9 Signs An Older Woman Wants To Sleep With You


Older women are known to use nonverbal communication to make their intentions known. It is good to have a good understanding of how this category of women communicates their feelings. It’s impossible to know what’s going through a woman’s mind 100% of the time but you can surely improve your ability to recognize and interpret her signals correctly. So here are some signs an older woman wants to sleep with you.

She Looks At You Confidently

It is only logical that an older woman is much more confident than younger ones due to experience. Also, older women are generally less insecure than younger ones. An older woman who looks at you confidently may be interested in sleeping with you. Look out for signs such as lingering eye contact, double takes, or even a smile when she looks at you as possible hints of her interest in you.

She Touches You

A very definitive sign an older woman wants to sleep with you is touching. When an older woman loves touching you especially in a casual setting, it’s most likely because she’s interested in you. So if an older woman touches you at every opportunity she gets to be close to you, she may be telling you something without opening her mouth. What you can do in this situation is to return the favor in the exact same manner if you are also interested in her.

If she likes touching your arm, back, or shoulder, do the same to her when it is appropriate. This will help strengthen the chemistry between the two of you. So, if an older woman touches you on more than one occasion, it could be a sign she wants you in bed.

She Looks At You Shyly

Of course, this list cannot be complete without mentioning eye contact. It is a well-known fact that eye contact is a good indicator of interest between a man and a woman. An older woman that is interested in you will look at you in a way that suggests she wants you. It doesn’t mean that every woman that looks at you intently wants something from you. But, if a woman looks at you shyly that is, she steals glances at you when you are not looking and quickly looks away once she gets caught, she may be down for you.

She Touches Her Face Frequently

This sign is a bit more difficult to decode than others. That an older woman touches her face frequently when she’s around you doesn’t automatically indicate that she wants you. It could mean she’s just comfortable around you or something she does out of habit. However, if an older woman touches her face frequently when she’s around you, you should not overlook it.

Chances are that she wants to sleep with you but you should wait to see if she gives you other signs before making a move on her. This is because much of body language is difficult to understand owing to the fact that a lot of unconscious elements are involved. However, one thing is certain, a woman that likes you would give you at least a few different signs whether consciously or not.

She Exposes Her Neck To You

This sign though not common is quite revealing when it is given. An older woman that exposes her neck towards you is very likely to be interested in you. This sign is hardly shown in normal settings but she can flash it on dates when there is plenty of chemistry between you both already. So, when an older woman tilts her head one way or brushes her hair on one side behind her back while dropping her shoulder, she’s most likely exposing her neck to you and this is almost always a positive sign.

She Moves Closer To You

An older woman who is interested in you will always try to get closer to you anytime you both are in the same space. This is only natural. When you are attracted to someone, you will naturally gravitate towards them when they are nearby.

She Plays With Her Lips

signs an older woman wants to sleep with you
she plays with her lips

Another sign an older woman will give when she wants to sleep with you is to play with her lips when she’s with you. This is quite a charming feat and a very good way to bring positive attention to her. She will carefully and elegantly apply her lipstick in front of you. She will occasionally bite or lick her lips, purse or pucker them. If she does stuff like these, then she’s probably interested in you.

She Plays With Her Hair

A woman that plays with her hair a lot in your presence may be interested in you. This doesn’t mean every older woman that plays with her hair when she’s around you wants to sleep with you. However, an older woman playing with her hair when she’s alone with you is never a bad sign. If she’s doing this and giving other signs like those also listed in this article, then she’s most likely interested in sleeping with you.

She Giggles Often When She’s With You

An older woman that finds you attractive will giggle at almost everything you do or say even when you are not trying to be funny.

What To Do When An Older Woman Wants To Sleep With You

Let’s assume that you’ve confirms all the signs that an older woman is interested in you, what do you do next? This depends on whether you feel same for her or you want to let go. These are some of the options available for you when an older lady wants to sleep with you

Walk Away

If sleeping with an older lady is not your thing, it is best to walk away at this point. Don’t give it a second thought. Kindly explain to her reasons why doing this isn’t your type of thing. You can play the ‘I’m in a serious relationship card’ with her.

Talk About It

You don’t want to assume things. There is a need to confirm if she really wants to get down with you despite the signs. Sexual offence is a serious crime, so you don’t want to make your move based on your assumptions alone. You can send her a subtle text like; I feel something for you and I noticed you do same. Do you want us to explore this feeling?

Get Down With Her

Fix a date and time and explore the feelings. Have it at the back of your mind that with an older lady, it can be a one-time thing for her.


When an older woman wants to sleep with you, she won’t necessarily open her mouth to say so. Instead, she will flood you with a variety of signs indicating her interest. It is up to you to interpret the signs correctly. If an older woman gives you just one sign, she probably isn’t trying to sleep with you. But when you are able to spot like 3 or 4 different signs from her, chances she wants to sleep with you are high. Be on the look out for these signs if you have reasons to suspect an older woman might be interested in sleeping with you.

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