How Much Do Maaco Charge For A Car Painting

So, you want to give your vehicle a fresh and new look by having it painted. You were weighing your options when you thought of Maaco. You’ve heard a lot about Maaco, and you heard they do great in the painting of vehicles. You are also reading this to know the price of a paint job in Macco. 

Macco is a company skilled in automobile painting and car repairs.  It was created about forty-seven years ago by Anthony A. Martino. The company has now grown and spread its tentacles across the US and Canada. However, its head office is in North Carolina. 

What Is The Cost Of Maaco Car Painting Job?

A paint job by Maaco is about 300 dollars flat. However, it could range up to a thousand dollars based on several factors. Factors like the size of your car, the amount of bodywork needed, the paint package you choose, and color change. A painting job that requires a minor sanding of the car’s body costs about 300 dollars. However, if you want more than a basic prep, you will need to visit their office to get a quote.

Getting an estimate for a car painting job from Maaco does not require a booked appointment. But, you can always schedule for one to avoid any likely long wait period. Also, you will be given the quote free of charge. Nevertheless, you should know that sometimes your total cost may exceed the given estimate for the car paint job. When this occurs it is usually due to underlying car problems that weren’t obvious at the time of estimate.

You see, it is easy to overlook the needed repairs and stick only with your budget for the painting. But the deal is to fully enjoy your warranty you have to fix the identified damages. Also, having your car repairs done helps you enjoy your vehicle better.

Where Is The Maaco Store Location

Maaco has over 500 locations across the United States of America and Canada. The company has handled millions of cars in their 45+ years of existence. To locate the nearest Maaco center to you do visit the company’s website for your country of residence. Either  if you reside in Canada or  if you are in the States.

What Is A Maaco Maacover

A maaco maacover is the total refurbishing of your vehicle’s body works. It involves body repair, surface repair, painting and car care.

a. Body Repair:

Here a Maaco specialist starts your car on the maacover journey by skillfully removing tiny scratches and blemishes on it. The technician goes through the required steps to achieving the desired finish. 

First is the grinding to eliminate the retained paint on the dented area. Then the area is worked on and brought back to its pre-damaged shape. This is followed by levelling uneven surfaces by applying a blend of fillers and hardeners. Next, come the sanding and glazing of the area and it ends with the application of a pro-grade sealant.

b. Surface Repair:

Here a Maaco specialist checks your vehicle, notes a need for repair and recommends the needed surface repair. These repairs are necessary to give your car a perfect and lasting paint job.

Maaco also uses a sealant during a car painting job. It is used to prevent any old paint from mixing the new paint coat. Maaco offers the basic, preferred and premium grade of sealant. A basic sealant is often used when prep work of the vehicle is minor. Premium sealant is used when major prep work is done on the vehicle.

c. Painting:

Like the sealant, Maaco also provides basic, preferred and premium paint packages. The basic painting comes with a year warranty. It is a single-stage painting wherein enamel paint is used to keep your car shining and appealing. The preferred painting comes with a 3-year warranty. Here an urethane paint is used for a single-stage painting. This painting package is long-lasting and affordable. The premium paint comes with a 5-year warranty and a double-stage painting. It also lasts longer than the other two and more expensive than both.

d. Car Care:

This involves the regular upkeep of your vehicle to allow the durability of the painting done. Maaco suggests that as much as possible you shouldn’t drive on loose gravel or sand. You should also ensure your vehicle is parked under a shade though under trees should be avoided. You should also wash your vehicle.

Always hand wash two times a month using a soft cloth and a mild soap. This is to remove unwanted bodies on your vehicle while protecting your car paint and sealant. Also, you should wax your vehicle every three to four months with silicone-free car wax. This is to ensure extra protection of your car paint.

How Long Does It Take To Paint A Car At Maaco?

Most of the Maaco paint job is done in 2 to 3 business days. However, if your car needs major bodywork, prepping, changing of parts and other significant repairs, it may take longer.

Does Maaco Do A Good Job Painting Cars?

Maaco does a great job for your selected paint package and every package comes with its warranty. However, you shouldn’t expect a 2000 dollar paint job when you paid for a 300 dollar job.

What Is The Average Cost Of Painting Your Vehicle Yourself?

For a DIY project on car painting, you are likely going to spend about a hundred to a thousand dollars. This is influenced by the type of paint you choose and how you decide to go about the job. Painting a vehicle yourself is also time-consuming and energy-draining though you will get to cut some cost. Your technicality and creativity will also influence the outcome of your paint job.

What Other Services Do Maaco Offer Aside From Painting?

Apart from a paint job, Maaco can give your car a cosmetic repair. They also offer fleet services, a direct repair program, lease turn-in repairs, spray bed lining and non-automotive industrial services.


For a basic paint job, Maaco charges about 300 dollars. There are also other painting packages as you desire. Maaco delivers a good painting job for your chosen package.