How To Start A Car With A Bad Ignition Switch

A bad ignition switch is one of the reasons why a car won’t start. Though not as popular as a faulty engine, battery problems, or a troubled alternator, it still can give you a headache. The car key may seem stuck, won’t turn or it turns but no starter sound from the vehicle. These will … Read more

When To Replace Brake Rotors

The brake system is crucial to a car’s safety. The master cylinder, brake rotors, brake pads, brake calipers, brake booster, and brake pedals are all components of the brake system. Like every other component, the brake rotor is an important part of the system. It is larger and weighs more than any other component. It … Read more

Switching From Run Flats To Regular Tires

Tires the tough round rubbers that a car wheel. They support the weight of your car and allow it to move, maintain and change directions. They are one of the most-used components of your vehicle and are susceptible to wearing and tearing. Hence, they need to be changed either because they are worn, punctured, torn … Read more

Why Do Brake Pads Wear Unevenly?

If you are experiencing uneven wear on your brake pad you don’t have to get all worked up. Uneven wear of brakes is a common problem with brake pads. Brake pads are part of your car’s brake system. Pressure on the brake pads means friction is generated. The generated friction in turn causes your car … Read more

How To Read An Odometer

Understanding how the odometer works and reads is one aspect overlooked by automobile owners. When you set out on a ride with your automobile, you wonder how long it will take to arrive at your destination. This is especially true when you are journeying through an unaccustomed road.  However, it is often challenging to tell … Read more

Are Ceramic Brake Pads Good?

Brake pads no doubt are essential to your car brake system. They work with other components of the brake system to bring your car to a halt when you want. Brake pads are created with materials that allow friction to occur. They are placed within the brake caliper so they squeeze against the brake rotors … Read more

Where Is The Cheapest Place To Turn Rotors?

The brake assembly of your car is made up of several distinct parts all of which play very quintessential roles. One of such important components is the brake rotors. Brake rotors are just like big metals attached to the wheels of a vehicle. When the brake pedal is pushed down, the calipers apply pressure on … Read more

Subcompact Vs Compact Car: Which Is Best For You

To increase efficiency in registration, regulation and description of vehicles, governments and private organizations have developed schemes used to classify cars into various categories. These categories are usually dependent on the body size, mass, number of doors or seating capacity. Based on these, we can easily classify cars into two-seaters, mini-compact, subcompact, compact, mid-size, large, … Read more

What Does Tpms Mean On A Car?

TPMS is an acronym for Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Thus, it serves as a tool that allows you to check and monitor your tire pressure from your dashboard. If you have a problem your TPMS light will turn on. It usually flashes to signify that it’s time for a checkup.  If you have a modern … Read more