8 Physical Signs A Woman Is Turned On

There are quite a number of signs that indicate a woman is sexually aroused but in this article, we will only be talking about the physical signs a woman is turned on. It is common knowledge that women are complicated in so many ways. The reactions of women to sexual stimulation are not uniform. For a fact, women’s bodies and brains are wired differently to those of men when it comes to reacting to sexual stimulation. So what physical signs should you look out for to know that a woman is sexually turned on?

This article will be your guide but bear in mind that not all the physical signs listed below apply to all women when they are sexually turned on. There are variations so don’t expect every woman to react in the same manner physically when sexually turned on. However, any of the signs listed below could be the clue needed to ascertain that a woman is turned on sexually.

Physical Signs A Woman Is Turned On

Heavy breathing

This is one sign you cannot miss. It is also impossible to mask or fake. As a woman’s body gets excited and turned on, her breathing becomes labored. This increase in heart rate is due to the body preparing itself for an orgasm as her internal organs demand more oxygen. Also, she will be making involuntary moans as air rapidly makes its way through her vocal cords. A thumping heart rate and urgent breathing is one spot-on physical sign that shows you are striking the right chords and setting up her body rightly for the big show.

Increased Body Temperature

Things get heated up not just figuratively when a woman is turned on. A woman’s body temperature will rise slightly in response to being sexually aroused. This increase in body temperature may go unnoticed but if you are observant, you may feel it.

Swollen Boobs & Erect Nipples

signs she is turned on
signs she is turned on

When a woman is sexually aroused, her breasts would swell around 25% which is enough for you to notice if you are observant. Don’t just expect her breasts to swell like helium balloons, definitely not! Another physical sign you can pick from her bosom is erect nipples. The specialized cells around her nipples cause them to harden when aroused. This is a good sign of bodily stimulation.

Hip Action

Ever heard of the phrase hips don’t lie? Well, this is a known fact. When a woman is sexually aroused, her hips move in ways that suggest she wants to be penetrated. This is one sure way to know a woman is sexually turned on. Hips don’t lie, Never!

Swollen Genitals

When a man is sexually aroused, his sexual organ, the penis becomes erect and quite visible. Females likewise get an erection when sexually aroused but the signs are less obvious. When a woman is aroused sexually, her vagina doubles in size. The vagina expands and lengthens as the uterus is pulled upwards, in a process that is known as “vaginal tenting”.  The area also may become firm due to blood rushing to it. Her clitoris and nipples become erect as pointed out earlier. Even her breasts swell up and may appear bigger. The external genital, including the labia and the clitoris, becomes engorged but not in the manner of male erection.

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She Gets Wet

When a woman’s body receives signals she’s about to get penetrated, it responds by secreting more natural lubricant and “wets” the vagina. The essence of this is to make things smoother while the show lasts. So if you are working her vagina area and you notice an increase in the volume of secretions, she is most definitely turned on. As a woman gets turned on, blood rushes to the walls of her vagina, so much so that it causes fluid to pass through. The rush of blood is also what makes her all flushed in the cheeks and maybe on her chest and neck areas.

Lots of Blinking

A woman may flutter her lashes more as a sign of being turned on. There are a couple of reasons why this can happen. The first is that people tend to blink more when they are nervous. For example, if a woman is sleeping with someone for the first time, she may be anxious as to how the whole thing will pan out which may lead to her blinking more often than usual. Another reason why a woman may blink more when turned on sexually is that it helps to keep the eyes moist. When getting aroused, her eyes need to stay moist as she needs to have a clear vision.

Changes in Vagina Color

Don’t expect her vagina to suddenly turn green when a woman is sexually aroused. That would be too extreme and would easily expose her horniness. But certainly, a woman’s labia changes color when she is turned on due to blood rushing to her nether regions.  A woman who is yet to have kids can expect her lady parts which are probably pinkish in color to change to a bright red when she gets turned on. A woman who has had kids can expect a color change from bright red to purple when she’s sexually aroused. These changes may be hard to spot but then they happen when a woman is sexually aroused.

Signs she is not sexually attracted to you

When a woman is turned on, she is obviously attracted to you. What of a situation when a woman is not attracted to you? There are some telltale signs she is not sexually attracted to you. Some of the signs are

She Tries Not To Be Alone With You

When a woman is not sexually attracted to you, she wants nothing to do with you. She will try as much as she can to avoid being in the same space alone with you. When that happens, take your clue and stay away from her.

She Cringes When You Touch Her

Another sign she is not into you is that she cringes when you try to touch. This means that she is repulsed by your touch. On the other hand, someone that is attracted to you won’t mind the touch.

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She Doesn’t Try to Impress You

A girl that likes you will try to look better to impress you. She will take her time to dress in such a way that you will easily notice her. But when a girl or lady does none of these, it means that she is not sexually attracted to you.

She is Not Emotionally Available

Emotions and affection are the bedrock of an attraction and relationship. When someone is sexually attracted to you, there will be an overflow of emotions and affection. When there is no emotions then it means that the person is not sexually attracted to you.

Signs She Wants the D

Physical Signs A Woman Is Turned On, when a woman is in the mood and wants a D, she makes her intentions known most times. There are some things to look out for in a woman which shows that she is in the mood to get down with you.

She Becomes Touchy

When a girl is all over you and become touchy, it mean that she is in the mood and wants the d.

Asks Questions about Your Present Relationship

A girl that is interested in getting down with you may want to know your relationship status at the moment. It simply means that the girl wants to have you d but wants to be sure you are single and available for the adventure.

She Winks At You

One way a girl will try to get your attention when she wants the d is to wink at you. When she does that, it is left to you to catch on and respond in like manner.

She Invites You Over to Her Place

It is not every day that a lady invites a girl to her place. That doesn’t mean that every girl that invites you to her place wants to get down with you. When she invites you to her place, check for other signs her to really confirm that she wants to get down with you.

signs she wants the d
signs she wants the d

She initiates Intimate Chat With You

When she starts intimate chats with you and goes as far as sharing her nudes with you, she really feels you.

She Asks You Directly

Some girls that are bold enough will out rightly tell you that they want the d from you.


These are some of the physical signs women exhibit when they are turned on. When a woman is feeling the heat from being aroused sexually, her body gives off signs that are hard to miss and difficult to fake. So when you spot these signs, know for sure that your woman is down for a good time already. You should be aware that women react differently when sexually turned on. Some of these signs apply to all women, some do not. While you should not expect every woman to blink a lot when turned on, a healthy woman is supposed to get wet when she is well stimulated sexually.