Can You Push Start An Automatic Car?

All car brands are classified as either automatic or manual cars. The first one to be in use was the manual, as far as 1950. The main difference between the two vehicles is in their gear selection. As their respective names suggest, such is the mode of the gear selection. Despite their differences, they still … Read more

How Much Do Maaco Charge For A Car Painting

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Costco Car Battery Warranty

A written warranty is very important when you want to purchase a battery. Getting a battery should be a careful process. Most batteries do not come with a warranty which is not so good because a battery with a warrant is always a step forward. There are varieties of batteries with a warranty but let’s … Read more

Does AutoZone Test Batteries

Does AutoZone test car batteries¬†is a rampant question if you are familiar with Autozone automotive retailers. Autozone offers several services to your vehicle and testing a car battery is among the services they offer. Apart from repairing your car parts and accessories they also test your car batteries for free.¬† This free AutoZone battery test … Read more

Are Subarus Expensive To Maintain

Owning a car is solving part of a problem and maintaining that same car is the other half of the problem. To quench your curiosity, you should know that Subarus are expensive to maintain even though they might defer based on the particular model you are opting in for.  Are Subarus expensive to maintain has been … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Car Matte Black

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Paint Code By VIN

A paint code is a distinct code made of letters and numbers. This code has a range of three to six characters which represents the precise color of your car. With the paint code, you can’t go wrong with your car’s color. This is especially useful when small fixes that would require painting are to … Read more

How To Start A Car With A Bad Ignition Switch

A bad ignition switch is one of the reasons why a car won’t start. Though not as popular as a faulty engine, battery problems, or a troubled alternator, it still can give you a headache. The car key may seem stuck, won’t turn or it turns but no starter sound from the vehicle. These will … Read more

When To Replace Brake Rotors

The brake system is crucial to a car’s safety. The master cylinder, brake rotors, brake pads, brake calipers, brake booster, and brake pedals are all components of the brake system. Like every other component, the brake rotor is an important part of the system. It is larger and weighs more than any other component. It … Read more