100+ Top How Well Do You Know Me Questions

Top How Well Do You Know Me Questions


There is this special feeling that comes with knowing that someone you care about knows you well enough. It makes you know you are special and dear to the person. This is because people don’t go out of their way to get to know someone they don’t care about. One easy way to find out how well your friend or significant other knows you is to play the ‘how well do you know me’ game. Not just that, it can also be an opportunity to know your significant other well. That is if you are at the receiving end of the game. While it can be hurtful to discover that your significant other may not know some details about you, bear in mind that this is just a game. So the sole aim is to have fun. Also, follow up the game with questions and answers to know each other much better. This post outlines some “how well do you know me questions” for you and your friend (s) or significant other.

how well do you know me

Personal How Well Do You Know Me Questions

1. What are my full names?

2. What is my middle name?

3. Which state am I from?

4. How many siblings do I have?

5. What was the name of my elementary school?

6. What was the name of my high school?

7. What do my parents do for a living?

8. Are my grandparents still alive?

9. Where do my parents live currently?

10. What location did I grow in?

11. What was my favorite food as a child?

12. Who was my best friend in elementary school?

13. Who was my best friend in high school?

14. Do I have nephews and nieces?

15. Who is my favorite amongst my parents?

16. Are my parents divorced?

17. Who was my favorite aunt while growing up?

18 Did I attend any camp as a kid?

19. Who was my favorite uncle while growing up?

20. What’s my favorite food currently?

21. What is my best movie of all time?

22. What is the worst trouble I got into in high school?

23. What was my favorite subject in elementary school?

24. What was my favorite subject in high school?

25. Did I play any sports in my younger years?

26. Who amongst my extended family am I really close to?

27. Which club did I belong to in high school?

28. What was my least favorite subject in school?

29. Did I go to college?

30. What was my major in college?

31. What year did I graduate from college?

32. What year did I graduate from high school?

33. Did I go to a private or public high school?

34. Did I go to a university or college?

35. What is my oldest sibling?

36. Who is my youngest sibling?

37. Who is my favorite sibling?

38. Who is my least favorite sibling?

39. Are any of my siblings married?

40. Have I ever repeated any class?

41. Which was my favorite, high school or college?

42. What religion was I brought up in?

43. Did I own any pets while growing up?

44. What are the names of my pets currently?

45. Who has always been my celebrity crush?

46. Business or career, which one am I likely to go for?

47. What was my favorite TV show as a kid?

48. Who is my favorite actor and actress?

49. Which movie can I watch over and over again?

Food Related How Well Do You Know Me Questions

50. Do I prefer to eat healthy meals or junks?

51. What is my favorite food?

52. Tea or coffee which one do I prefer?

53. Coke or Pepsi, which one will I go for?

54. What is my favorite thing to eat for lunch?

55. What is my favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

56. Hamburgers or hot dogs which one is my favorite?

57. Salad or pizza, which one will I easily choose?

58. Chocolate or Vanilla which one is my favorite?

59. Do I like none-spicy foods or spicy foods?

60. What is my favorite cereal for breakfast?

61. What is my favorite restaurant in town?

62. What is my favorite snack?

63. What food (s) am I allergic to?

64. Do I have any food allergies?

65. What is the cheapest meal that I have ever eaten?

66. What is the most expensive meal I have eaten out?

67. Do I prefer to cook or eat out?

68. What is my family’s best recipe?

69. What is my favorite type of cake?

70. What is my favorite ice cream flavor?


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How Well Do You Know Me Questions For Boyfriend or Girlfriend

71. Where did we meet?

72. Where did we have our first kiss?

73. When is our dating anniversary?

74. What was I wearing on our first date?

75. What is one thing I like most about you?

76. What age was I when I had my first kiss?

77. Who was my first crush ever?

78. Do I like PDA or not?

79. Have I ever been married?

80. Why did I break up from my previous relationship?

81. Where did we meet?

82. Have I been engaged before?

83. What is my greatest weakness when it comes to you/

84. Which part of your body do I like best?

85. Am I the jealous type or the carefree person?

86. What type of wedding do I want?

87. Do I prefer to go out on a date or stay indoors and watch movies with you?

88. Am I open to open relationships or polygamy?

89. What is my deal-breaker in a relationship?

90. What is one thing I will not accept in a relationship?

91. How many people have I dated before I met you?

92. How long did my longest relationship ever last?

93. How long did my shortest relationship ever last?

94. If am to date a celebrity, who will that be?

95. What is my best love language?


How Well Do You Know Me Questions For Work

96. What is my first job?

97. How much did I make from my first job?

98. Have I ever been fired from a job?

99. What is my career field?

100. Who is my favorite person at the office?

101. Who is the most annoying person at my workplace?

102. Do I love my current job?