TCL For a Car: 6 Facts You Should Know

With the advent of modern vehicles came the introduction of the traction control system. A system that controls your vehicle’s wheels. The traction control light (TCL) or dash light as it is popularly called reveals that your vehicle’s traction control system functions properly. Traction control plays a role in ensuring your vehicle doesn’t slip when … Read more

What causes an alternator to go bad

The alternator in your vehicle is likened to the mitochondria of a cell. Like mitochondria, the alternator is the powerhouse of your vehicle. It plays a vital role in the electrical functionality of your vehicle. Without an alternator in your vehicle or the presence of a bad one, your car’s battery cannot do much in … Read more

Vacuum Leak Repair Cost: Everything You Need To Know

The anxiety you get when your vehicle’s “Check Engine” light is on can be overwhelming. This is because you are well aware that a turned on check engine light only indicates one thing. Your car has a problem somewhere. This malfunction may be a major one or something minor. One common reason why your car’s … Read more

Muffler Delete: 9 Facts You Should Know About It

A muffler is an apparatus in your vehicle that reduces the sounds your vehicle gives off when internal combustion of its engine takes place. The combustion sounds are often linked to heat and vibration arising when the vehicle is ignited.  The muffler is a core part of your vehicle engine combustion system. It has to … Read more