5 Signs Wife is Cheating With Co Worker

One painful thing that can happen to you as a husband is to find out that your wife is cheating on you. Not just with any other person, but with someone she works with. The truth may be that your suspicious are untrue, or that she is cheating on you indeed. Whichever one it is, you have to be careful how you deal with it because it will determine if your marriage will continue or not. This post contains details on signs wife is cheating with co worker and how to deal with it.

Signs Wife Is Cheating With Co Worker

If you have your suspicions, the following are some telltale signs confirm that your wife is cheating you with a co worker.

Stays Out Late At Work

If your wife begins to stay longer at work in recent times, it could mean two things. First, it could mean that she got a promotion which usually comes with more responsibilities. If that is the case, then you should be aware of it. Secondly, it could be that she is spending more time with a coworker. That could mean that they are both having an affair or spending time together to bond before dating. So, if your wife has not gotten a promotion or added responsibility at work, her staying late at work could mean she is cheating.

Talks About The Co-Worker A Lot

Secondly, if all of a sudden, your wife starts talking about a particular coworker. Like how cute he is, or how he is always considerate or how he makes out time help her out with work or how he invites her for coffee during a work break. It could be that the coworker has a thing for your wife and it would be a matter of time for your wife to reciprocate. That is if she feels the same way for the said coworker.

Brings Home Gifts From The Said Person

signs that your wife is cheating
getting gifts

Also, when your wife starts bringing a home gift from a particular coworker, it could be a sign that something is happening or about to happen. One way for a male to impress a female or show affection is to buy her gifts. So, if someone at work always gets your wife gifts, no matter how small, he is trying to impress your wife. And it is also a matter of time for your wife to return the affection that is if she hasn’t done that already.

When She Starts Locking Her Gadgets

When your wife starts changes the password for her mobile device and laptop, it is a telltale sign she is having an affair. This is true most if you had each other’s password before now. That alone is a telltale sign that she (your wife) is up to no good. It could be she is cheating with someone at work or someone elsewhere.

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Spends Time With A Co-Worker

The final sign wife is cheating with coworker is that she spends time. Not just spending time with the person, but spends time with the person outside work. It is true that there are some special work projects that may require your wife to spend time with a coworker outside work. But if you are not aware of such projects and she can’t give a reasonable explanation for spending time with the said person, it could mean they are having an affair. Also, if they spend time together at odd times and in odd places, it is a telltale sign.

Should I Leave My Wife After She Cheated

A common question for men after getting the confirmation that their wives are cheating is ‘Should I leave my wife after she cheated?’ The truth is that you are the only one that can answer the question. It is left for you to decide if you can let things go and work out things with your wife. But in all honesty, you can still save your marriage even if your wife has cheated on you with a coworker. Read further to know how to handle a situation like this and save your marriage.

Wife Cheated On Me What Should I Do

If you noticed that your wife cheated on you, there are some necessary steps you need to take. These steps will determine if you are to stay and work on your marriage or let it go and file for a divorce.

Confront Your Wife

The first step is to confront your wife. If your wife is cheating on you, she will obviously try to keep it away from you. You have to confront her to make her know that you are aware of what is going on. Before you confront your wife, you need to have your facts and evidence intact. Don’t ever confront your wife based on your insecurities or mere suspicious. You may end up irritating her and push her to actually start the affair as a result of your insecurities. So, calm down and take the time to gather your evidence. Some of the ways to get proof that she is cheating are: Hire a private detective or hack her Phone.

Observe If She Is Remorseful

When you confront her, observe her know if she is remorseful or not. Remorse in this context is genuine regret. How do you know when she is remorseful? When she is remorseful, she will be full of apologies and not try to guilt trip you.

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Know The State of Her Feelings

Next, you need to know if she has a feeling for the coworker or if it was just a fling. If she has feelings for the coworker, the best thing to do is to file for a divorce and move on with life. Leaving wife is quite painful but having to fight for her attention when she is in love with another person is more painful.

How To Get Over Cheating And Stay Together

If your wife shows genuine remorse when you confronted her, the right thing to do is to work things out. These are some of the steps to take to work things out with your wife after she cheats on you.

Make Up Your Mind To Forgive

The first step is for you to make up your mind to forgive. Unless you do this, you will not be able to let go and work things out. Make a decision today that you ‘choose’ to forgive your wife and continue to love her. Remembering things that made you love her in the first place helps.

Talk About It

The next step is to talk about it. To talk about it doesn’t necessarily mean dueling on what happened. It has to do with talking about ways to strengthen the relationship in the present and future.

Spend Time Together

These are trying times, and you need each other to pull through. Try to spend time together with your wife. This will help both of you to connect on a deeper level. It could be that the reason why she cheated on you was that she felt disconnected from you. I am not trying to make excuses for your wife because that is not a valid excuse for cheating anyway. You can plan for a weekend getaway.

Reach Compromises Where Necessary

Finally, both of you can reach compromises to make things work. For instance, your wife can apply for a transfer to another department or branch away from the coworker. She should also let the coworker know that they can’t continue with the affair and delete his details from her phone.


This post has explained in details Signs Wife Is Cheating With  Co Worker and how to deal with a cheating wife. So, if you find yourself in a situation like this, this post can help you save your marriage.