Why Do Brake Pads Wear Unevenly?

If you are experiencing uneven wear on your brake pad you don’t have to get all worked up. Uneven wear of brakes is a common problem with brake pads. Brake pads are part of your car’s brake system. Pressure on the brake pads means friction is generated. The generated friction in turn causes your car … Read more

How To Read An Odometer

Understanding how the odometer works and reads is one aspect overlooked by automobile owners. When you set out on a ride with your automobile, you wonder how long it will take to arrive at your destination. This is especially true when you are journeying through an unaccustomed road.  However, it is often challenging to tell … Read more

Are Ceramic Brake Pads Good?

Brake pads no doubt are essential to your car brake system. They work with other components of the brake system to bring your car to a halt when you want. Brake pads are created with materials that allow friction to occur. They are placed within the brake caliper so they squeeze against the brake rotors … Read more

What Does Tpms Mean On A Car?

TPMS is an acronym for Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Thus, it serves as a tool that allows you to check and monitor your tire pressure from your dashboard. If you have a problem your TPMS light will turn on. It usually flashes to signify that it’s time for a checkup.  If you have a modern … Read more

Disadvantages Of Push-Button Start In Cars

Push-button start, also known as keyless entry makes it easy for you to start your car without a traditional key. Having purchased a car, you must have been given a way to start it without inserting a key into the ignition slot. This keyless pattern would allow the driver to keep the key fob pocketed when … Read more

Will A Transmission Flush Hurt My Car?

There have been many controversies on whether or not the use of transmission flush could affect your car. First, understanding what transmission flush is important. Also, you need to know when your car needs a transmission flush. All these and many more will be explained in detail in this post.  What Is A Transmission Flush? … Read more

Car Alarm Goes Off When Unlocking With Key

The incessant going off of a car alarm can be exasperating. The frustration is even more when the alarm is up against you, the car owner. It makes it seem like you are some random car thief trying to unlock a vehicle that isn’t yours when all you intend to do is to get in … Read more

Can I Put a Bigger Battery In My Car?

Once a battery can properly sit in your vehicle’s battery chamber and it has the required cold cranking amp for the vehicle it should work. However, modern carmakers are keen on dimensions. They have a small battery compartment so a bigger battery may not just physically settle in. Even if it does there may be … Read more

Does Head Gasket Sealers Work?

Head gasket, the thin metal separating the cylinder head of your motor’s engine from its engine block is an important piece of your motor’s engine that raises no concern until it blows up or fails. When this happens, fixing the failed head gasket of the vehicle will cost money.  So, you ask can I repair … Read more

Where Do Unsold New Cars Go?

The outright answer for your inquiry on where to buy an unsold new car is from a dealership or a dealer auction. Cars are bought directly from the carmakers by dealers to sell at a profitable amount. When the number of ordered vehicles by these dealers is more than the people’s demand for them then … Read more