Paint Code By VIN

A paint code is a distinct code made of letters and numbers. This code has a range of three to six characters which represents the precise color of your car. With the paint code, you can’t go wrong with your car’s color. This is especially useful when small fixes that would require painting are to be carried out on your car. One way to find the paint code for your car is through your vehicle identification number (VIN).

What Does VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Stand For

A vehicle Identification Number is a set of codes given to each vehicle following its production. This code is specific to every vehicle. It comprises 17 characters filled with both alphabets and figures. These characters are closely placed with no spaces between them.

 A unique feature of the VIN is the absence of the letters Q, O, and I both in their capital or small form. This was done to prevent mistaking the letters for numbers 0 and 1 and to improve its readability. Also, you should know that before 1981 every vehicle VIN had 11 characters with no paint code on it.

Furthermore, each number in VIN represents a piece of information about the vehicle. The information represented includes when the vehicle was made, what country and factory created it, and the serial number. The VIN is written on a straight file and tells the vehicle model too. 

How Can You Use The VIN To Determine Your Vehicle’s Paint Code

Having your car repainted is more than just a splash of the color yellow, green, blue, and their likes. It requires you to know your car’s paint code. Your vehicle’s paint code determines its precise color match. The use of your vehicle identification number is one good way of knowing your car’s paint code. However, before you can extract the paint code from the VIN you need to know where to find the VIN. 

Where To Locate The VIN Of Your Car?

There are two main places for finding your VIN. You will either find it in your car or its paperwork. On your car, the VIN has usually printed on its dashboard specifically at the bottom left part of the dashboard. You will find it on the dashboard by either viewing from the driver’s seat or the windshield. To view through the windshield, stand outside the car.

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You may also find it facing your car engine block. When you open your car hood, look for it on the engine block. Your VIN should be printed on it. Sometimes only the last eight characters of the VIN are found on the engine. Other vehicles may have it inscribed on the car frame close to the windshield washer. 

Your car spare tire sometimes has the VIN on its bottom part. The doorpost and door jamb is another site to search. Also, look at the wheels behind and check for it there. Sometimes it is written there. If after searching your vehicle you still couldn’t find the VIN you can call your dealer. Your car dealer will be able to assist you.

The other way of knowing your VIN is by looking through the papers. A sure way is by reading your car owner’s manual. The car manual is a book containing useful information about the vehicle. If your car was bought a brand new from the dealership, its manual should have the VIN. You can also check the vehicle title documents also called the certificate of title. You should find the VIN there. Other legal documents containing the VIN include your car registration card and your insurance documents.

Characters Of The VIN And What They Represent

Every character stands for information. The country where the car was made is represented by the First number of the VIN. The second letter stands for who made the car. The third letter reveals the car type. 

This is then followed by five more characters. They stand for the car make, its engine size, and type, the body style, model, and series. Next is the number for a security check followed by a letter for the car model year. Following this is an alphabet representing the assembly plant. The remaining characters indicate the car production number.

How To Tell Your Car’s Paint Code With The VIN

Decoding your car paint code with the VIN isn’t straightforward. You can’t directly tell what the paint code is by looking through the VIN. What you can do is to use your VIN on other internet resources to check for your paint code. With the information you retrieve from your VIN, you can search for your car’s paint code. You can also contact your dealership and provide them with your VIN and other information. This will help them tell what your car paint code is.

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Another Way To Knowing Your Car Paint Code Aside From VIN

Another way of locating your paint code is on the vehicle certification label also called the car information sticker. Like the VIN, the sticker has information on the car one of which is the paint code. The sticker is easy to read and a more straightforward way of knowing the paint code.

Oftentimes you will locate the sticker on the doorjamb, the driver-side door, or the firewall. It may also be on the radiator. As always the car owner manual is a good place to check too. The paint code may be written as “C” codes where C stands for color. The trim color may also have a different code and it is represented as “Tr”.

What Is The Use Of VIN

Every car has a vehicle identification number unique to it. It is an important code that contains many of your car’s details. Information on the VIN is also used to register your vehicle. Here are some of the important roles the VIN plays.

Firstly, the VIN helps you gain knowledge of the history of a vehicle. This is especially helpful when purchasing a used vehicle. When you know the VIN you can research the vehicle and get its records. Thus allowing you to have enough information on the vehicle before making a purchase. VIN also gives you info on the previous vehicle owner, the car’s original color, and if ever it had an accident. You will also gain insight into the vehicle repair records

Furthermore, VIN as mentioned earlier tells you the car’s manufacturer, model, model year, type, brand, and engine type. It is the code for essential information on a vehicle.

The VIN also plays a role in a car’s security. Stolen vehicles can be identified and retrieved with the VIN. The Cops and security agencies can check the VIN of a vehicle and know its owner.


The vehicle identification number helps you to find your car’s paint code. You may find the VIN on the dashboard, engine, spare tire, or vehicle paperwork. You can also use the car sticker to know the paint code.