Quotes About Moving On

You always hear people say moving on is the best option for you. The truth is that moving on can be very hard. This post contains some powerful quotes about moving on to help you let go of whatever is holding you back and move on to become a better you.

Quotes About Moving On

Make a decision today to forget what’s gone because it’s never going to come back. Be grateful of whatever you have remaining, look forward to today and be hopeful for a better tomorrow.

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That it happened is not all that matters. What matters now is your ability to call it a closed chapter, pick up the little of what is left and move on.

I may not fully understand what you are going through right now. One thing I understand is that it hurts. It hurts very badly but you will continue to hurt if you don’t let go and make up your mind to move on.

Value your peace of mind well enough to let go of the events of the past days or weeks and move on with life.

Don’t try to understand what happened because you will only end up driving yourself nuts. Let go and move on. You have a whole new life waiting for you to explore.

When someone doesn’t love or care about you, learn to move on. You will end up losing yourself if you keep waiting or try to figure out why the person doesn’t love you back.

Life is too short for you to keep holding on to hurts. Let go, smile and allow the universe should you the best opportunities it had in stock for you.

Every day is a new day and a clean slate. The only way to make the most of it is to let go of past hurts and focus better today.

Unless you let go and move on, you won’t give time the chance it needs to heal you completely. Let go and let time heal you. Trust me; it will hurt less with time.

It hurts badly when you are hurting and you have to act as if everything is normal. Do yourself the favor of moving on.

Letting Go And Moving On

Don’t be scared to let go and move on if it’s not working out. You may lose out on all the wonders the universe has in store for you when you continue holding on to the past.

Don’t be scared to lose the memories of the past. It may be all you need to do to make better memories today and tomorrow.

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Don’t allow people to bring out the bad side of you. They are not worth it. Trust me on that. Rather let go. Move on. Make new memories. Meet new people and continue to be that warm, sweet and kind person you were created to be.

Learn to forgive yourself when you make errors because just like every other person out there, you are human too.

What most people is that the end only gives way for a new and better beginning. Once you learn this, you won’t find it difficult to let go and move on to new opportunities.

If it doesn’t make you smile, better, smarter, motivate you to become a better person, let it go and move on. Life is too short to hold on to such things or people.

Until you come to the realization that you deserve better than you are getting right now, you won’t see the need to dust up and move on.

Most times, the ability to let go is one of the best gifts you can gift yourself. Learn to be very generous with this gift.

Nobody said moving on is going to be easy. In fact, it is hurt thousand times more. But the good thing is that the deep pain gives way to the healing aspect. In time, you will get to ask yourself what the stress was all about in the first place.

Deep down inside, you know that letting go is the best option for you but you are just scared. Let go and allow the universe to take care of you. You deserve the best.

Quotes About Moving On in Life

Life will always throw those challenges at you, the good thing is that you have this inbuilt ability to let go and come out stronger from anything life throws at you.

Don’t stay back and try to understand when the events of the past days or weeks happen. That is just life taking you through some hurdles. Let go. Dust off and move on. The universe got your back.

One thing about life is that it always happens. Learn to let go when it happens and move on. There are other chapters you are yet to explore.

The hardest part of letting go is starting all over again. But you need to have this inner belief that God has your back and that things will work out fine because at the end it always does.

Letting go doesn’t mean that you are a coward or whatever thing your mind is telling you. Letting go means that you love yourself enough to try out other chapters in your life and hope for the best.

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Past events are there to make you smarter. So make the decision today to learn the lessons from those events, let go and move on to better things.

You have to be smart enough to know when a chapter in your life comes to an end. This will enable you to turn a new page and start a new chapter.

Moving on From a Guy

Be the bigger person and let him go because if you check deep down inside, you know that he is not worth holding on to.

You haven’t let go of him because deep down you still hope it will work out. That is not self-love. That chapter is gone and gone forever. Love yourself enough to let go and move on.

He treats you like an option and you’re busy treating him like a priority. Do yourself a favor and let go. There are thousands of other handsome guys out there who are ready to make you a priority in their lives.

He dumped you and has indirectly given you the opportunity to meet the 4 billion plus guys in this world. It is time to go explore baby girl. You are worth more than he is will to give.

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He did you a favor by hurting you because he only gave you an opportunity to move on and meet a better person who will love you the way you want.

Don’t turn your back on love because he left you. Rather give yourself a chance to meet someone who is worthy of your love and when you do, do well to love the person back.

Moving on Quotes for Guys

You were an option to her while she was a priority to you. Let go and move on. There are millions of beautiful girls out there who will love you back.

Don’t give her the impression that you will be right there waiting for her. You deserve better than that. Let go and meet other people.

Be happy that she left because she only gave you the option to meet other beautiful girls you deserve your love.

Love yourself enough not to long after a girl that doesn’t love you. Love is waiting for you out there. But you have to let go first.

She doesn’t see your worth doesn’t make you less deserving of love. In a minute, you will meet someone who deserves your love and loves you back.

Move on Quotes After a Breakup

Breakup happens. When it does, it shouldn’t be the end of the world for you. Dress up, show up and meet other lovely people out there

Life is too short for you to focus on a relationship that didn’t work out. Let go, and allow other beautiful people to come your way.

A broken relationship is much better than a broken marriage. Buckle up, learn from the relationship, go out there and meet new people.

Don’t allow a breakup kill the warm and lovely part of you. There is someone out there that still deserves your love.