social media platform used by a lot of people is Facebook. The platform allows people to interact and network. This makes it great for singles to meet and link up but it also provides a platform for cheaters to thrive. This may be the perfect platform for your wife to plan escapades and rendezvous behind your back.

However, what constitutes cheating on social media is a bit tricky. Some consider flirting on social media as cheating while others do not. That is because no physical intimacy is involved. If you then have a feeling that your wife is cheating on you on Facebook, how do you confirm this suspicion? Well, you can’t be totally sure unless you have access to her Facebook account and read her chats to confirm this. However, some clues on how to tell if wife is cheating on Facebook are listed below.

She Is Always Online

If your wife spends hours chatting online with “friends” that you know or do not know, she is most likely cheating. It could be that there is that special someone she flirts with online. If she giggles a lot while pressing her phone, or stays up late into the night chatting, you have grounds to suspect her.

Extra Protective Measure On Her Facebook Account

A cheating wife will go the extra mile to cover her tracks. If your wife has any extra protective measure on her Facebook account just to prevent you from gaining access to her account, it could be a sign she is cheating.

Changes Her Password Often

When your wife changes her Facebook password without notice, it could be that she is cheating. Trust me, a cheating wife will leave nothing to chance and would constantly change her Facebook account password once she knows you’ve figured it out.

She Is Not Your Friend On Facebook

how to tell wife is cheating on you on facebook
she is not your friend on facebook

Another clue on how to tell if wife is cheating on Facebook is If your wife refuses to add you as a friend on Facebook. This could be because she has something to hide. You and your wife should be on each other’s Facebook if you are both there. However, if your wife constantly makes up excuses as to why she cannot add you as a friend on the platform, it could be a sign she has things to hide.

Bear in mind that some really private people don’t like having their partners on their social media. That does not necessarily because they are cheating. Some others don’t want you there because they don’t want people to know you are together. So you have to know if any of these applies to your wife before you make accusations of cheating.

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She Deletes Her Messages

If you happen to somehow get into your wife’s Facebook account and her messages are all wiped, she could be hiding something. Also, if you notice she receives a lot of messages from a particular male friend on Facebook but deletes them soon after reading, your guess is as good as mine. Ordinarily, deleting messages on social media platforms isn’t something to be taken seriously but chances are that it could be a sign your wife doesn’t want you to see something.

Understand Emoji Messages

Emojis can sometimes be used to convey hidden messages. What you assume is just an innocent emoji may have a sexual meaning. So for you to be able to interpret messages as accurately as possible if you are snooping on your wife’s Facebook and reading her chats, learn more about emojis and their meanings.

She Has Multiple Accounts

Running a single Facebook account is enough work and most people only have one. If your wife has more than one account on Facebook and runs them all simultaneously, she may be a shady character.

She Doesn’t Post Intimate Pictures Of The Two Of You On Facebook

Married couples normally flaunt their partners on their social media profiles. They share intimate pictures with their partner and this should not be an issue. Some people are private in nature and would not post pictures with their partner often which is okay.

If your wife isn’t this way and still has issues posting you on her profile, then something may be wrong somewhere. Also, if your wife gets angry whenever you tag her in an intimate picture of the two of you on your own Facebook profile, this could signal that she’s hiding something.

Her Relationship Status Isn’t Updated

There is a Facebook option where you set your relationship status and your partner is indicated there if they are also on Facebook. If your wife refuses to do this, there could be something going on. Once married, there is no reason whatsoever for your wife not to let her Facebook account reflect her new status. If she’s hesitant to do this, she may be up to no good.

A Particular Male Friend Comments And Likes Her Every Post

It’s okay for people to leave great comments on your wife’s Facebook posts, that’s nothing extraordinary. People of the opposite sex also get to flatter your wife and it’s all cool. It’s what social media is for. However, if you notice that there is a particular male friend of your wife on Facebook that likes and comments romantically on her every post, there may be reasons for you to dig further.

A Male Friend Posts Her Pictures Often

If there is a particular male friend of your wife on Facebook that uses her pictures as profile picture frequently. Or if he regularly posts her pictures on their own profile, you may need to investigate deeper. He could be your wife’s secret lover.

Wife Cheated On Me What Should I Do

If you noticed that your wife is cheating on you on Facebook, there are some necessary steps you need to take. These steps will determine if you are to stay and work on your marriage or let it go and file for a divorce.

Confront Your Wife

The first step is to confront your wife. If your wife is cheating on you, she will obviously try to keep it away from you. You have to confront her to make her know that you are aware of what is going on. Before you confront your wife, you need to have your facts and evidence right. Don’t ever confront your wife based on your insecurities or mere suspicious. You may end up irritating her and push her to actually start the affair as a result of your insecurities.

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So, calm down and take the time to gather your evidence. Some of the ways to get proof that she is cheating are: Hack her Phone or Facebook Account. You can also add her up with an unknown account and try to flirt with her.

Observe If She Is Remorseful

When you confront her, observe her know if she is remorseful or not. Remorse in this context is genuine regret. How do you know when she is remorseful? When she is remorseful, she will be full of apologies and not try to guilt trip you.

Know The State of Her Feelings

Next, you need to know if she has a feeling for the Facebook friend or if it was just a fling. If she has feelings for the person, the best thing to do is to file for a divorce and move on with life. Leaving wife is quite painful but having to fight for her attention when she is in love with another person is more painful.

How To Get Over Cheating And Stay Together

If your wife shows genuine remorse when you confronted her, the next thing to do is to work things out. These are some of the steps to take to work things out with your wife after she cheats on you.

Make Up Your Mind To Forgive

The first step is for you to make up your mind to forgive. Unless you do this, you will not be able to let go and work things out. Make a decision today that you ‘choose’ to forgive your wife and continue to love her. Remembering things that made you love her in the first place helps.

Talk About It

The next step is to talk about it. To talk about it doesn’t necessarily mean dueling on what happened. It has to do with talking about ways to strengthen the relationship in the present and future.

Spend Time Together

These are trying times, and you need each other to pull through. Try to spend time together with your wife. This will help both of you to connect on a deeper level. It could be that the reason why she cheated on you was that she felt disconnected from you. I am not trying to make excuses for your wife because that is not a valid excuse for cheating anyway. You can plan for a weekend getaway.

Reach Compromises Where Necessary

Finally, both of you can reach compromises to make things work. For instance, your wife can block and unfriend the Facebook friend from her Facebook account.


Social media is a great tool if used judiciously, but like every human invention, it can be abused. If you are suspicious of your wife’s activities on Facebook, you can rely on some of the tips contained in this article to determine if your wife is cheating. You just have to be cautious. You have to be absolutely sure before leveling cheating allegations against your wife. If you jump the gun, there may be serious consequences for your relationship.