How To Treat Your Boyfriend Like A King


It is the joy of every woman to find a man, who adores her, loves her and treats her like a queen. Likewise, men desire to be treated like kings that they are. Respect is reciprocal, what you give in a relationship is what you are most likely going to get in return. If you treat your man like a king, he will most likely return the same energy and treat you like a queen that you are too. So how do you treat your boyfriend like a king? Some tips on how to treat your boyfriend like a king are given below.

Respect Him

Men are known to value respect a lot in relationships. It pleases them to know that their partner thinks highly of them. Some men do have secret fears of not being “enough” for their partners. You can help him with this by trusting his advice and counsel even when he has made mistakes in the past. You should also show him respect when in public and speak to him with courtesy when in the company of friends and family.

Compliment Him

First, you need to let go of the fact that men like to put up a tough appearance. They tend to appear not to care much about little things such as compliments but deep down they do. A little compliment here and there will leave your man feeling good about himself. When he is all dressed up and looking really good, tell him he looks good. When he makes an achievement, tell him you are proud of him. If he supported you in some way, thank him and let him know you appreciate his support. If he cooked dinner, tell him he made the best dinner ever!

You don’t want to just throw compliments about or else they lose their value. When you compliment your man, make sure it’s genuine and heartfelt, that way he will believe you and the impact will be maximum.

Reward Him

We all like getting a reward for doing something good even if we don’t make this obvious. The reward for doing good will have your man feeling like a king often. For example, each time your man takes out the trash you give him a kiss, he wouldn’t mind taking out the trash every day! When he does something great for himself like achieving a career goal, reward him with a treat. Doing things such as these will make him feel like he is the only man in the world.

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how to treat your boyfriend like a king
how to treat your boyfriend like a king

Cook Him Dinner

Surprise him once in a while by taking out time to cook his favorite dinner. When you fill your man’s tummy with his favorite meal, he will feel like a king without a doubt. So, surprise him by cooking his favorite meal for no other reason other than the fact that you care about him.

Pay Attention To Him

When you give all your attention to your boyfriend, it makes him feel special, really special. When you are with him on a date, focus all your attention on him and do away with your mobiles and other gadgets. When you are both home and spending some quality time together after work, turn off the TV. Little things like this matter a lot. Whenever he is talking to you, look him in the eye. Ask questions relevant to what he is saying to show you are really paying attention to him.

Surprise Him With Gifts

You don’t have to break the bank or take a loan to get really expensive gifts for you man to feel appreciated. The little things count for much sometimes. You can send surprise gifts over to him at work once in a while. In no time, some of his male colleagues who don’t get such surprise gifts from their girlfriends would start envying him and that would be a boost to him. You can even do better than just sending him gifts randomly once in a while.

If for example, your boyfriend is a football fan and his favorite club will be playing a big final soon and you know just how much he would love to be there at the stadium, you can surprise him with a ticket to the game. This sort of gift will definitely blow his mind and leave him feeling like a king.

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Show Him Affection

Kiss him, hug him, hold his hand. These are some of the things you can do to make him feel special. Such intimate things can make your man really feel like a king. When out, hold his hand to show you both belong to each other. When you hug him, hold on for a few minutes, don’t rush it. Plant an affectionate kiss on his lips when you can.

Heat Things Up In The Bedroom

If your relationship is sexual, you can turn up the heat in the bedroom and your man will love you for it. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new in bed. This experience will surely leave your boyfriend feeling like a king.

Take Care Of Yourself

The last tip on this list has to do with you personally. I mean, if you look like a queen, your boyfriend will surely feel like a king. Make sure you dress well, makeup, fix your nails, get your hair done and be on point anytime you are stepping out with him. He will be so proud of you when his friends comment about how good you look.


Treating your man like a king will go a long way in ensuring that your relationship lasts long. A man who enjoys a kingly treatment from his girlfriend will most likely reciprocate the gesture and treat his woman like a queen that she is too. What you give is what you will most likely get in return in a relationship. For those who have no idea of how to treat their boyfriend like a King, the tips provided in this article will help in no small measure. So ladies, put more effort into treating your boyfriends like kings.