100+ Quotes About Strong Women

Quotes are not just sayings or mere words. Most times; quotes contain life lessons and motivational tips to help you excel in every aspect of your life. This post contains quotes about strong women to help you understand what it takes to be a strong woman and how to face the woman as a strong woman without apology.

Quotes About Strong Women

A strong woman knows when to stop trying to fix a man in a relationship and walk away.

You walking away don’t make you less of a woman. It means that you are a strong woman that has it in her to walk away from BS.

Strong women don’t wait for people’s acceptance to accept themselves. They know that all that matters is how they choose to see themselves.

How do you know a strong woman? A strong woman shows up even when she has a thousand reasons not to do so.

Nobody was born strong. It takes a personal decision to take on the world headlong to become a strong woman.

When you stand up for yourself, you are not standing up for yourself alone. You are standing up for all the women out there who are facing a similar situation.

Your adversities should be a motivation for you to become a strong woman. That is what strong women do.

Strong women find ways to turn any trouble into stepping stone to the next level of success.

Never stop learning. Reading is a habit that has the capacity to change your thinking and take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Work hard to become someone’s hero. Your success is the success of millions of women.

Quotes About Being a Strong Woman  and Moving On

Don’t ever lower your standard for any man because, in the end, you may have to pay for it with your self-esteem.

Don’t feel bad when a man walks out of your life. It only shows that the man is a weak man and a weak man can’t keep a strong woman.

Don’t play the victim card. Don’t feel sorry for yourself because you will only be given someone the satisfaction of breaking you. Dust up. Show up. Work hard. You are a strong woman and that is all that matters.

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It is okay to ask for help from friends when you are going through stuff. A strong woman will always give and receive help when necessary.

You didn’t come with a remote that means that you aren’t meant to be controlled. Move away from anyone that looks to do that to you.

Don’t ever seek revenge for a wrong done. Be the strong person to walk away and allow karma to do what it knows how to do best.

Beautiful Confident Woman Quotes

Who said you cannot have it all? You can actually be powerful, strong and beautiful.

Always know that your confidence doesn’t come from a man accepting you. Be a strong man by accepting yourself and you will attract a strong man that will accept you the way you are.

Work hard. Set new goals. Aim for greater heights. Don’t be apologetic about your success. You are a strong woman and that’s what strong women do. 

You are beautiful. You have a beautiful soul. You are courageous. You are smart. You are a woman.

Reducing your standard to meet with someone’s own will frustrate you. Maintain your standard, anybody that deserves you will work hard to meet up with your standard.

Finding the male version of you is one of the best things that can happen to any strong woman.

Sometimes being strong will make you odd from the pack. Don’t ever be apologetic about that.

Success will only come when you learn to believe in yourself and your capabilities. No one else will believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself first.

Courage Woman Quotes

As a strong woman, you are capable of doing many amazing things. It’s left to you o decision today and conquer your world.

If you are looking for a reason to be a strong woman, the fact that will be a motivation to your daughters on what a strong woman is should be enough motivation to get you started.

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A strong woman knows that it is wrong to live for people’s acceptance. She knows that all that matters is how she accepts herself.

Be the woman who other girls will strive to become. This alone is proof that you have achieved success.

Don’t compare yourself with someone else. You will end up discouraged. Say focused and work hard. You are your only competition.

As a strong woman, always know that your self-esteem is your currency to conquer your world. Don’t allow anybody to tamper with it.

Anybody or thing that tries to bring down your self-esteem should be seen as an enemy because your self-esteem is your weapon to rule your world.

 Any strong woman has what it takes to change her story. You only have to look inside to find the strength to move on.

You can only feel inferior as a strong woman when you give someone else the permission to feel so.

Always remember to be kind and sensitive even as a strong woman. That will make you an asset to the world.

Nobody was born a strong woman. All strong women took a decision and small actions daily to get to where they are.

Don’t forget that being a strong woman will attract some men who feel threatened by your success. Don’t give them the attention they seek. Stay focus and continue doing what you know how to do best.

Reducing your standard to meet with someone’s own will frustrate you. Maintain your standard, anybody that deserves you will work hard to meet up with your standard.

Your life is a message to millions of woman coming after you. Ensure the message is worth it.

You will never know how strong you are until you pass through heaven.

Nobody has the power to hold back a strong woman. A strong woman can only hold back herself.