Quotes About Mother’s Love

There is little or nothing you can compare a mother’s love to. This post outlines some quotes about mother’s love to give an idea of the depth of a mother’s love.

Quotes About Mother’s Love

Nothing in this world compares to a mother’s love for a child. It is deeper than what most people know it to be.

A mother’s love is kind, patient easily forgives, doesn’t forsake, and remains forever loyal in spite of hurt and heartbreak.

It is only a mother that can understand what a child is going through even when others don’t and will stick to the child through thick and thin.

A mother’s love is pure and conditional. It is one of the most real types of love you can ever get from a person.

The only love you can count on at any time is a mother’s love because it is real and remains unconditionally.

If you still have your mother, always love, cherish and care for her because the love she has from you cannot be gotten from any other person.

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Do you want to know what love in its purest and most real form looks like? Check for a mother’s love for a child.

A mother’s love for a child flows naturally. That is what makes it real and unique.

It is only a mother’s love and warmth that can turn a house into a home. Learn to appreciate it while you still have it.

Call your mother, tell her you love her, Care for her, show her appreciation because she is the only person in this world that understands the person you are on the inside and still loves you.

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Do you want to know what pure love and loyalty look like? Look at your mom. She is an embodiment of love in its purest form and loyalty.

The greatest gift that nature has given you is the gift of a mother’s love. It can be compared to no other.

The luckiest gift you can have is a mother who loves you unconditionally, believes in you and instills the seed of greatest in you. You can conquer the world even in her absence.

A mother’s love poured on a child in its most real form is enough motivation for a child to go conquer the world and do the impossible.

When you feel deserted or unloved, always remember your mother’s love. That alone is the purest type of love and it should be all that matters to you.

Being a mother is one of the hardest responsibilities you can think of. It entails loving another without condition or term. That includes loving the person at the person’s worst and best.

Sometimes, withdraw from the noise, spend time with your mother and bask in your mother’s love for you. That may be all you need to make a comeback and conquer your world.

Short Mom Quotes

Every day you wake up, always thank God for the gift of motherhood. This world would have been a ball of chaos without it.

The good thing about a mother’s love is that it is free. You don’t have to pay for it although it is worth more than a thousand diamonds. Always cherish it.

No matter where a mother is, her heart will always be with her children. It doesn’t matter if they are ten thousand miles away.

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Your mother is your first love, first teach, first motivator, the first fan and first advocate. Always be grateful for the love your mother has for you because no other person will love you that way.

I’m thankful every day for the gift of a mother’s love. It has shown me what warmth, love, tenderness, loyalty, and motivation looks like. I will forever be grateful for it.

The heart of a mother is so deep and filled up with warmth, love, and forgiveness.

Most times, it is your mother’s prayers that lead you through your tough times and helps you pull through from the dark to the light.

Most of the best life lessons you will ever leave will be lessons your mother taught you. They will stay with you for a very long time even after she is gone.

Peace is when you remember that you have someone who will look you just the way you are and will have your back through it all. That person is your mother.

Don’t underestimate the influence a mother has over a child because most people are a product of what their mothers made them.

The first person that ever believed in me is my mother. I am what I am today all thanks to my mother.

It is only a mother that will remain there for you even when you reject her and will always take you back with a kiss when you come back.