50+ Beautiful Songs About Being Together Forever

Songs About Being Together Forever

There are songs for almost every situation you find yourself in. In this article, we draw up a list of Songs About Being Together Forever. These songs celebrate the joy of being with someone who genuinely loves you and you feel the same way too. For those who are in a long-standing relationship, you can celebrate yourselves with a playlist of songs about being together forever. Today, there are so many songs with lyrics about relationship breakup and cheating.

This is not surprising though as the rate of divorce is quite high in the society today. It is, therefore, gladdening to know that there are still couples out there who are willing to stick with each other through the highs and lows of a relationship.

#1. “Anniversary Song” by Cowboy Junkies

This song was released in 1993 and talks about the joy of finding someone to spend the rest of your life with. It is surely a great thing to have someone walk beside you through this journey of life.

#2. “Because You Loved Me” by Celine Dion

Legendary singer, Celine Dion released this hit song about long-term commitment in the year 1996. This song celebrates the joy of having a partner who stands by you through the tough times and helps you realize your potentials.

#3. “Do You Remember” by Jack Johnson

In this song, Jack Johnson goes all the way back to the day he first met his love and how they’ve been together for ten years.

#4. “Everlasting Love” by Carl Carlton

Released in 1974, this energetic, uplifting disco-era favorite talks about lifelong love.

#5. “Forever” by Ben Harper

This song describes a lover who wants his partner to be with him forever in the real sense of it and not a day less.

#6. “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young

In this song, Neil Young captures enduring love. He is still in love with his partner and still wants to see her dance again. He certainly misses their youth days.

#7. “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green

This evergreen song is still popular for couples to dance to at their weddings. The song was released in 1972 and talks about staying together whether times are good or bad.

#8. “Maybe I’m Amazed” Paul McCartney and Wings

This is a really great song about marriage and it’s straight from the heart.

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#9. “Stay With You” by John Legend

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In this song, John Legend talks about staying with your partner through all the facets of a relationship and being lovers for a lifetime.

#10. “This is Us” sang by Mark Knopfler and EmmyLou Harris

This song chronicles a long life together.

#11. “What Other Guy” by Adam Cohen

This song captures how incredibly sexy it can be to know someone profoundly.

#12. “The Story” by Brandi Carlile

After a lifetime of being together, your partner will know your story without you having to tell it.

#13. “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds

This song talks about how lucky it is to have a partner you love and getting to share your whole life with them.

#14. “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz

Talks about never giving up no matter how rough the road gets on this journey of a lifetime with your partner

#15. “The Good Stuff” by Kenny Chesney

This song describes an older guy who is counseling a newly married young man on the secret to a good marriage. Want to know? Listen to this song.

#16. “You & Me” by Dave Matthews

This song talks about endurance, making lots of memories together and being together forever.

#17. “Still the One” by Orleans

Released in 1976, this song describes the reality of long-term love. Every relationship will have its highs and lows but still, nothing beats having someone you can always turn to.

#18. “When A Man Loves A Woman” (1991) by Michael Bolton

This song was released in 1991 and earned Michael Bolton a Grammy. In the song, Bolton talks about how far a man will go to make his woman happy. Nothing must stand in the way of making your partner happy.

#19. “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper

In this 1984 classic, Cyndi Lauper promises to always be there for her lover.

#20. “Stuck Like Glue” by Sugarland

This 2010 song pays tribute to the one person who has your heart day in, day out.

#21. “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)” (1975) by Natalie Cole

Released in 1975, this song talks about a lover dreaming hopefully about a long future with her sweetheart. After finally finding her true love she looks forward to a lifetime of bliss with him.

#22. “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran

This song that was released in 2014 has Ed Sheeran pondering what it will be like to still be in love with his sweetheart decades later.

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#23. “You’re Still the One” by Shania Twain

This evergreen song was released in 1998. It talks about a couple who after all the years still love each other passionately.

#24. “Mine” by Taylor Swift

Known for her numerous breakup songs, Taylor Swift took a different approach on this track and talked about the ups and downs of a committed romance.

#25. “Power of Two” by Indigo Girls

The song was released in 2000 and celebrates life partnerships in a mellow, understated way.

#26. “How Long Will I Love You” (2013) sang by Ellie Goulding

This ballad was released in 2013 and has Ellie Goulding asking and answering the question, “How long will I love you?”

#27. “Lovesong” by The Cure

Released in 1989, this song celebrates being with a partner who makes you feel whole, accepted, and free.

#28. “In This Life” by Collin Raye

This country song captures the awestruck feeling of being blessed with the love of a lifetime. It was released in 1992.

#29. Wasn’t Expecting That” by Jamie Lawson

This 2011 song describes how one little glance can turn into a lifelong romance with the help of serendipity.

#30. “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake

This song was released by Justin in 2013. It was written in honor of his grandparents who celebrated 63 years of marriage that year.

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Some other songs about being together forever that you can listen to

“Amazed” Lonestar

“Beautiful In My Eyes” Joshua Kadison

“Inseparable” Natalie Cole

“This I Promise You” N’Sync

“Just the Way You Are” Billy Joel

“You Give Good Love” Whitney Houston

“Love Like Crazy” Lee Brice

“Never Gonna Give You Up” Rick Astley

“When I’m Sixty-Four” The Beatles

“Still Into You” Paramore

“Heaven” Bryan Adams

“Through the Years” Kenny Rogers

“I Melt With You” Modern English

“Grow Old With Me” Mary Chapin Carpenter

“Grow Old With Me” Tom Odell

“Love Will Keep Us Alive” The Eagles.

“My Best Friend” Tim McGraw

“When I Say I Do” , song by Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black

“Keep On Loving You” REO Speedwagon

“One Boy, One Girl” Collin Raye

“Grow Old With You” Adam Sandler

“Together Forever” Rick Astley

“Remember When” Alan Jackson

“You Give Good Love” Whitney Houston

“I’ll Still Be Loving You” Restless Heart


These are some songs that talk about a lifetime with the love of your life. Enjoy!